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Street Judge

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The Street Judge is the sole enforcer of the Withmore criminal justice system, known as the Withmore Code of Militant Justice. His or her duty is to patrol, investigate crimes and administer sentences to the offender(s). They are part of the Street Justice Division of the Withmore Justice Force and headquartered in the Withmore Hall of Justice.


Symbols of Office

While in most jurisdictions a peace officer is identified by his badge, in Withmore the Street Judge is known by his weapon. Due to the sophisticated Shock Security designed biometric authentication sensors integrated into the WJF Enforcer II, only a Street Judge may handle, much less fire the weapon. Other items include the Judge's unique armour and the Book of Law.


The duties of a Street Judge demands a high level of physical fitness, observational and deductive skills as well as extensive combat training. A clean criminal record and background check is also absolutely paramount, as an individual must be extremely trustworthy to be granted near absolute power in matters of criminal justice.


Just as a Street Judge is expected to perform to the highest standards, so is his equipment. The main sidearm of the Judge is the WJF Enforcer II, custom designed by exclusively for use by the Withmore Justice Force. A Street Judge is also issued with a WJF Tac-Comp as well as a personalized set of WJF armor and of course, the Book of Law. Judge pairs are granted the use of a WJF Patrol Cruiser while senior Judges often are assigned a cruiser to themselves. Judges also have access to all the amenities of the Withmore Hall of Justice, from the Judge barracks to state-of-the-art medical facilities.


Typically Street Judges operate in pairs, two to a car. They receive support from the on-duty WJF Operator and other support staff such as forensics experts. On Red, the sparse Street Judge patrols are supplemented by a private security contractor, TERRA.


Though given significant leeway in the field, Street Judges report to their Staff Judge as required and the Withmore Justice Force as a whole is accountable solely to the City Council.

Notable Street Judges