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The Snakes

The Snakes claim control over Fuller Street in the central Red Sector. They are smaller in numbers compared to the Sinners and the Arteries. The gang was created in 2091 by notorious banished criminal and former Sinner Seven Ecks after killing Sinners' leader Chaim in an attempt to gain control of the gang.

The Snake leader is referred to as the King Snake. The Snakes membership was initially made up of members of the Sinners that followed Ecks after he failed to take control of the Sinners in 2091. Both the Sinners and the Snakes have a deep seeded hatred for the Arteries which is possibly due to both gangs sharing the same heritage.

King Snake

The leader of the Snakes must be ruthless to maintain control. Due to past power struggles when the Gang was formed in 2091 Seven Ecks made it clear that any member of the gang could challenge for leadership of the gang.

Seven Ecks - 2091

The first King Snake, Ecks created the gang and made it a force to be reckoned with in the Mix. After his capture by the WJF in late mid 2091 their was a gap in the leadership of the Gang that was later filled.

D. - 2091 -2092

The second King Snake, known only as D. filled the power gap in the leadership of the Snakes after Ecks capture by the WJF. Some say that Ecks came down to the Mix as a Cryo Judge and was killed by D. solidifying D's leadership of the gang. Many say he was even more ruthless then Ecks and collected enemies like children collect trading cards. He disappeared from the scene in 2092 leaving Zenigra as the gangs leader.

Zenigra - 2092

The third King Snake, Zenigra ruled the gang in much the same way Ecks did, putting business first. When Ecks returned to the Mix Zenigra gladly handed over the reins of the gang, preferring to be second in command.

Seven Ecks - 2092 - 2098

Queen Lyla - 2098 - 2099

Zenigra - 2098 - Present

Global Map, 2102

map designed by Wild Giller
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