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ViriiSoma Pharmaceuticals

ViriiSoma Pharmaceuticals is the world's leading purveyor of biotechnology and Genetic manipulation. The company's corporate headquarters is located in Withmore City, Gold Sector, Soma Street at the Cobblestone Plaza. The towering glass tower contains both the administrative offices and research and development labs for the western hemisphere. Subsidiary company Ambrosia Pharmaceuticals is located in another building.

One of the greatest achievements of 2072 was ViriiSoma Pharmaceuticals releasing a treatment and cure for the Ebola-MX virus, agreeing to sell it to the UN at cost for treatment of people affected in the attacks.

Ten years later, and after heavy genetic research, ViriiSoma starts offering the combination of non-human genetic traits in the human body in 2082. Animal cosmetic modification has since become a world wide craze, and prolongs the UN's examination of human genetic manipulation.

In the aftermath of the Ferimid-Messisium Type K9 disease, which was fatal to dogs in 2106, ViriiSoma Pharmaceuticals bought RePet and immediately hiked up the prices after the merger.


  • a plethora of injectable enhancement products, ranging from heightened senses to increased disease prevention
  • biomodification and manipulated or customized DNA, including non-human traits
  • post-cloning treatments for DCD and disease management
Global Map, 2102

map designed by Wild Giller
Hot Jobs!
  • Special InquisitorWJF22000c
  • Justice Force OperatorWJF10000c
  • TV Personality NLM
  • TV NewscasterNLM
  • TV PersonalityNLM20000c
  • Junior Security OfficerNLM
  • Gridworks SupportNLM
  • Sr Network OperatorNLM
  • Live TV DaredevilNLM15000c
  • Sr. TV ProducerNLM30000c
  • Street ReporterNLM
  • Junior Media DesignerNLM
  • Sr. Media DesignerNLM15000c
  • Junior AccountantNLM
  • Accounts ManagerNLM14000c
  • Junior Cybernetic RnD SpecialistSK10000c
  • Administrative AssistantSK15000c
  • Security SupervisorSK12500c
  • Communications OfficerSK20000c
  • Cybernetics Rnd InvestigatorSK25000c
  • Jr. Security PersonnelSK12500c
  • Junior Cybernetic RnD SpecialistSK10000c
  • Senior Marketing AnalystNK14000c
  • Information SpecialistNK11000c
  • WCS Sanitation EngineerWCS6500c
  • WCS Disposal TechnicianWCS5000c
  • Admin SupervisorWCS12500c
  • Non-Salaried DeveloperPS250c
  • Non-Salaried DeveloperPS250c
  • Non-Salaried DeveloperPS250c

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