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Human cloning is a technology that dates back to the late 20th century. Though the technology, and it's testing on humans was outlawed at first, research continued and the tools that make cloning possible were perfected over time.

The most important breakthrough in the technology came when it became possible to fully map and digitize the human consciousness. This allowed corporations such as Genetek to keep backup copies of their clients which could be downloaded into fresh human clones.

Cloning Process

Clones are vat-grown and kept in various storage facilities throughout the world. Their genetic data is kept very much open, and when a new clone is to be activated it is implanted with the DNA of the new host and put through a series of speed growths, allowing a fully mature and 99.9% accurate clone of an individual to be created in just under an hour.

Degenerative Clone Disorder

Cloned genetic data is copied and re-copied, often in a cycle which degrades the quality of the DNA. This problem manifests as a Degenerative Clone Disorder (DCD). The disorder is mainly a deterioration, or a degeneration of the actual genetic material. Each time you die and come back as a clone, the chance that you\'ll contract DCD goes up. According to Genetek's data, which is based on the number of clones activated in a given year and the number of documented cases of treatment sought, less than 1% of 1% of activated clones are afflicted with the disorder.

The symptoms of DCD include fever, chills, sweating, lightheadedness, drowsiness, loss of equilibrium, sudden nosebleeds, slurred speech, abdominal pains and fatigue.

ViriiSoma Pharmaceuticals can cure the symptoms, for a price, but eventually the symptoms will return in a future clone.

Cloning Laws

There are many laws governing the treatment of clones, many depend on the area in which the clone resides. However, there are two major laws that are accepted across the entire world, via UN mandate.

A clone is an actual human being and should be treated as such.

Only one copy of a person may exist at any one time. Cloning a person multiple times is highly illegal and the penalty for breaking this law can be perma-death.

Cloning and Religion

When cloning was perfected and brought to the masses, several new religions formed or broke-off of existing religions. The fastest to grow was Eternalism which is considered an off shoot of Christianity. Eternalists believe that when someone dies and clones, the process brings that person closer to God.

Main-stream Christianity, once the richest and most popular religion in the world became a poverty stricken ghost of itself as hoards of middle and upper class people left it\'s ranks to join the Eternalist faith, which was both familiar and exciting.

Catholics, led by the Pope have long held fast that clones are abominations and should all be destroyed

Global Map, 2102

map designed by Wild Giller
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