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Early Years

Eternalism is an offshoot of Christianity founded in 2055 by the Prophet Anor. It was met with severe criticism in it's first few years but slowly gained a steady following.

Corporate Backing

Eternalism has long been known to accept donations from Corporations such as Genetek Revival and Sense/Net. Genetek has supported the religion since it's inception in one way or another.

The Book of the Eternal Soul

The Book of the Eternal Soul was written by the Prophet Anor in 2068. The Eternalism Bible contains all the books of a normal Christian Bible with the addition of the Book of the Eternal Soul.

The Book of the Eternal Soul seeks to compare cloning to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, while at the same putting a religious spin on Degenerative Clone Disorder.

Relation to Christianity

Eternalists believe in the Christian Doctrine and Holy Communion, however they believe that God gave Man the knowledge of clone so that we could honor the life and death of his son Jesus Christ by following in his footsteps.

Fundamentalist Christians have a very harsh view of Eternalism, and an even harsher view of cloning. They believe that clones are nothing more then soulless demons.

Eternalism Now

Eternalism has grown over the years into one of the worlds predominant religions. Pulling it's following from main stream Christianity. Most of it's followers have clones themselves. It has been called the religion of the rich by critics because it appeals more to those who have, or plan on having clones one day.

Traditional Christian followers are commonly thought of as poor, or unable to afford a clone. Studies have shown that if a traditional christian obtains a clone, the majority of the time they begin practicing Eternalism within the first year.


Whenever the Prophet Anor plans to give a speech, Fundamentalist Christians usually turn out to protest. The Pope usually supports these protests.

Global Map, 2102

map designed by Wild Giller
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