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Criminal known as D

From The Mind
OOC Info: The information below can be considered general knowledge. It can be assumed that your character had an opportunity to come across this information in their travels or that if they were to 'look it up', this information would be straight forward to obtain.

D is a banished criminal who has been working and operating in many levels of Withmore city since 2089.


Before Withmore

Very little is known about D before he came into the scene in 2089. It is rumored that he has former corporate ties and many alternate aliases incuding Mark Grey, Jensen White, and the more recent siply, Pistolar.. It is thought that he is of Russian decent with Russian Military training, however, that is not known for sure.


Records show that D first appeared on the streets of the red sector sometime near the end of 2089 or early 2090. He started work as a Solo gun for hire. He came in contact with a man named Aikon and opened Southside Connections on the south side of the mix on Ashlin Street


D and Aikon saw limited success with their store, causing a fuede with a local fixer named Seven Ecks, who at the time also happened to be the King Snake. A war broke out on the streets between the two, leaving Snakes dead, as well as Aikon and D on multiple accounts. Fearing the worst, D shot Aikon and stole a decent amount of chyen, fleeing the city and leaving Aikon holding the bill.


D returns to Withmore, from where is unknown. It is rumored he went to Moscow and settled some business there, but official records indicate a possible trip to Neo York. D sneaks his way back into the scene, but his past quickly catches up with him and he finds himself shooting it out with the former King Snake now Judge, Seven Ecks. D kills Seven Ecks and takes the title King Snake for himself. After burning many pacts made by Ecks, D abuses his newfound power to extort, push drugs, firearms, prostitutes, and murder. After a bloody streak, the residents of Fuller Street not only fear him, but hate him with a passion. It was in this time that D assembled the crew of himself, Navarre Russo, and Jason Hawk. The three of them did an unknown amount of work together, rumored to have left many dead and alot of profit made. Near the end of his reign, D and Navarre Russo decided to make good on the contract put out on famed TV star and former Judge Gerik Phillips. After a shootout at Withmore Wholesalers, Gerik Phillips was dead, and the bounty was ready to be collected. After an unexpected betrayel by Navarre Russo, and a conflict with a Yakuza agent, D again fled, leaving Zenigra in charge of the Snakes. D returned later on in early 2092, once again as a Solo. After many run ins and shootouts with Judge Kiyo Volkyre, D is finally captured by the WJF and sentenced to Banishment.


D once again finds his way back into the mix, this time joining the street gang the Sinners. He takes a backseat, fixing and peddling until his fuede with former rival Seven Ecks once again flares. D goes on a killing spree, leaving the mix red with the blood of his former friends and enemys, as well as his new ones in retaliation to his actions. It is believed that the mix had finally gotten to him, and his addiction to the powerful V-202 had taken it's toll on his mental health. After months of running around expending bullets and bodies, Angus Killian covered his capture by the WJF for the second time on live TV. After a brief interview, D announced that Angus Killian was a dead man, and announced a bounty on his head of over a hundred thousand chyen worth of stashed equipment on live TV. D was then Frozen by the WJF but vowed to return and make those who put him away pay.


After a violent and daring escape from the WJF and Cryo Prison, D once again returns to the streets of Red. After re-establishing himself as a Sinner he sets out to make good on his vow of revenge, seeking out Angus Killian. After a brief war and exchange of gun battles between the two, the victor was not too clear, but assumed to be D. D also learns thar former partner in crime Aikon was captured and sentenced to the same fate of Cryo Prison. It was also during this time that D flared up his distaste for NLM Rapper fame Juicy Vee, using him to remind the mix that he was still around by shooting him both at a clinic on Gold, ruining a concert, as well as executing him on live TV. It is known that D is still lurking the mix, popping up on the SIC and sometimes in person when it's to his advantage.

2095 to present

D once again steps into the spotlight, this time assuming the alias "Pistolar" and founding the biker gang known as The Red Devils. Devil membership is exclusive, and it is thought to have ties with White power organizations outside the city such as the Aryan Brotherhood. The Devils are rumored to also be one of the largest suppliers in narcotics and illegal goods in the mix.

Pistolar is still wanted by the WJF in connection of over 100 murder charges, 10 attempted murder charges, 19 charges of assualt, 49 charges of illegal firearm possession, and 21 charges of Judicial murder.