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Schwarts Measuring Contests
tools for understanding how awesome you are icly

This is the Idea thread for ideas about how we leverage our new $checks system to build IC gatgets, gizmos and services as well as potential upgrades to existing game features like inspecting items. Please discuss your ideas here, thank you!
I guess I'm not the biggest fan of "easily figure out if you can do X before you actually do X" but here's some cool cyberpunk ideas:

AI-based cyber eye modules that designate a trajectory and tell you whether you could sneak past people standing in a single room. Use the same "trajectory projector" cyber module to tell if you could make a jump across rooves? Estimated damage if the other roof is lower than you? Anything predicting movement.

Simulation games in VR or otherwise, with "fake" situations such as: driving through a race track (determine if you could make sharp turns without crashing, for example) or a flappy-bird or space shooter type of game (AV piloting).

Inspecting items: could you probably assemble/dismantle a firearm? Could you probably unjam it? (If you had the tools)

Functionality for the topside gym's equipment and also similar things for the gym in the Mix. This is something I've mentioned in the past, but was told that we don't want to be able to measure or compare.

If that somehow is differently viewed now as a suggestion, that's a thing.

Being able to gauge how well you would be able to repair a vehicle if you had a garage would be a nice feature for a mechanics toolbelt.
Heh, a new piece of chrome connected to the neural processor that can determine your IQ level. In place of IQ might be something like 'you're above average', et cetera.
Tru-sight telling you your accuracy % chance would be nice.
I am not sure if this is in the spirit of what we are talking about here, but an Image Enhancement modification to be able to "size someone up" for unarmed / armed combat.

It could play out in a couple of ways. The most basic / less twinky version might be a quick Str / Agl / whatever comparison that returns something along the lines of, "They're more fit than you are."

A more complex version might go so far as to compare the observers default-weapon against any visible weapons the opponent has, with a default to 'brawling' if they are not showing any visible weapons. This more complex version should have some OBVIOUS indicator, likely along the lines of 'aiming' at someone.

Virtual Training / Assistants

This would be an IC gadget that 'tests' a character's ability to install basic components. Cameras, wall screens, locks, etc.

I think that it should be limited to installation only, and not un-installation.

Also, it should only cover basic functionality. Not cracking / compromising things like locks, vehicle security systems, etc.

This would fill in what I see as a pretty big gap for new technician type characters. Short of actually purchasing equipment ICly, there is no way to figure out how to work on some things. That creates the chicken / egg scenario of people not trusting you to work on their electronics (or other gear) until you've proven yourself. But you can't prove yourself without things to work on.

I agree with Hek, the most obvious and simple solution is VR. You get inside and log in a program Matrix style to test whatever STAT or SKILL you want to test out inside the simulation and maybe even add a co-op function if you want to contest against someone else. Boom, done.

This way you don't have to add 50 different types of items for 50 different things and bloat the moo. You could even have this in SHFL.

I don't think making a Mix and Topside version of this would be that important or beneficial, technology is technology and this feature is intended for everyone.

I'm a little confused about what the objective of the supposed to be.

If the objective is "ICly grade your ability at a skill and learn how to improve from that" I'm all for it.

I share Villa's concern about being able to grade the risk associated with performing a particular action before doing it though. I feel that would kill the sense of adventure that comes with taking those courses of action and lead to too many situations in which in-game conflict becomes a one-sided affair.

Virtual Reality solutions for training in seem like the best way forwards. Perhaps with something like Skillsoft programmes used for practicing various skills in?

I think that, in part, Johnny is looking for suggestions on places where you currently have NO IDEA what skill doing something might take, or perhaps, how successful you might be at it.

This has been something people have complained about in the past, and which they point to in their new character experiences feedback. Like... some skills have easy to understand uses, like 'driving'. Some do not. Where can we be exposing information to your character in a way that more closely mirrors real life.

For instance, you could probably gauge if you could successfully climb a grappling hook attached to a roof three stories above-- or if you stand no chance in hell. In character on Sindome, you don't have the same understanding of what would be required of you, or where your current strength fits into that.

Some basic examples, that are just my thoughts:

- inspect a piece of artwork and know you need X or Y or Z skill, along with some tools, to have a 'lower than average chance' to install it.

- inspect a security camera and know you need X skill, along with tools, and you'd have a 'better than average' chance of installing it.

- inspect a vehicle part and know that in a garage with the correct tools you would 'probably be able' to install it.

- inspect a weapon and know that you would be 'worthless' or 'OK' or 'pretty good' at using it and that it requires 'X' skill.

The question becomes, do you need to have some skill points in the skill needed before you can even tell what skill something uses?

-- S

This is probably venturing into IC territory in terms of weapons or gear learning, but on a similar note it would be really cool if items were classified in a similar way to what Slither was saying to confirm what you probably already suspect about an item. Sometimes someone can't find a mentor or NPC to ask and they end up heading down a path that they shouldn't be in order to use some gear.

So you're looking at a knife and it would say, "It looks like a shortblade." "Or a skilled shortblade user could make good use of it."

Asking IC about it will have people telling you "If it's short it's a shortblade." But to a new user there may be no obvious delineation line between where a shortblade ends and where a longblade begins. I'm using this as an example but referring to things in general, there may in fact be a help file that tells you exactly where that line is but I'm just using this as an example. It would be cool to be able to look at an item and see what skill would be associated with it. Maybe based on perception too? (If this is a thing already please forgive me.)

I think sometimes new players dump a bunch of UE into skills and save Chy for a weapon or gear they really wanna use that's on a shelf somewhere, and then they get their hands on it and find out they misunderstood something fundamental, or were mislead by another character IC who may have had good intentions but poor knowledge of the area the newbie was asking in. A lot of people have trouble with melee or brawling distinctions (e.g. are knucks melee or unarmed). People have their own subjective understandings of these things, and the system has its own concrete answer, but sometimes getting the real info from IC can be muddy or you can get conflicting advice from people.

It would be cool to get the straight dope from the system itself in certain cases.

In the grand scheme UE earning potential a month of UE into a skill is pretty minor, but it can bum out a new player who really wanted to use that chain or terminal or whatever.

It would be cool because people could know for sure that the object they wanna RP with is something they can use beforehand.

This has the potential to damper a bit of the mystery and FOIC for some things, but it could be used on a sliding scale and implemented for basic items while some items could maintain their mystery. If a balance could be struck that would allow users to figure things out about some or a set of items by looking at them, they could still be "finding out IC" in this fashion.

Thanks for continuing to develop SD!

Maybe have a karaoke system where you can use the machine to sing and in the end the ambient crowd cheers or boos to carrying degrees depending on your stat/skill roll.
More single-player VR games with varying skill/stat checks. Deckers, drivers, engineer folks (Sec/electro tech) could all be giving small, themely little missions to run similar to the solo riotgear for combat boys, with varying levels of difficulty. It wouldn't tell you exactly how good at something you are, much like the combat one, but you'd get a vague idea of whether or not you can rev your chexxie to 120 through the streets etc.
Grey I LOVE your idea of that. Also for artistry: looking at a blank canvas or makeup case and it will tell you "You might have x chance of using this well".
Not sure if this is on or off topic, heh.

Why not when you assign ue to xxx it comes up with a message that hints at your level or improvement?

1/XXXX stamina: Well, that run around the block was exhausting, but, you know, you made it. Might need to improve on that.

150/xxxx Stamina: You're pretty happy with your morning jog, running around four of five blocks makes for good excercise.

1/xxxx Gridding: You never knew that QWERTY was someone's name, but I guess that's why you're learning.

150/xxxx Gridding: Huh, that article about cracking E-Notes was pretty interesting. I should get one for some practice.