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Say 'bakagaijin' instead of immy

I think it'd be more themely.
Too long, pass.
Maybe for you, Yakuza scum.
Then 'gaijin' if thats too long.
Fuckin' weebs.
Cool thing is that any and all can throw in their own slang - as long as it is themely and not breaking any rules. Go for it. Use it. See if it gets picked up.

I've done the same with my character - he is using a few slang terms that I haven't seen used before. Maybe he will be the only one to ever use them. Maybe one or more will spread. We'll see!

I don't think there's any need to force people to use slang. Let 'em use whatever, you use your own slang and show people that it's more themely through the game and IC instead of putting OOC limitations and coaxing people into using a certain slang. Just my opinion.
Yeah, that's how all slang in SD that wasn't taken directly from a book or movie appeared. Just come up with slang and see if it sticks ICly.
But then I can't bother people who don't know how to turn off forum notifications.
Most of the slang you all use has been appropriated from various PC's over the years, posers. ;-)

Just start saying it if you want.

Half the player population can't use that kind of slang if they want to be successful. Immies you are and immies you shall remain!
You can use that. Or you can use idjit or baka or a whole variety of other language based words for idiot foreigner. Could make up your own. Just say it with confidence and use it if you wanna use it.
I prefer ishii.