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Typo Fails
Autocorrect Strikes Again!

I wanted to post this as some of the funniest moments playing SinDome have been those mobile moments where Autocorrect takes the wheel. I'd like to see what other people might have, given that it doesn't reveal anything IC.
One that always scares the hell out of me is when I'm off my home row and try to type lo Karma (or whatever) and instead type: ki karma

I'm not even sure that the MOO would take ki as a kill command, but I nearly shit my britches every time I almost do it.

The Batman and Vodka seem like a decent night.
I would prefer people not post screenshots. It's very easy for someone to forget to blank something out, or for a new player to see screenshots being posted and think that it is OK and post something containing IC info.

While in this case, it is indeed funny, it is a slippery slope to post any IC log/screenshot.