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Sex Changes & You
I will guide your genitals to where you want them to be.


So over the past three years this went from never requested to requested frequently. Making the conversation regarding sex changes come up with Bio-Modification frequently, and always leading to a lot of questions from new staff and existing staff since people always find a new way to introduce some complexity to the requests.

Suffice to say that complexity also introduces a lot of subjectivity into the discussion on approval of said requests.

So, I spoke with Johnny and Slither and we've decided on one of two methods, a multi-pill plan to melt your junk off, or grow you some new junk.

Or the choice I am going with, a nanogenic that does the same thing, but gives you actual scripting to help your RP along and also automatically changes your gender at the end of the last phase.

This is in development and will be released when all associated RP has been done to get this in place.

You'll be seeing new IC ads for the location to inquire about this product once we're ready to release.

For now, I have suspended all bio-mod sex change requests.

For those of you that will surely ask, "Well, Cerberus, what you've saved has covered people who want to be male OR female, but what about those of us that want to be BOTH?!"

Well, I have thought about you too.

Getting a dick added on to you is not necessarily a sex change. Growing a dick through a Bio-mod does not give you functional testicles. Boring a vagina into your pelvic region doesn't necessarily give you a uterus and a womb, etc.

So, appendage ADDON like tails, cat ears, dicks, and vaginas will still be bio-mods, and if you expect your dick to work, you may want to get the motor function cybernetic because, who wants a limp dick at all times, am I right?

Or, of course, you can get a Studdly DoRight, not enough people go that option. If I have to I will release more Studdly DoRight options like the Studdly DoModest, which is 6 inches instead of the DoRight's massive 12 inch offering, or something like that.

I hope you don't have any questions, but if you do, I'll do my best to answer them.



I was giggling the entire time I read this, but I'm glad the issue (which is for some reason astonishingly commonplace) is getting handled definitively.
Can we get a studdly dojustright with a nine or ten? six is like..japanese big but 12 is monstrous. 9 is big without being too big. just saying

Studdly DoModest

Studdly DoRight

and change the current 12 incher to Studdly DoDamage or something, I'm gonna need an idea for the 12'er.

Studdly OhShitImmaSplit...
Studdley DoN't.
I remember a time when the Studdly didn't even have a decent description. <.<

Why not just a cybernetic option which sizes it up or down in the description? And maybe some color variable selection for the yarbles? ;-p

Bonus points if it can be used as a melee weapon...

All kidding aside, this seems like the right move all around. Thank you.

I'm gonna go with telescoping Studdly DoRight. Just need to wait for coding resources.

6/9/12 will be the options.

3/15 Never forget, The Ides have One eyed monsters! (The hills have eyes?)
Question for staff:

I have a concern about pronouns changing automatically after a sex change, considering it seems similar to the situation where people could (not necessarily would) meta who disguised characters were via their height, weight or short-description. If a character who is well known as male or female decides to swap -only- their genitals and still appears to be their original sex then players would automatically know that they have purely because of the OOC pronoun change.

Now, I understand that I was told this is because the game only supports two sexes, which I'm not complaining about. However, the biomod option of 'both' seems like it would be less than satisfactory IC to all but a few and I'm also wondering if the pronoun change also applies to characters that opt to get a studdly instead.

It sounds like the full sex change involves a change in overall appearance too. If you're just swapping out the parts it probably won't involve a pronoun change. That's my read on what Cerberus said at least.
That is correct. Your coded gender will be determined by your actual, biologically functioning genitals. You can get an add-on to simulate the opposite sex and not get a pronoun change. You can't swap out your genitals for the opposite gender's without changing your entire body's chemistry.
Add-on? If there's a work-around then it's a non-issue. Good to know.


By add-on I mean a biomod simulating having another sexual organ beside your actual one. You may need a motor function cybernetic to use it properly. It won't have the full functionality of the real thing.
What if you just want a wing-wong as a chica instead of both? Or a pussy as a mano?
Well then, guess I misunderstood. Gotcha.
Meaning it's a limp noodle without the hardware to make it stiff but you gonna be firing blanks? Not sure what exactly would be lost with female adding on a dangly biscuit, as there does not seem to be coded the whole pronoun thing still leaves me curious. Why does everything smell like copper?

As Cerberus and I have explained, you can't just have a penis as a woman or a vulva as a male. They respectively involve internal organs that define your biological gender and change your entire body's chemistry.
Buck Angel and Bailey Jay?
soooo can't be a she/her with a studdly dodamage? or does this only apply to the biomod aspect?
And actually, it's possible. Clit is actually just a itty-bitty penis which hardens when blood flows into it when you're aroused. If it's biomodded to be enlarged and modified to resemble a penis. Boom, you get a functional penis capable of hardening without a cybernetic and a pair of flabby tissues that resembles testicles. And vagina for mano? Well, you don't need to add a womb or anything like that, just biomod it to shrink inward into itself and hollows the shaft out, fuse the 'canal' to the insides with a vulva. You won't have a cervix or anything, thus no chemistry change is required.
It seems pretty simple to me:

1. You are a woman and you remove your vagina and and replace it real live penis, your pronoun changes to male as you are functionally male. If you want to nurture that feminine look otherwise (including keeping your breasts) you can just use the femboy shortdesc.

2. You are a man and you remove your penis and testicles ad replace them with a real live vagina, Your pronoun changes to female and you are functionally female. If you want to maintain your masculinity (including not getting breasts) you can just use the tomboy shortdesc.

3. If you are a female and want to have a somewhat functional penis in addition to your vagina, you have two options. Get a bio-mod that adds a fleshy penis like appendage (and a SK Biomod Motor-Function Controller if you want to be able to have an erection) or a Studly. In either case you still have a fully functional vagina and your pronoun remains female.

4. It you are male and want a somewhat functional vagina, you get a bio-mod that adds a fleshy pocket that looks vagina like. You still have a fully functional penis and your pronoun remains male.

There are no cases in which you completely switch out your equipment but keep your pronoun.

Am I getting this right?

Gotta agree with beepboop here. If you completely invert female reproductive organs, the ovaries are mirror images of testes, fallopian tubes the connectors, vaginal canal inverted would provide the length and wrap around clit the muscle.Enlarge the clit and boom, male genitals. Same in reverse. Though siding with staff, to do that sort of operation would require manipulating the dna strands to accept the new coding, and thus you would actually be reversing the gender itself. So the ideal thing I think that is being sought is the ability to biosculpt an artificial dingaling, without sacrificing the vagina and thus keeping the she pronoun, which would not be editing the clit, but it could be cybernetically linked to induce the motor function of the phallus as well as the pleasure of the clit. Essentially a high tech strappy. Idea: plug'n'play genitals. You have a chrome port installed into pelvic bone, this allows the female to clip on or plug in a studdly of their choice and plug in the nerve recepticle. They still have the vagina, but it is covered by the studdly, which then uses the female's vaginal secretion as the mixture it will pump out during ejac.then when done they can unplug and resume life, or just keep it in with swag. Biomod would have to either be full sex change or a fleshy appendage requiring a motor function and nerve-connecting cybernetic.Still have both pieces, but retain the she.
grey got it
Biomodded cosmetic changes are fine and dandy but they won't change the functionality of your reproductive organs.
It's dead simple, dude. There's a male/female full body setup that you can swap out with tech easily or pick at chargen. If you want to be a man with a penis or a woman with a vagina that's fine, but in Sindome's world you need a bit of tech to make that all function properly. Either a Studdley or a cross-sex genital biomod setup with an SK biomod motor-function controller to make sure that it works properly.

Do we need to keep nitpicking this? Do people need to inject their fetishes and what-ifs into the conversation every time this comes up? It's the future and heteronormative cisnormative patriarchy is dead. Be what you want, have what you want, who cares. Just make sure you spend lots of money on it.

My only problem is that people will be able to meta the change even if my character still looks like a chick, which is the only reason I probably won't do a change. It's mostly the OOC concern of someone just looking at pronouns and going, 'oh, well she has a penis.'

No they fucking won't you goober, read the thread. No one knows what's in your character's pants by looking at them.
You don't think people can tell?
At some point, disguise/appearance is going to drive your pronoun selection (in your control) and will be distinct from medically (or genetically) changing your character's gender.
Sindome is not sex change simulator. This is what we're going with and that's it.

The dynamics of sexuality and gender and how the human body can flip the switch on it's own without any added support is a non-issue.

Keep your philosophy, politics, religion out of the game mechanics. The more you people argue about what is right and what is wrong about Gender, the more you ASK for us to have to be subjective in our decision making process about Bio-Modification.

And I am CERTAIN you will not enjoy the experience if you rely on someone elses opinion to determine if your multi-gender requests are denied or approved.

So, please. This isn't a stage for you to advance your agendas on gender. It's a Enforced RP Cyberpunk game that needs more lies and deceit and less sex and gender politics.

And once again, as we've stated multiple times. This whole gender-issue doesn't exist in the Sindome timeline, it never became an issue, it never was/is/will be an issue for this game world.

You can be whatever the heck the CODE allows you to be, and no society nor governing body will ever pass a Law or referendum against you unless you're a Mixer or a Corporate citizen, or a Badlands raider, or a Park cannibal.

Please keep any further derailment of this topic to yourselves.

Does that mean Larri's pronoun will be changed as well?
You clearly didn't read the entire first post I made on this topic. I'd appreciate it if you would not post on content you don't read.
Is this pill thing still being offered? I tried asking around for the biomod portion and was told by an NPC that it's not done, which confused me considering this.
Yeah, whatever happened to this?
Either it's still in the works, or got shelved to work on something that is actually interesting.
Heya Bruce.

If you don't find it interesting you're welcome to find yourself absent from the thread, that comment isn't constructive or helpful, so it doesn't need to exist.

I read all the comments here before posting because I wanted to know what hadn't already been said.

I hope this will still happen, and if so, I got just a point to make toward people regarding the pronoun changes;

I believe what they mean is, if you get a biomod/cybernetic/unnatural additional sex organ, it won't change your chemistry so you still look like you. No pronoun change.

But if you get the pill thing, let's say you're a woman at first. You get testicles and a dick, and probably lose your mammary glands or whatnot, which might shrink your breasts(?). And even if it doesn't, your testicles will produce testosterone, whilst it might be too late for it to change your skeletal structure, it will make it easier for you to build muscle and lose weight, which will make you look more masculine to begin with. Maybe RP having your curved hip (if you have one) if you really want to roleplay realism or whatnot. Because bonestructure is difficult to change without extensive surgery. Oh, and you won't have an ovary or anything else the female sex has, so this will in turn make you look more boyish at the least. Maybe sort of androgyneous. Heck, maybe this pill will allow you to grow facial hair, or more body hair in general as not even all born men can grow a full beard. Genetics 'n all.

Let's say you're a man and you get the pill thingy. You will gain an ovary, a female sex and maybe even grow mammary glands. Which means your flat chest might grow a few cups, and you'll more easily lose your muscle build and more slowly grow it, thus looking more soft and plush. Same with weight, because the loss of testosterone will reduce your metabolism's level. You might not get a change in your hip and you might still have wide shoulders, I guess that might depend on what staff says you can roleplay and can not, as some things aren't entirely clear, like if scars stay on your clones or not, et cetera. But I think it would make sense if your bonestructure was the same.

Again, if you only got the biomod or cybernetic, it wouldn't technically speaking change your chemistry, so people wouldn't be able to tell unless they saw you nude. Hence, no pronoun change.

I think this would be a very neat feature as sex change is something that exists even today, albeit flawed and more manually constructed. A cybernetic future that can replace your ears with wolf ears or whatnot, should technically be able to genetically alter your genetic code on a larger scale, thus giving you a more full, real sex change than surgery can accomplish.

So yeah that's how I understood it. Sorry about the wall of friggin' walls of text.

There are IC reasons why you can't be a completely genetically different you.

I don't know what the deal is IC thats making this come up, but I know some IC reasons exist that might not make things possible.

Hrm. Even if I didn't mean it to be snarky, I suppose the back of my mind made it so anyway. I apologize for that. Obviously the GM's have got enough requests that they have actually put some time into the code to possibly put it in.

Still, I definitely feel that Grid 3.0 and the new checks system that Johnny has been correcting is definitely more deserving of their time rather than "dick on, dick off" RP.

Man, just let people have dicks or whatever.


Nobody is saying this is more important than Grid 3.0. It was me asking if this is still a thing being considered/developed.

More than likely it's still being coded, or has been shelved. I'm sure one of the GM's will let us know, Dani, now that you have asked.

@holychrome jesus christ

Shit to mention at Town Hall! :D

I need to think of some ideas for tomorrow, meself....

Just to point out something because I see this a lot when people talk about games. This is not to say that it's happening here, but it's close enough.

Software development is rarely if I do A, then B does not happen. Especially if there is a team of people working on things.

Inevitably people develop skills for certain area's of the code. This game has a DB, someone is probably pretty good at that. The game as infrastructure, someone is probably pretty good at that. Grid 3.0 is not written in the same stuff that the game is. So someone's worked on that and so forth.

So when I hear that feature A shouldn't be coded, because more people want feature B, many times there is no correlation on the people working between the two.

Anyway, not sure if that's the case here, but it happens a lot and people rarely think of it that way.

Bumping this for visibility.

Seems based on recent conversations regarding the biomod controller, this is still a very real and seemingly much-demanded item for some of the characters in the game. I know I've personally interacted with several characters whereby this issue was a central part of their character's plot.

I know I'd be interested in seeing where this is, or if it's still an in-flight issue or was dropped off.

I wrote all the text to be dropped into the scripts once upon a time. If that got lost in the staff shuffle let me know and I can resubmit it.
This thread got broken. I'm looking into it. It may be fixed. Or it may still be broken.
I just wanted to bump this because the smaller sized versions of the Studdly never seemed to materialize in game. I believe the RP to support their introduction was done two years ago. I can refresh any memories over xhelp if needed.