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Escort Command
comments and concerns

As I did not see a post already for the implementation of this new feature, I figured I would start one.

For those who don't know, escort is a new(ish) command, it is similar to follow, but instead you move first. Person A escorts person B, Person B inputs directional command and person A moves just before Person B.

There is a prompt that tells you it is an experimental feature when you start it. So I started this post as a way for players to voice their comments and concerns regarding this command.

I have ICly used this command and found that it works pretty well as intended, it eliminates the possibility of being given the slip by someone who wasn't intentionally trying to lose you. So far I like this command a lot, but I have noticed one glitchy thing with it. If person A is "escorting" B -and- B is "following" A, if A types in a string such as "go s e n w s e n w" only the first direction will be successful, the pair will move one room then stop. This may be considered a bug, not sure if I should @bug it, or just announce it's existence as a "do and don't" kinda thing.

Escorting has been updated so if you are KO'd you will not move when the person you are escorting moves.

Has anyone else seen any weirdness or bugs around this? Or improvements they'd like to see?

I'd like to see chain escorts be possible.

Person A is trusted by Person B., and escorts Person B.

Person B is trusted by Person C and escorts Person C.

Now, without having the game fall apart on you, when person C moves, person A -and- B moves first. As it stands now, in the above situation Person A just stands there like a loser.

Just have persons A and B escort C if you want to do that.
That's what you have to do now. The problems with that is that it requires annoying time to set up.

Person A has to escort person C. Person C gets notified. They have to then type in @trust Person A to escort. Then Person A, who gets no notification that this even happens, has to type the command in again. So they might type it again after delaying so long, to either positive or negative results. Or Person C has to OOC that they did it.

It's an irritating process that can be streamlined.

A simple prompt like "Joe Baka now trusts you to escort them" (and making it work that way for all other @trust options) would make the feature better.
Some bugs I noticed and have filed: lev charges for escorts even if someone has a pass for the lev, and if someone is sitting down right outside a paydoor, if their 'charge' walks through the door then the sitting escort will also go in for free.
I've fixed a bug with escort where the following thing would break the hell out of stuff:

Seven escorts Fengshui.

Fengshui escorts Slither.

Slither escorts Seven.

Seven moves.

MOO gets unhappy.

The MOO now looks out for this and will prevent you from escorting someone who is escorting someone who is escorting you.

No round robins!

- S

Escort has been around for just about 3 years now.

I've removed the 'experimental' part of the escort message. I've also cleaned the code up a bit and fixed a few random bugs that aren't worth mentioning. There could be some further refactors coming but it won't change how escort works, just some cleanup.