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Quick common sense suggestions
Fatigue and restraint

* Pickpocketing should autosucceed on restrained people in the same way you can take other items from them. I think stripping is fine as-is since it's intended that worn items are somewhat more secure

* If you're at 0 or near-0 stamina you should not be able to initiate combat, aim, guard, disarm, wrest, ot jump across roofs (I think rolling off is fine, just no parkour)

That's all I can think of for now. I will post some others if I think of them.

I agree with the second one, I think, but the first point? If you pickpocket, they shouldn't see it, and just because they're restrained doesn't mean they can't see you do it, right?
They should see it if you fail the check, you should just still get their money.
Feels like a balance thing to me. -shrug-

But that's really a discussion for another thread.

I think both of these make sense. The pickpocket one especially. You might not get EVERYTHING in one go, but I think auto succeeding would make sense on a restrained person. After all, you can take things from restrained people without them stopping you.
You should probably also not be able to wrest things from people while moving.
One thing I notice sometimes but most often overlook is that it is possible to tailor items (work with a fabric) without holding it. It is often roleplayed that you use more than just the fabric (as is fair, you can't do much with just fabric alone), but still. Just like you have to hold a wallet to use it, that wasn't always the case codedly. I suppose this brings more opportunity for people to see your high quality material and snatch it from your palms mid-work.
No shade Evie, but I was using this thread for suggestions directly related to what looked like some simple oversights with combat code that could lead to abuse. Slither actually xhelped me to let me know it was not the best topic title because it isn't searchable and doesn't really describe what's in it.

That isn't posted anywhere in here but stuff related to tailoring should probably get its own thread.

Oh, sorry. I thought it was just general 'common sense' things that should be fixed. My bad.
I have noticed that even when dead tired and practically crawling, jumping isn't an issue. I think it'd be cool if there were an increased risk of falling in such situations. "Your feet drag the ground from exhaustion and you trip over the ledge!" Splat. Or what have you.
You're good Evie, I just made a poor decision when naming the thread :P