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Your current call has disconnected.

Title says it all

A nice little thing to have added would be static proggy-like payphones. Give each one a number that can be got by looking at it, probably written on the box somewhere. Cool for when you wanna do dead drops with a client, or organize shady biz, but don't wanna call someone directly and risk giving away your digits.

On the flip, you can also use them to anonymously call folks, but they charge a bomb to use, like 100c a minute or whatever. Useful for when you're without a phone, or when you're wanting to harass that corpie from a secure location.

I'm surprised they don't exist already, to be honest

+1, basically the cheap mix version of the holophone.
I did this icly once. If you are a business owner and feel like it you can probably figure it out and have your own “pay phone” too.
Proggie-7s are cheap, and having even cheaper burner phones would entirely negate few features of a few of the more expensive toys.
No. It wouldn't.

Marleen again you have considered none of this.

I would say yeah, this would work, for large amounts. Or within a bar, with a set tax from the owner.

Thus making it so it is not a burner, as everyone can hear you with per. Or you're paying an exorbitant amount, and are still in public.

The difference between the “payphone” and a profit though is that if you use the pay phone, everyone present hears both sides of the conversation, your private Progia they may only hear bits of your side, and it is mobile.

I would keep these things in a business not out on the street. With that sense a crafty business owner can buy an expensive phone already coded and raise the door fee a little.

Seir, I normally keep this to merit but, well, shut the fuck up and keep your personal insults to the mirror. Thank you kindly.
That would be cool, yeah.
These would be helpful for immies I think.
Grizzly's got it right. It'd be great as expensive tech for leasable businesses that you had to shell out a couple hundred for to make a call with on a timer. It would get people in the door and give others a chance to eavesdrop.

One use is cheaper than a gridphone but obviously over time a gridphone would be way cheaper.

I don't see the need for this, given payphones have fallen out of usage even in our present society. I think anyone who wanted to run a business like this could offer burner phones for rent by the call or by the hour and probably make a decent amount f money. I know if I could hit someone up ICly and pay a small fee to use one of a dozen different phones they have I'd do it.

Especially if they offered some kind of call answering service where I could give out one of the numbers to someone and the intermediary would answer and would relay me messages (obviously encoded or simple yes/no/its dones.

Seems super themely and possible without updates to existing code.

What about tiny burner phones? Good for one ourgoing, connected call, then you toss them into the trash.
Bring back the progia-3
I actually was thinking of a way to implement the Progia-3, but ultimately it would mean adding features to the already existing phones. If the Progia-3 was added, then I'd feel the 7 should have 9 features, cost more, then onward with the 9, and then new features of the 11. Not sure if this would be viable. I mean, having cheapo Progia-3s floating around would be cool. Maybe make them have limited minutes or something like that and keep Progia-7s the same.

I was re-reading this thread just now before seeing your post, so apologies for seeing that massively cool reply so late. I would agree, but then, I also see you doing the same type of thing, so, no, I rather think that your hypocrisy is quite stale.

Thanks for the reply!

I was joking about the 3.

Payphones are def a good idea.

I think I fall in Slither's camp- I don't see the need for a contemporary piece of heavily outdated tech being added to the game. The functionality (and cost) of a 7 is already so low that you can cycle through five burners at a time with little chyen expenditure.