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Nonlethal short blade
Shanking Made Friendly

There are nonlethal options for just about every weapon except short blades. I'm proposing a stun baton or taser option to fill the gap. Instead of cutting it could leave burn wounds insuring the target doesn't bleed out.

Curious what others think, could have a really cool cyberpunk vibe and make short blade more viable for security work.


I'd say no to the burn damage since it'd give what's supposed to be a less-lethal weapon an unfair advantage. I'm thinking something similar to the bokken, but stab damage? You should still be able to kill with it, but it shouldn't cause bleeding.
Anyone have any examples of practice blades in real life we might use as inspiration?
I was going to suggest an actual butter knife, (not a butterfly knife) but Beepboop's suggestion is probably more practical. XD

Extendable Baton:

Just a list of Nonlethal easy to carry weapons that could work:

I think the practice blades make more sense, but beating the shit out of someone with a butter knife sounds amazing.
Clarifying: Knives that don't make you bleed but are still lethal.
This actually fits the bill, it's called a strikepen, you can switch the blade out for a tungsten tip which deals some serious blunt force trauma from stabbing.

If you literally want a knife-version of a bokken:

That's a good one, Pfh.
To bridge the gap here between what was said in MOO and now, there are non-lethal shortblades.

What people seem to actually be wanting is a short-blade that doesn't inflict bleeding wounds. Which still exists, but they want a strong one that deals damage without bleeding. Which is counter-point to what a shortblade really is in the first place.

While the ideas here are good, after discussing with other GMs adding this doesn't sound compatible with our stance on weapons. Blunt short weapons are melee skill based and exist with good variety. (Batons)

We have different weapons that do different things and short blades are recognized as good bleeders, too much utility to a single weapon class creates a balance dilemma. You can utilize skillsofts if you're not a fan of spending UE on a secondary or tertiary combat skill.

Also remember there are non-lethal short blades in game, but not non-bleeding but lethal short blades.

It just isn't likely we'll be adding this change.

Chalk knife:

If stun batons get added to the game, and don't get added to melee, I will be a very sad panda. Also, more like, actual weapons for melee please. In a world with machines/blacksmiths folding the glorious nippon steel a thousand times to penetrate cyberlimbs, theres gotta' be a need/demand for all manner of weapons. I'd suggest the tonfa, or my personal favorite, the tetsubo. Stylish, effective, and it'd be nice if I could play street sam without going full agility. As it stands, melee and strength builds in general never really get past low level ganger in terms of flavor. Let me be a heavily armored juggernaut wielding a spear/heavy club/axe, dammit.