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Neural Remapping

So, in light of recent changes to prevent people from becoming instant badasses by UE dumping skills or stats, I've been thinking about something.

Now, we have a pretty obtuse stat and skill system that really rewards people spending a lot of time ICly discovering what does and does not work. And to an extent, this works better for some skills and professions than it does others (namely, in the lesser used skills- there is not a wealth of people to knowledge transfer from, and/or they might not be willing to do so for IC motives.)

We do allow players to have a one time respec after playing their character for a year, but even with these people, I have heard some complaints about them making mistakes in allocation and not being able to fully realize their errors until weeks or months later. And rerolling sucks. We all get that.

In the spirit of encouraging more people to stick with their characters, to promote older characters to leverage vacations and open up newer characters for growth, and with the changes to UE spending in mind, I propose the following:

1) Allow us to cryo vacation a character with a hefty fee involved to undergo 'neural remapping'.

2) Player plays a vacation character or characters as per usual for six months.

3) Upon return, allow the character, with a @service-request to apply to remove six months of UE expenditure in skills or stats of their choosing.

4) Character must then follow the weekly UE expenditure limits as per normal from there out and can spend from their pool of de-allocated UE. No instant badasses in totally different skills just because you underwent this procedure.


-Use of admin time. With a six month lag between starting and requiring the service ticket addressed, this is simple and easy to schedule accordingly for.

-Gameplay balance. Six months of UE is a significant amount, but you're not going to take someone who is the world's best katana user and make them the world's best sniper.

-Allowing a feeling of character growth or a shift in direction in an organic manner which is not going to overturn existing character power roles and dynamics.

-Might actually promote vet characters to make changes to their sheets, and provide tons of opportunities for the up-and-coming in the recently vacated roles and positions. Who knows, might just shake things up when they get stale!


Loving it!
The idea is fantastic.
I'll never have a character old enough to use it.

But hell yeah. Sounds cool. I give it a plus.

This is an amazing idea. I love it.
I definitely like this idea.

The stat/skill system is one of the most unwieldy and unforgiving aspects of Sindome in my opinion. You have to ICly try to learn what is ultimately OOC game mechanics and even amongst veterans people don't seem to have a solid understanding of this part of the game which then has far-reaching consequences for your character down the line. This system would provide an IC means to go back and either correct some mistakes or take your character in a new direction.

I actually like this.
This is in addition to respec, right? I don't want to have to play a vacation character for six months to get a respec.

More to the point, how do you determine where that 6 months of UE gets drained from? Or would it just be a cap, like, you can reduce any of your stats/skills until you hit that cap, and then reallocate?

Typically on a respec you are reset to charges stats with your Total earned UE to assign

I see this and respec being two entirely different things. Respec only allows you to shift your skills and stats around where you have trained them. Remapping would let you spend them into areas you might have never touched before.

I would expect that you simply say what you want to reduce your UE in in your service request. And staff can work with you on your request. I'm not even suggesting this be coded in any way, really. This is something that could be handled purely through some IC announcements or whatever, and then service requests.

It's definitely a neat idea and well proposed. With 6 months of UE you could change pretty significantly. Sword to a gun user, that kind of thing, and it would incentivize high tier players to take a vacation, although that could be a good or a bad thing.
I like.
im with it.
This could be a good way to get certain types of characters out of ruts and has the potential for some cool RP. We already have AER.

I might suggest shaving a chunk off the character's total earned UE so that a decker nerd who gets swapped to corpsec doesn't come out like Seven Ecks immediately and has to do some work to get back there. I'd also advise limiting this to cases where someone was really stuck and not just bored so that it wouldn't be commonplace.


I think you'd need much more than six months of UE to go from a decker to a corpsec agent, truth be told. Given that it's a bit under one fifth your total allocation.

As for it not being common place, I think a good starting point for pricing something like this would be around a quarter mil. That plus the fact that you'd have to shelf a character for six months would probably make this something that people aren't doing constantly. That said- if someone wanted to spend two, five or seven hundred kay on this and take their character out of commission for the better part of a year or more to do the decker to corpsec agent thing? I don't see that as being the worst thing in the world. I'd rather see that living history of an older character shift over time rather than just getting chopped off because the player gets frustrated oocly and decides to perm them. But that's just my 2 chyen.

All fair points. The money thing is good too because it's also something an NPC could pay for if they wanted and there's so much great CP stuff you could do with a plot like that.
I honestly hadn't considered the plot implications of that. You're totally right. That would be ace.

Do shitty work for your criminal overlord? He sends you on a forced 'vacation' to come back and clear your head for some new direction under his tutelage. That would be -such- an awesome plot.

ViriiSoma buys you from a WJF prison and now they own your ass.
It takes about a xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xredactedxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxe, so yea, at most you will be able to pimp 1-2 skills out of that. Seems pretty well balanced.
Please don't post details of how skills and stats work Marleen. In-depth mechanics stuff is a no no.
Em, wasn't aware that was in-depth.
Anything to do with the mechanics of how long it takes to get to certain levels, is in-depth. It's something people need to figure out on their own.
I think this is a pretty cool idea, in regards that it promotes "oldbies" to take a vacation, that creates a temporary power vacuum in which cool stuff can happen! It can free up business, or "security" so that someone can step in.
I've talked with one or two admin about the following idea that is somewhat similar to this. It's just an idea, not something we are planning to implement right this second, or even one that I've gotten signed off on by other admin. So it might never happen.

A system that allows you to slowly 'forget' or 'untrain' a skill (or perhaps even a stat), perhaps 1 point a day for a long period of time. That UE would be partially refunded-- not sure how much, probably 1/4th of what you spent or something.

This would allow you to 'forget' a skill (or maybe a stat), entirely over a period of time, getting a bit of the UE back to spend each day. In the long run it would mean that you wouldn't end up with skills you never use, and you wouldn't end up with those skills counting against your max experience when you hit the limit.

It would also allow characters at max experience to slowly reshape their characters over time as they go through in character changes, and thus not stagnate or feel that once they hit the cap they don't have room to change or grow.

It would reduce the need for a full respec and it would treat the entire experience the same way it works in real life. If you are a master with a gun in your early life but then stop shooting because you get out of that criminal life, or retire from the WJF, those skills would slowly deteriorate as you put your efforts into something else (like making WJF bobble head art or something).


That actually sems way less onerous for the player and would fix a lot of problems. +1!
I think that's a wildly fantastic idea.
I really love that idea Slither, it's organic and open-ended.
I actually really enjoy that, Slither. It's organic, like Crooknose said.

I really enjoy the idea of Neural remapping and how CP it sounds, but I think your skills deteriorating over time sounds much better.

We are constantly told to put the effort in ICly to get a measure of yourself and those around you. And I do. It can take weeks or months to get a solid bead on where you stand in relation to another character. Tons of RP an d research and even flash spent. So, with this in mind, I am generally against any system that would allow another character to drastically change and thus invalidate all that effort on my, and likely many other character's, part.

But a more gradual system as proposed by Slither? I would love this. But I do worry about how this will interplay with advantages/disadvantages specializations. I personally wouldn't mind a system where you could remove an advantage/disadvantage pair every 3 months or something. Once removed you could select a new one. Same with specializations. Maybe also being able to lower a specialization by one level every month or something.

So, like, set a skill to degrade, then lose 1 point in that skill per day? 25% of UE is refunded in available UE, the other 75% go back into your UE pool?

> @degrade me is heavy_weapons

Your ability with heavy_weapons will now degrade.


You have no ability in heavy_weapons to degrade.

> @degrade me is

Degraded skill cleared.

I like this idea a lot slither and find the idea of degrading skills to be a very interesting thought.
Skill degredstion would be very helpful, big agree. Sometimes you just forget how to do shit if you don't use it, and I think we should allow players the ability to degrade a skill they dont use anymore for extended periods of time
I've invested UE in over 5 skills that I've never used, either from accidentally picking the wrong number or just thinking "I might use this someday" and never using it.

If anything, this would help my @stats screen not take up so much space.

Ynk reminded me of this minor thought I had, but in the assign ue skill screen, when it asks you how much ue you want to add to this skill can it instead say how much ue do you want to add to driving (or whatever skill you selected)

Just an extra step to stop mispends.

As I continue to misspend giant wads of UE, I'll throw in another +1 to skill / stat degradation.
Slither's idea sounds awesome as long as it's as slow or slower than normal UE gain. This system would have the benefit of not punishing players for taking skills early on that made sense for their characters instead of just throwing UE into long blades in their apartment for 2 years.
Between max ue and minimum time required to sunset (if you even choose to do that, you could technically carry on forever) You usually are allotted a respec, which by then you SHOULD have a general understanding of the system, what does what, what is useless and why isn’t to your character, etc. HOWEVER, Circumstances change. Often. I can see how a max ue who say was on path to being a fixer but got picked up into some high end mercenary murder hobo role and could use the extra UE because he hasn’t been to the market in two years nor does he even do deals anymore so he starts to “forget it” at a rate that makes sense (maybe 0.25ue for each 1ue they could earn at the regular UE allotment schedule?)

I see this also being good for the midbie who is not quite at a respec service request who learned that the skills they picked were useless, and the new player who likes their character and doesn’t want to booth.

This, I like it.

Not only that, but it'd allow players who have a habit of mis-dumping UE into the wrong skills to neaten up their sheet a little, and get at least some of their UE into the right place.

I'm all for skill forgetting/rust over time.

THIS! Yes! Please!