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Improving the Ideas Board
By clearly defining the purpose of ideas

It might be helpful if we adopted a format for new ideas. The format would be whatever you were going to write anyway, but then at the bottom it would include two things:

1. What problem/deficiency is this idea designed to fix?

2. What's your ultimate purpose for wanting this idea?


- This idea is designed to make people boil down their new ideas to a statement that's easy to reason about.

- I want this so I can more easily get a handle on what people are suggesting so that I can agree or disagree with it.

This would increase readability but in my opinion what would improve the ideas board is better attitudes from posters. +1 tho.
I agree with kroack, better attitudes in general. I don't think anything needs to be changed besides that.
I agree with both Crooknose and kroack. As someone who has a tendency to write a lot (poor, poor.. poor Dreamer and my xhelps), I know that can be frustrating for people to read so a tidy sum up at the end would probably improve quality and discussion.

However, overall better attitudes engaging with each other is a must need.

Don't post an idea that would directly benefit you and don't post one about a system you haven't spent a couple months using.
Don't post an idea that would directly benefit you...

Oh come on. That's just arbitrary gate-keeping and would invalidate three-quarters of the suggestions made. Benefit only you maybe, but let's not make it out like there's some selfless zeitgeist on the Ideas board.

There is no cap on the number of ideas posts we can have, and thus no reason to limit the ideas people provide. In the end, it's going to be a coder, with a good understanding of the game and the mechanics and what we are looking from our gameplay that makes the decision on if we implement a feature or not.

The BGBB is for discussion, and the ideas threads are for people to make the case why a feature deserves (or doesn't deserve) to be in the game so that coders can review the threads and see if anything they see sounds like it fits with our goals for the game.

If literally no one responds to an idea, the coder doesn't say 'well no one likes that idea' as some ideas speak for themselves. If everyone responds '+1' that doesn't mean the coder says 'well i better implement that'. We do our own critical thinking on if a feature should be added. Sometimes the discussion on the posts helps us gather more information and consider the angles without having to put as much thought into it, but that doesn't mean we -wouldn't- do that critical thinking if you hadn't posted your thoughts.

Also, this is the wrong section to post a topic like this in. It should be in Anything Really or Game problems & Complaints.
"Don't post an idea that would directly benefit you and don't post one about a system you haven't spent a couple months using."

....if someone spends time using a system their ideas are probably going to be about improving / expanding that system which is probably gonna benefit them lol

I mean for instance I'm sorry but I'm gonna be the one running around with decker ideas that would absolutely hypothetically benefit my character if I were playing that archetype bc there aren't a lot of people carrying the torch, it's the stuff I know, and the stuff I care about.

I think the best ideas are discovered by people experiencing things and thinking, 'How could this be better?'

So not posting ideas that would directly benefit you is just trying to set a silly standard, IMO.

I think the main takeaway is what Slithers post of "just because it is posted/discussed doesn't mean it will or won't happen " is probably the biggest point to consider in that the world isn't going to end because of a post. I swear we're having the same discussion across multiple posts and boards and the same conclusion is really be more open to ideas and constructive criticism of the ideas and be less lames about it.