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Commuter Pass for recently dead mixers
Get off the WJF's porch

Something I thought about recently, was a commuter pass for recently dead mixers.

Essentially a way for those who might not have the money in their bank account, and or might not have income still to earn in the week, to leave Gold and get back to Red after dying. Without having to be loud and ask for charity. It would also make sense for the WJF to do something like this to prevent people from Littering or becoming vagrants on Gold.

I always thought it was weird that the corps didn't want mixers to get off Gold as soon as possible. It could also apply to corporate citizens who must take a trip up to Green or something. A one-use commuter pass for the lev sounds reasonable.
Begging for flash on gold feels like good rp to me. Or scamming a cabby. As someone who's struggled with this before, I've discovered a fair number of ways to get back down without a pass/flash. Not saying it's a bad idea, but always be thinking about how you can use use a situation to push rp.
Sounds like a charity service of Eternalist Church. Would incorporate really well into the below link...

removed due to ic info

(Edited by Slither at 4:01 pm on 7/22/2020)

This is a very specific scenario that you are painting. Which means that it wouldn't happen as often, hence why would corporate society take notice and decided to help the disenfranchised? It doesn't sound like the corporations I know.

It would be more likely that this mixer would get reported to the HOJ for loitering and a Judge would appear to take the garbage out. This is what would make most sense theme-wise, even tho game-wise this might not happen due to lack of players/staffers to enforce it.

Personally, I think this scenario is a perfect RP opportunity...when you are down in the pit is the perfect time to beg, ask for help, even provoke and get other players involved.

Also getting back to the mix with no flash, is not impossible.

Sounds like an IC consequence for being broke.
+1 to Reefer's point.

Call a clone Angel! Or even a taxi driver! Try to beg that ace solo with a duo to give you a ride! The free fee just feels like it will end up skipping so much RP. Where there is a will, there is a way.

If you can't afford 150 chy to take the lev after dying then you have bigger problems. There are plenty of IC ways to solve this without resorting to begging.
My take: Why would there be a service for getting recently dead mixers off Gold when... there is no expectation, within the theme of this world, that mixers have clones? Keep in mind that the gangers/solos/players are SPECIAL. Clones are expensive and instead of spending 5k on one, most people choose to eat.
Ah... Interesting. And good to know. Very useful to ground the worlds reality a bit more, thanks Slither.