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I propose we introduce the honey bee to Withmore. Naturally, these would be native to the badlands surrounding Withmore and accordingly aggressive. They would work as follows:

If corpses were left exposed in certain badlands biomes - they would result in the creation of the BloatBee Hives item @integrated into the room.

If a player enters the room - it would activate a $cript of increasingly menacing bloatbee encounters leading up to and including stings. This would increase exponentially over time. While the stings themselves would not do a lot of damage, they would impact fatigue, and result in a seperate poison script/disease experience.

Bloatbee Hives would be extremely vulnerable to fire (explosives or just a plain old lighter).

Bloatbee Honey if harvested would be a valuable drug commodity for chemists to increase potency of a current drug batch. If consumed raw it would be extremely dangerous resulting in the consumer being rendered unconscious and instantly victim to a $dream script stolen from one of the bloatbee's prior victims....or just some pretty vivid hallucinations. <.<

For those unfortunate to fall into the vicious cycle of bee stings, no fatigue, and inevitable death - they would retain consciousness for 30 minutes while the bee's did there thing via a bee-rutal $cript providing an opportunity to sic for help...and also a cool way to leave an enemy to perish.

At first, I thought this was a joke post.

But NOW?

...Well both Nepal and Turkey have their own hallucinogenic honey, from the bees gathering psychotropic pollen and nectar, so it makes me wonder what a world hyper-polluted by chem runoff would create and...


As a person with a phobia for bees, wasps and anything such that buzzes, big fat NO. It's a creative idea.. but I would rather not. Just my opinion.
This had to be done.

Not the beeeeeeeeees!
I am on board with mutant psychedelic Badlands bees.
I spent like an hour giggling to myself in glee as this concept came together over xooc. It's diabolical, I love it and terrifying giant mutant wasps are absolutely the sort of terrible thing that belongs in the Badlands.


Only if I can capture the bees in a jar and throw them into bars.

Seriously though, I love the idea. And I like the concept of gene spliced bees escaping VS and entering the areas in and around Withmore (like the cazadores in the Big Empty).

I think bees are cute and I'd totally bee down for this. Although, according to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground.

Universal support for this idea.

Just bumping the bee thread
Bees is one of these mythical and coveted features, such as AV rappelling or Grid 3.0. Honestly I would treat it carefully since if not balanced correctly, the insertion of bees could break the current weapons system rendering their wielders, pretty much invincible foes.

Just my 2 cents.

Building off of what I wrote in the script thread-

What if the "honey" could be made into cheap drug all its own? It might be a good "starter candy" for people cutting their teeth on drug production.



Enviro suits and toxin binders to protect yourself.

VS actively protects these from "poachers".

Third parties pose a risk to their monopoly on the product, and it gives VS scientists/security a reason to go to the Badlands to protect/collect company interests.

Other animals sometimes congregate around hives for that tasty honey. It isn't poisonous to them. Badlands poo-bear anyone?

Experiments on mixers for venom uses/development.

Smoke grenades.

Anti-venom for various animal bites.

I see the swarm idea is back!