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Another fantastic firearms idea
Paid for by the NRA

Hello Ideas thread. I am sure you clicked on this with a sigh and rolled eyes thinking, “Here’s Grizzly again with another fantastic post about firearms in Sindome that will probably get debated into the ground with unrealistic based fears of firearms making my non-firearm choice of weapon severely inadequate and never even considered for implementation.” Well. Maybe.

Over the years I have tried to get many changes done to the firearms structure so to speak with what I like to consider some success, so posting this might actually not be a waste of time. Prior to max ue, and with no expectations of max ue ever becoming a thing, there were few sub machine guns and shotguns in the game that cost as much as a vehicle to obtain. It meant that you were likely to never be able to use one on a regular basis if at all, and if you wanted to be a firearm user then selecting pistols was your only realistic choice, so myself and a former admin undertook an initiative to introduce lower tiered SMG’s and rifles. I did this during my downtime overseas and lost my laptop with tons of attack messages and “fill in the blank” type formats for these firearms due to a rude explosive local, so I was only able to complete two firearms (a low tier smg and the games first “assault rifle “) since then others have picked up the momentum there and implanted a few more of the weapons in a tier like manner. For the most part I think the additions have all been great and I’m theme to their models and styles. What I am more proposing is an idea to add to, not take away, from these things.


I would argue that in Sindomes life span That Pistols have been the most popular firearm used for obvious reasons. They are easier to obtain, there are more of them with various calibers, and they are easily concealed. Now, the only thing I suggest here, is take the calibers that lack “choice”(what I will refer to as a firearm that is the only kind of it’s caliber and not with a different model with the same caliber) , clone those guns, use for reference, maybe plus or minus some accuracy or damage rates, port the attack messages, and put out a real CP handgun while keeping it’s early 1990’s equivalent (maybe help further class divide by selling the CP model corpside and making it a rare find in the mix and vice verse for current models)

Oh, one other thing, can we limit pistols with 16 inch barrels, tru sight lasers, scopes and extended magazines and silencers from fitting in your shoulder holster?

Here is a photo of an 11mm Seburo :D

Sub Machinguns

After long discussions on OOC-Chat with smg users and as a former smg user, SMG’s leave many of their fans wanting. In a CP future where urban ware fare is the battlefield, SMGs SHOULD be the choice of professionals! Some you can hold with one hand, some you need both. The main drawback I noticed was automatic fire took just as long to smoke someone (in most cases, and of course there are other factors) as it did with semi auto fire. The most obvious difference is style points and ammo consumption. My suggestion for these would be the same theme as pistols. Variety. Fortunately I do believe a good job was done with the CP implementation aspect. Current SMG users please chime in here. Also, add an smg specific gun mod; arm brace for a tiny accuracy boost.

Here is a CP SEBURO (;D) SMG


Rifles are in my opinion, got the shaft. I say this because of the implementation of the carbine styles, while cool, still use pistol munitions and probably other stuff. The shotguns are pretty cool and fun, but Hows about an automatic shotgun? I can’t say much about rifles at the moment, but variety in the carbines could be fun but probably not needed.

CP auto shotgun;

Small magazine size vs no need to pump?

Heavy Weapons

While not strictly limited to firearms, at the moment this is probably one of if not the most useless skill in game and something I bet people would cream their pants to get into. Some say it needs to coincide with vehicle combat, and while making total sense, I disagree that it FULLY needs to coincide. I think someone operating a low caliber belt fed light machine gun can fit right into the combat spectrum. To my understanding, the old heavy weapon was pulled from the game for balancing. When that will get done is anyone’s guess, but something that is cumbersome, requires both hands, an additional stat to govern, and slow moving, could really end up being a huge addition when your chugging out 12 round bursts of 5.56 or 7.62 into your target or attacker. I can think of so many scenarios this would be great in and would start pumping UE into heavy weapons if even an M249 was implemented.


It’s not the most CP, but it is an example of a very portable and operable “heavy weapon” in the light Machine gun sense. We can wait until vehicle combat to start talking about .50’s and RPG-7’s. Promise.


Disposable guns should be cheap and plenty. I think the implementation of every caliber into the pilot pistol line would be a great thing. You could finally be shooting a .45 at one time use prices instead of trying to find a plug for one and actually affording it. The drawback? You can’t use it once you run dry! That is a HUGE drawback. I propose though we FURTHER expand this to encompass rifles, shotguns, and possibly SMG’s (maybe not, I imagine the production cost would make this a pretty silly move on the pop pop corporation business model for anything higher then 9mm

Pictured is a cp disposable shotgun. I believe it has one shot in it. Obviously uses in Sindome style of combat but maybe it comes with a 4 shot magazine?

Now after reading this you are probably thinking,”Grizzly, these are all ok ideas and all, but the admin are over worked, and doing other things like grid 3.0, chefs island recipes, coded fapping ect.” Which is great. No complaint there, but why not take some volunteers, because I know there are a few of us who would love to work on this, give us the formats, and let us see what we can come up with? It’s a lot of work for any one person, especially if they aren’t available, so put a team of well balanced individuals behind the wheel and see where the car goes. If it crashes, hey, we suck and don’t implement. If it rides, even better!

Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this fantastic post.

You may now comment with your agreement, suggestions, and disapproval, let’s just keep it all on topic! Thanks.

I think Heavy Weapons could work well as a secondary weapon for people who were strong enough to use them. Like you're not going to walk around all day every day with a minigun but if you slot a 'soft or have some skill maybe sometimes it's appropriate to grab a flamethrower or an RPG for a specific use case.

Or just walk around with a minigun, who is going to stop you?


I volunteer for tribute.

I agree Vera!
crowdsourcing these kind of things would be great.

I know quite the circle that'd be willing to help and the rest of the work for admins would be to just balance things out.

I love the idea of heavy weapons having a big strength tie-in to give brawling/melee type characters more legs. Also totally for more CP-themed weapons, eg, weapons that look and feel a bit more futuristic than mundane, especially if it takes minimal work to get them rolling.
I don't know that any of us would be sad if some of the existing 20th century weapons got a CP reskin. There are at least 2 major arms manufacturing corps in the Dome and Withmore is a NEW city. It shouldn't have inherited a bunch of antique and unthemely weapons.
but I mean leave the AKS in because it is important to be extremely russian sometimes
@Vera while I do agree to a point, I am also in the camp that poor people and mixers could feasibly have those weapons still. Good points though.
My main turn off from doing a smudge based character, as someone who is a bit of a gun nut, is that smudges do seem incredibly... Limited.
Yeah one of the main jobs people want to do with guns is just unavailable for SMG users afaik and they come with a lot of drawbacks and restrictions that I don't think are adequately balanced, but no one uses them because of this perceived inadequacy so I have very little IC experience to work from.
@Ryu Yeah, they feel bland. Also, I am firmly in the camp here that full auto hits should be less accurate but with massive damage. I didn’t notice the difference, so I could be wrong.
Personally, I'd suggest looking at how full auto works in the CP2020 handbook.

Effectively it should be a toggle, where you take a hit to your accuracy, but each shot counts as a new projectile, letting you either miss a fucking lot, or riddle a dude full of lead for huge damage. This'd translate to both assault rifles/carbines, and SMGs.

I love the idea of variety of weapon choices. The more that's available the more stories can be potentially told. I love that you can beat someone to death with a progia.

But, the problem I have with Heavy Weapons is the same concern that Slither brings up whenever they get mentioned. (In the few examples I've seen, anyway.)

I don't know how possible it is to have something like that without hand waving over how dangerous they are.

That being said, I wouldn't mind seeing people on Fuller with a machine gun. It just sounds... deadly.

Weapons have to me, after perhaps the Grid, been the most unthematicly non-cyberpunk element, with really only something like four weapons having a proper cyberpunk feel to them by my aesthetic sense.

All I'll say is there's a lot of content creators in the game without much of anything terribly worthwhile to do, and collaborating on weapons (arguably the most important items in the game) diversification or elaboration is something I suspect a lot of people would be willing to spend their time on, and these are all excellent suggestions as is.

We already handwave swords and shit so that somehow they're equally deadly and useful to submachine guns. I think it's fine if the chainguns and grenade launchers are not so dangerous that they make the game unplayable.
There are already multiple ways I can think of to balance heavy weapons so I don't thin them being "dangerous" will be a problem
That's true. I'm torn, because I want the variety, but I'm wary of the implementation.
Good point, Vera. Style over substance. Maybe they don't need to be the be all end all, just something fresh and cool.
Totally talking out of my ass here (what's new), but...

An LMG sounds like a BAD idea. My experience with guns in the game is pretty limited so far, and I have yet to come across anything larger than a pistol. But given how deadly pistols are, I cringe to think about what a shit show someone with an LMG and some elevation would turn into.

I say this from the oft touted perspective of, "If someone can exploit it, they will." To me, Range + Elevation + High Ammo Capacity is a recipe for "I'm never leaving my apartment again, lest I walk through the line of fire."

I've been wanting to make a big post about this as well for a while. I was looking at some things to consider for making guns more cyberpunky based on the technology we see in development currently. Right now everything is a 1980s-90s era weapon and synthetics would be much more prevalent, this includes ammunition would could use a description revamp as well. Synthetic casings make for lighter rounds, and telescoping them makes them more compact. Other innovations worth mentioning are the requirements for the next standard military rifle (they more or less describe TruSight), ceramic barrels (they can deal with heat and expansion a lot better than steel), modularity (more of a mechanic thing, but it would be nice to mention easily exchangeable parts), perhaps using holograms for a better sight picture, etc...

I think SMGs and rifles are also a bit vague. It seems that SMGs are more assault rifles, while rifles would be defined more as semi auto. This gets weird because the lines blur. I almost wonder if they could be grouped into one skill.

I have some links that have some interesting modern weapons tech. A picture of the ammunition I mentioned, a technology that allows a perfect shot, and a pistol with a built in suppressor that has a very cyberpunk feel.:

I ain't gonna talk specifics or mechanics but there are definitely ways you can balance LMGs/other heavy weapon types to make sure they aren't just OP endgame weapons.
Slither did say he wanted to change heavy weapons to a different skill.

Also, agreed on rifles. Having been shot by many things many times, rifles most evoked an "ow, quit it" reaction.

Also agreed on lack of CP feel to most guns. Where's the energy bust gun that hurls people into another room? Or electrified net launcher to incapacitate someone painfully but non-lethally? Or acid rounds to lower charisma? Flamethrower to burn clothes? Smoke and teargas, electrified batons, and CHAINSAWS.

Show me someone who doesn't want to see a solo with a flamethrower fighting a solo with a chainsaw and I'll show you a liar.
There's enough variety in the shotguns, but rifles are sorely lacking a mid-range carbine. Without going into detail your options for getting into the sniping stuff (presumably a major draw for the weapon type) are either way weak or way out of reach for anybody who isn't at the top of their game.

Pistols are disproportionately the more practical choice because you can actually find them. This is OK to an extent since that's the pistol's thing but it would be great if the other weapons would leak into the markets occasionally or something so you don't feel like literally the only person in the city rocking a smudge or a rifle. Pistols will still be way more common and have the disposable options the other weapons don't have (and I think that should stay exclusive to them.)

Jinx ynk
I think it might be a better idea to focus on revamping what we have to fit a more CP feel before hopping on the brand new weapons bandwagon first.
Hek I'm just going to go ahead and say you probably lack the experience to understand how LMGs etc would be balanced and I can't explain this to you without diving into a mechanics or IC info discussion, suffice to say there are reasons why you don't see any one weapon class flat out dominating all others at all times and it would not be super hard for heavy weapons to also be balanced this way.
Wow what a jinx Crooknose 😁
This would be generally cool as fuck and I'd try to help some.


I want to see that very much. My PC wouldn't do either, but I would still love to see it. I just don't want those to be the only fights, or the only kinds of people willing to walk out the door after they were introduced.
@Ranger You're probably right, maybe the first step is cloning the existing weapons just as Grizzly laid out and giving them more flavor. The builders just did a motorcycle re-write that was really neat, I haven't seen them all but that's sort of the baseline thing we're talking about, taking sort of generic modern day designs and making them CP.

I know it's a lot of messaging potentially but it seems like there was an enthusiastic response with all the people who contributed to the drug messaging stuff.

I would likely be into combat if I could wield a chainsaw. 😀
And agreed on contribution.

Don't know if any of my drug messages were added but I'm happy to contribute text towards this as well.

I think the combat messaging is alright in most of the firearms in game, some could be definitely improved but what I want most is to change the descriptions of guns so it doesn't feel like I'm holding a 2007 Glock
I like these idea and think adding variety would be good. I'm hesitant to change ammo types because moobloat is a factor. Multiple weapon types having compatible ammo just means it's easier on the economy and fixers.

Firearms are super cool and super effective. For all the perks/disadvantages - I think the thing which should be the biggest priority is ammo types which do different types of damage. Otherwise, I'm super down for all this gun nerd shit. Pew. Pew. Pew!

Maybe we can rework the needler while we're at it? ;)
As far a low tech goes, you live in a corporate globalized dystopic future full with poor people who want to kill other people, so old and re-furbished weapons are on theme.

You can make them from scrap or smuggle them from Mexico. This could also be 'futuristic', like old weaponry from the corporate world wars that got out of circulation or feels outdated, etc. So like cheaper, breakable or maintenance dependent less deadly weapons, would be dope.

I'd love like a cyberpunk blunderbuss, that you could fill with Kro's scrapyard chucks or other random tash and unload it on a bunch of people.

Also, I agree that heavy weapons if they ever are a proper thing should be ridiculously heavy, more so than an X05 because that thing is designed for people to move around with it. Mounted weaponry, should be set up at a location and have cool downs to assemble and disassemble (settable on vehicles some day too). And if handled without a mount you would get massive penalties to aim.

I like this idea in broad strokes +1 and there probably are volunteers out there to take care of the non-mechanical aspects.

I think the needler should be eliminated entirely. A lot of what it does has been incorporated into combat. We just need an ammo type that can accept a modification variable from a specimen vial (1 full clip per vial).

Sure, you can kill your rival...but why not hire a sniper to pump them full of ebola and watch them bleed.

I didn’t suggest ammo changes for the massive workload it would be on the game and people, otherwise you know I’d be over here yelling about .44 specials and shit. I’m sure if we wanted to undertake that then we could really flesh out rifles but...meh, we can make it work. At best I would suggest a 5.56 introduction.

Sniping is also a very outstanding tactic. You should be able to do it to a huge degree of effectiveness with rifles. Do I suggest we make your carbine greater or equal to that one I won’t talk about but you rifle users all know about? No. But with gun mods we should be coming kinda close yannow?

Also, balancing out a lmg would be no different then anything else. Does your ooc ignorance to the other classes of firearms dictate your want to step outside? I mean with what is already in-game it’s pretty shady out there. If my neighbors all had .45’s with full auto I’d be a bit more nervous. I don’t believe wanton ic mass shootings are a big deal now, might up the tempo with new toys but it will even out :D

And gat dangit can we not discuss chainsaws and flamethrowers?!? Thanks!

I'm thinking ammo descriptions should be reworked, and maybe a few rifle rounds. I think the ammo should be as CP as the guns flavor wise.
Sorry! 😅

Guns just kill people too fast. Need more suffering IMO.

I'll see myself out of this thread. 💘


While I see your point and generally agree, I think that is asking for something to the point where the idea would get filed away as “not priority, never gonna happen” is where that lands. Us gun nut jobs have to win the small victories first :)


You lost me. All I got was something about you wanting chainsaw bullets with a flame DoT effect to overcome new player ignorance. 😜

I'm very much on board with those who say they would like to see more cyberpunk descriptions for weapons. As things stand many of the weapons in game are ones that I could and on occasion do hold in real life. Funnily enough it's the lowest tier seburo ones which feel most cyberpunk to me quite often.

I would not be against a rebrand of the existing pistol/smg/rifle tiers similar to the motorbike descriptions being changed over or perhaps a phasing out of the existing weapons in exchange for the newly described, equally capable weapons if straight up changing the existing weapons is considered too big a change to ignore ICly.

As for Heavy Weapons I think Slither stated they likely will not be a thing in his first admin podcast with Glitch due to balancing concerns ( ) and short of vehicular combat being implemented I can see where he is coming from. This doesn't mean I'm not disappointed they aren't a thing. Heavy weapons was one of the skills I banked heavily on when I was fresh into the game and it saddened me to realise I had effectively wasted UE at the time. It seems a great shame to have a skill that is completely useless accessible to players. How heavy weapons could be implemented in a balanced way is something that could easily take up it's own thread imo.

It'd be pretty funny if shops all switched to the reskinned guns and everyone who couldn't afford to replace their twentieth-century guns got made fun of topside.
If they all got re-skinned though they would wake up with a new Seburo S-30 instead of their 1990’s gun.
This is true but I presented that as an option alongside the phasing out of the old weapons because I figured it would avoid MOO bloat and needless clutter of essentially identical tools even if it could be somewhat immersion breaking.
Weapon re-skins are even okay, but That feels to me like 1/3 of what could be an outstanding gun thing.

And CP re-skins can apply to any of the weapon classes to give it a cp feel other then favela sim. So those that are melee/long blade etc people could start a thread and talk about that and it would be no different for those of you who aren’t into guns.

First of all, I think we need to entirely remove the heavy weapons skill from the game if we don't plan on doing anything with it.

Second of all, I don't think reskins would be a bad idea, but they need to be new entities, not just replaced (because it would be weird waking up to find your old Glock 20 a brand spanking new Seburo 30). Maybe make the CP reskins way more expensive.

I would love to eventually see the old 20th century guns get a damage and accuracy debuff, because they should be old shitty guns at this point, but there's only so much a man could hope for.

I agree with the sentiment that if heavy weapons has no intention of being used then it should be deleted instead of sitting there taunting us. There are many things you could use heavy weapons for, even if and when vehicle combat is put it. Stop toying with our emotions!

I wish the like, two SMG users I know of would insert their two cents on that portion. I don’t think they have yet.

I agree on removing Heavy Weapons. If nothing else, it is just one more thing for new players to get confused by, upset and disappointed over.

As much as I hate wholesale retcons and changes, I think the 'cleanest' way to change the guns is to just to a mass find and replace on the current guns with the reskinned ones. With the right user education campaign ahead of time to tell people what to expect, it should go pretty smoothly. By that I mean, let people know "Your Glock 20 is going to become a Seburo 30, but will mechanically / functionally act the same." Give people three months, or six months or whatever heads up.

I don't like that idea. You shouldn't just replace every single item.

I think having Mixer 20th century guns, and Corpo 22nd century guns is a better idea.

I agree with the style aspect, the big problem though is statistically the corpo guns will end up in the mix and the mix guns will end up with the desperate or in the garbage. Unless the supply is heavily regulated, that might just be a waste (or a good ic way to phase out the old ones. Depending how you look at it)
Maybe have corpo guns be biolocked, like with vehicles? And to make them usable if stolen, you need a really good secure-tech to disable the lock?
No Joe Biden. That’s just unamerican.
Just dupe and re-skin the ones that are getting replaced, same stats and everything. Every existing gun stays the same but now shops carry the shiny new models (which do not need to be functionally any different) and the corps spring for new shooters for their senior agents. The old guns hang around as legacy items that you can get laughed at for hanging onto topside and there are maybe a few extra guns that get misplaced and need new homes in the Mix.

Thereafter if you acquire a new gun it's one of the new models

The legacy models get slowly phased out as people lose them.

Vera's idea works, and also gives us a chance to look at adding some nice and shiny CP new models for guns that're lacking guns, like smudges.

God, please give me more smudges.

It would also be a huge pain. The biolocked gun in game is not locked to a person, but the faction that person belongs to. If it wasn’t that way, only that person could issue/ue/recover that item.

Surely you could see the complex problems this would raise.

Region-locked weaponry.
Region what now?

I think more SMG’s would be cool, but also the core behind SMG’s is something I would think needs some love. Example; I was a max ue solo with above curve smg. It wasn’t my go to for so many mechanical and practical reasons but if those weren’t issues it would have been. Regardless, I liked SD combat science and experimented on a particular subject. I killed this person two different times, once with a pistol, once with a near equal smg variant. They had same armor, and probably more or less the same stats/skills each time I killed them. I had just as many rounds with the smg on full auto as I did with the pistol (I tracked it for science) but I spent probably 4x the amount of ammo.

Now am I asking for full auto to turn smg into one hit killers? No. But I think if I spend 5-7 rounds per trigger squeeze I should be racking out some massive damage albeit at less accuracy, especially since most if not all of them have two modes of fire.

Was your pistol skill comparable to SMG skill, though?
Elaborate? Sure. If you made a gun coded to a specific person it becomes totally useless when you inevitably lose it. Not very practical.

The biolocked gun in game is only able to be picked up by another person in that faction.

If you made joe Biden guns for specific corporations, that might work out, but that also seems at odds with what we want to accomplish ( but you could explain it in the same sense the US military has a contract for M4’s and the Germans have H&K’s or whatever) and it would ultimately just clutter things.

@Ex more or less
Can I request someone brings up the state of smudges in another thread all together? It sounds like it's something that really needs some love overall, seperate from this whole overhaul.
The right to defend oneself and own a firearm is the right of every citizen of Withmore

I don't agree with biolocked/corplocked weapons. Sounds like just extra mess and less risk for topsiders and even more reason to not fuck with corpies or kill them.

I also agree that if nothing is going to be done with heavy weapons the skill should be removed. Of course I'd rather Heavy Weapons became a thing but not knowing if, when, and how the skill will be useful is a tease.

As for weapon reskinning I favour simply changing the existing weapons to new skins and asking players to overlook the change. Like Hek, I think this is the simplest solution and avoids bloat even if it does have potential to be a little immersion breaking. Keeping the old weapons and adding new equivalent weapons doubles the amount of firearm items in existence without adding any functionality.

I love the ideas here, especially about expanding availability. I just wanted to throw in, though it might be a slightly bigger undertaking code wise, having a weaponsmith be able to craft their own weapons would pretty much end the debate on style, and on who's going to write the messages, and on availability, not to mention give crafers a little more fun stuff to do, and more ways to make chy. I've seen elsemoos make it work VERY well.
The issue I see with a lord of war/weaponsmith being able to make their own stylish/themely weapons is of course that of balance. How would we balance that exactly.

Would it be based off their skill as a smith? Would they pick a template weapon to work with from the already pre-existing weapons in the game, and then have their chance at succeeding at making the weapon's reskinned variant be based on the skill? Would this then make that archetype simply too strong, as they can jut out some of the most powerful weapons in the game? Would the LoW need to find the templates somehow for the weapons to be able to make these aesthetically different yet otherwise carbon copies of the weapons?

I like the idea of giving weaponsmiths something more to do, but I'd also love to hear just how you think it'd work, Jotun because I actually like the idea, I'm just slightly concerned about there becoming a flood of gats, or that it might be a little bit overpowered

Yeah probably not gonna happen. To be honest it might work elsemoo but probably not this moo
Also, there is one more thing I believe I failed to mention that may lend some insight into the weapon creation process circa 2011, may be irrelevant now. I don’t know.

When Inwas making guns in Sindome, Firestorm, who was the senior admin at the time, just made me a parent object for said gun and gave me access to edit some of the parameters and messages for them.

If my memory serves correct, I could edit accuracy, damage (damage was per weapon not per weapon of caliber, IE there were two 9mm smgs and one could wreck house and one couldn’t) make it one handed or two handed, set attacks, set attack range so you would only roll attacks you had the skill value for, fire modes (we tried to put semi, burst, AND full on something and we hit a brick wall :D) among other things.

That is the only reason I say you could have better models of the same caliber or Corp/mix division.

Oh my idea was for a slight advantage to the CP-style reskins -- making them much more expensive by making them only work on gold or higher. Corpies shouldn't be going down to red anyway, eh?

In the mix they'd be useless. You get a gun that doesn't work but still has -plenty- of buyers. I'm sure they would be called "corpie-killers." 😄

What kind of mixer wants to be caught reselling them to topside buyers? What kind of mixer would want to buy them? 😉

If that doesn't sound exciting, give them an insignificant +1 bonus to something, too. But really, you're paying for style.

"Oh, you're carrying one of those mixer guns?" *Yawn, patting my new CV-xK77.* "I'm sure you're quite the brute, you impudent trashspawn."

Yea but sometimes you gotta go to the mix to shoot trash pandas. Or the badlands. Or menches basement....
There are already guns for that.
Well logistically and logically making a gun that ceased to operate with parameters such as altitude or even SIC signal sound like it would only be well received by people who don’t use guns or have any knowledge of guns or how they operate. If I were a corporate citizen and my corporation tried to issue me a “topside only” gun I would probably put it in a fileing cabinet and learn how to use baseball bats. Guns need to be able to get into “the wrong hands” and used by the “wrong people “ too sometimes. I could further go into why anyone who would need a gun would find the complicated mechanics (both irl around the bio-lock gun gun grabbers in the US propose as well as to ic stuff that could render your gun useless) would even find that to be remotely appealing but there is not even forum space here.
In other words, if you want to brandish your haute couture of firearms, show off your Rolex of guns, and tease your bespoke bullets, maybe crawl out of the mix and have some class (or shoot said class).
Well okay.
I really don't see the point in these region locked guns.
How else would you propose making them a class-based status symbol?
Higher caliber guns are already, ICly, a status symbol. Especially topside.
By strangling the supply of the ultra class firearms expecting some here and there hit the mix and loosening the supply of the others
Ok. 😊
Ya, I hate to hate but region based guns make absolutely no sense. I'd possibly be up for some sort of way to lock a gun to a specific person via a mod, so it would work kinda like WJF pistols, but even that's kinda hokey if it can't be hacked, which would basically defeat the purpose.