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A @naked for butt
Not having to use 'groin' on both ends.

Considering there's chest, abdomen AND back, there really should be a way to write a @naked for your 'behind' as well. There ought to be something out there that would realistically hide your genitalia but not the butt.

This may be a silly idea, but an idea I've had a long time, either way.

Just use your back.
If you use your back, then if you're barechested, people can see your ass. Already thought of this.
I use groin slot for that.
What does your back have to do with your chest?
There's still something behind your groin. Just saying it would be a very convenient feature.
Because the back is behind your chest and abdomen. But there's no naked to explain what's behind your 'groin'.
Might make more sense to just reserve a thigh slot for the odd situation you find your character being topless, but with something covering their groin and not their behind.
Might make more sense to just reserve a thigh slot for the odd situation you find your character being topless, but with something covering their groin and not their behind.
This would require changing all clothes that are supposed to cover the butt. Sorry, not going to happen while we have more important features to add.
Thought I'd bring it up either way, to see what people thought. Could be a future thing. I understand it'd be a lot of work.

In the past I've put it on the thigh, but that made a mini-dress show off my character's ass, which isn't that great.

I'd just move it back and forth between the groin slot and thigh slot depending on what your character has on as a workaround for now. Might take a macro or saving a desc in a notepad file or smth, but it's still doable.
I don't think I've come across a problem with describing my character's butt in the groin slot. I just use pose as needed.

Is thee a specific where you've had a problem with this? If so, I'm sure that the many experienced players here might be able to throw you ideas!

Just had a hard time expressing it, jumping from groin to behind. There's always been a back and front for your torso, so it seemed a little inconvenient to me.
I don't really see need a specific need for this, just use groin imo lol
I can see how just using back, groin, or thighs could cause unintentional issues with which @nakeds are inadvertently exposed/kept covered depending on whether you want to show off or hide your character's ass.

I'd appreciate an @naked for some ass as well, so it's unfortunate that this isn't something that isn't likely to happen.

I think outwardly, seemingly small ideas like this are great directions for suggestions, and I hope I see more like this.

Yeah, I wanted to see what other people thought about the idea. Even if it may or may not happen, could spark inspiration in other people regarding ideas similar enough.
I use the groin slot as well. A butt slot would be nice, but it would probably involve redoing all of the clothing @coverage in the game to accommodate for it, so it's not likely to happen.
I personally don't think we need a buttock/rear/ass slot in nakeds. Just tailor your naked to only show your ass if you're in some weird situation where it's only your ass and not your frontal naughty bits showing. Get creative with the code you've got. Don't make the GMs work harder for something so inconsequential.
Adding body locations is not a simple task and requires modifying a ton of underlying and connected systems. Combat, armor, clothing, cybernetics, etc.

Probably not going to happen.

Butt cybernetic. :P
Again, I am aware it probably is too big to make, but I thought it could inspire more thoughts on the matter and see if anyone else thought the same.
Assless chaps, we hardly knew ye.
You're telling me that if someone is running away, I cannot shoot them in the ass?

That is oddly disappointing, and not something I ever thought that I would have cared about. At least, not up until I read this thread.

suggesting that butts be added as severable body parts with code supported cybernetics