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@luck status in @stats
Know when you're feeling lucky

I think it would be great if there was an all yellow line in @stats (similar to PDS messaging) saying:

You're currently feeling lucky!

This would be a nice way to help players know where they're at with it. I know you can toggle it on and off to check, but I check @stats pretty regularly and I think seeing that yellow message would help me remember to turn it off when I'm about to go driving or whatever. Sometimes you turn it on for something dicey then totally forget about it.

I am hesitant here as I don't like it when there is little to no motivation to continue investing in a stat or skill. It we provide all kinds of luck management tools then there stops being a reason to try and be C level in luck as you can be Q level and just obsessively manage it and get the nearly the same results.

It is true that Luck is more then just the pool but the pool is a big part of it. Probably the main part even. So any changes that would provide more luck management tools would need to be carefully considered in my opinion.

(edited for IC info)

(Edited by Slither at 6:21 am on 7/21/2020)

Ignoring the luck points, there is a HUGE difference between G and C in luck from a passive (unmanageable) perspective, so I do not believe that is really a concern.
I think that's getting into mechanics, so I'll avoid it. Also, there have been many people including myself saying they drain it on accident frequently. I think this could help people without having to re-code lucks' proccing on other skills.

Also I realized that the message I have is the one you get for laid bonuses. So maybe something like this:

You're utilizing your luck (on, pool working)

Your luck has run out (on, pool empty)

You're not utilizing your luck (off)

Telling people when their luck has run out is really far beyond just giving people a slightly easier way to tell which way @luck is toggled.
Oh, ok. I'd honestly take the on/off really.

Only the status of the toggle, not if you have luck remaining.

(Edited by Slither at 6:34 pm on 7/23/2020)


Big thanks! So useful!

I've removed the message shown when you're not using your luck.

The area at the bottom of @stats should be for states and effects that are earned over time or are temporary in nature. Binary states (toggles) or facts every character will have are just going to clutter it up. So in the spirit of less is more I've pulled this 'off' state from the list.