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The plague event

Since this kicked off on newbie, I figured may as well get a thread going here, for those who avoid OOC channel.

My personal view on this is BORING. While it started a bit interesting, and I was there for start of it, then it hit a narrative wall and stopped moving, with just the looming announcement about X days till cure.

This leaves a few groups of players as far I can tell:

1. Those infected. Those get some RP, in the end, you are dead anyway may aswell hustle, bustle, go out with a bang, whatever. Once they do that, they are not ill anymore and go to hole up into the ground until even ends. Fun till you vat out. Then you become part of group no. 2.

2. Those not infected and without ways to avoid/cure the disease. I am pretty sure that's the majority, which will keep growing as group 1 vats out. Those have to either sit in the cube and get bored to death, which is why almost everyone will tell them to do ICly - including key NPCs. Or they can ignore self-preservation and just go our, to from IC narrative is almost guaranteed death.

Not really fun choice, is it? We are supposed to be terrified of death, it's supposed to be a traumatic event. And yet if we want to have fun, we are to go against it.

3. Players from groups that got/make/can get cure/not get infected or just don't care about dying. This part is having a field day, can completely ignore the negative side of the event and just make mad stacks in any way imaginable. All fun and games for that group, though I can't imagine it's a big one.

So meh. I will personally likely log in to collect the UE and wait for it to be over. Because going to die is just no fun. Living in certain IC occupations and places is risky enough on its own. Maybe if at least the cure would also vaccinate you against getting it again would make this a bit better.

Good reminder of the game world we occupy and good fun IMO , but I totally understand your points too.
Don't take me wrong, I like the idea. When it kicked off I was hooked in, and stayed extra late. But alas then it just turned into, well, what it is.
I'm not sure where you got the idea that if you're not infected you have to sit in a cube and get bored until death. The Mix is dangerous, this event is a result of ongoing plots and it also isn't the first time it happens.

Nobody is telling you to go get stuck in a cube and wait four days, at least no one from the staff team. You aren't going to get auto infected if you decide to walk outside either.

@Rangerkrauser the narrative coming from NPCs, and npcs who are authorities on this stuff is very clear that if you walk, you get infected and die. That's kinda where I got the idea from. Which is then echoed by all the senior characters through the same medium.

How would a group 2 character decide that "Nah, all those idiots know nothing about the plague", despite that they've been through it before, few times, and are speaking from experience?

So how with given all that your character knows that you won't get infected from walking around? More so when there were many NPC puppets who randomly infected people for walking, and you saw the same happening everywhere?

WARNING: UE Spongeing is against the rules and if we catch anyone, either by noticing they are doing it or using one of the automated systems we have created for this exact purpose, your UE will be stripped and there will probably be a ban.

As for the issues you raise: Changing things up, and putting characters in situations they didn't expect to be in or were not prepared for, is part of a GMs job. Presenting characters with decisions 'Stay in and be safe' or 'Go out and possibly make a bunch of money but probably die' is part of a GMs job.

And while we have a GM staff, they are running the world. They are running plots for everyone. And that means in the end, GMs or not, you've got to be responsible for your own fun on Sindome, Marleen.

If Sindome was ONLY what you have described, as in, the entire game was like this, always, I would agree with you. However, that isn't the case. This is a special event, the kind of thing we do only rarely. It's meant to put you out of your comfort zone and cause you to make decisions you wouldn't normally make.

Sindome is not a game for the risk averse. It never has been. It's not a play style we are catering to here. And I think the fact that all of you are here, playing this game, knowing that-- means you all get your kicks out of taking some risks.

Here are some things that would be appropriate for many characters to be doing during this event:

1. Go into the badlands and explore (maybe you're infected and will cause a world wide plague)

2. Invite close friends over to ride out the 'storm'. Hype up the paranoia about being infected, possibly making or breaking your friendships on real or imagined symptoms you see in them.

3. Brave the 'storm' and go out into the disease ridden city to try to find a way to profit off of all the sickness and death.

4. Take pity on the sick and dying and go out, sacrificing your own health to minister to their relief

5. Spend your time trading favors to get ahold of the cure, and then sell it for a profit.

6. Use this distraction to commit some crime

7. Start purposefully infecting people because this is the end times and if you're going to die, everyone is coming with you

8. Brave the 'storm' and leave your pad, not because you want to but because you're an addict and you've run out of your fix.

9. Brave the 'storm' and leave your pad, not because you want to but because you're out of food.

10. Mixer? Decide that fleeing topside is the only way you're going to survive, and see how that goes.

11. Mixer? Pretend you're a topsider, see if you can get some cure.

12. Mixer? Start reaching out to corpies and offering your services (whatever they may be) if they can get you some cure

13. Corpie? Use your influence and sway to try and get additional cure, then sell or barter it to Mixers who will do your bidding

14. Corpie? Joy ride through the mix laughing at all the dying garbage people before remembering that you still need the cure and slowly realizing that it is possible your privilege might not save you this time...

15. Judge? Play up the moral conundrum of a bunch of people needing help and you not being able to render it.

Hope that helps!

- S

I choose 14
I'm not risk-averse Slither, the opposite. And most of what you write applies to what I defined as group 1 and group 3. But when you are in group 2, not infected right now, and in safety, then almost all of those suggestions go out of the window. Unless you wish to simply ignore what is presented ICly as go-out-and-die narrative and just go out anyway, making flash and weathering the fact that you will then die. But how is that not suicide, with an option for profit along the way, and yet we are supposed to be okay with it?

This is what doesn't mix with me about this.

@Marleen I never said you were risk averse, in fact, I said the exact opposite.

Also, I provided a number of things that someone uninfected could do. These include risk taking things for the sake of profit, and also risk taking things because of a deep need your character has (needs a fix, needs food). If you choose not to do these things, that's of course, acceptable, but these are just a handful of things I came up with in a couple minutes while writing the post. I believe enterprising players could come up with infinitely more.

1. Go into the badlands and explore (maybe you're infected and will cause a world wide plague)

2. Invite close friends over to ride out the 'storm'. Hype up the paranoia about being infected, possibly making or breaking your friendships on real or imagined symptoms you see in them.

3. Brave the 'storm' and go out into the disease ridden city to try to find a way to profit off of all the sickness and death.

4. Take pity on the sick and dying and go out, sacrificing your own health to minister to their relief

5. Spend your time trading favors to get ahold of the cure, and then sell it for a profit.

6. Use this distraction to commit some crime

8. Brave the 'storm' and leave your pad, not because you want to but because you're an addict and you've run out of your fix.

9. Brave the 'storm' and leave your pad, not because you want to but because you're out of food.

10. Mixer? Decide that fleeing topside is the only way you're going to survive, and see how that goes.

Don't want to go into IC details, but my character already achieved one of those points, and that's where the boredom kicks in. But alas, I don't think it's beneficial to just repeat myself, and I don't have anything else to add so will let others speak. Or not if I am the only one howling into the wind.
And if that doesn't do you any good and you need to stay inside...

- Take some time to write down your known data ICly.

- Call up all your friends and enemies. They miss you.

- Browse the Grid. It misses you.

- Update your @describe and @naked. They miss you.

- Clean out your disgusting apartment. It won't miss you.

So if you're not going out, take this as an opportunity to do the things you've been meaning to do but haven't gotten to yet.

I'd rather be rping than doing character busywork hah (or playing other games as I elected to do). But I am mostly frustrated as I have a free-ish week and was hoping to get a lot of RP time in plans, just to this happen which did not expand my options, instead it slashed them to almost nothing.
I think the experience is what you make of it. If you aren't liking the current plot, by all means, play another game until things come back around to what you are looking for. I think there are plenty of RP opportunities during an event like this.
Again, I don't disagree that there are RP opporunities. Just that for a lot of characters those have to be weighted against suicide, as this is how the plague is portrayed icly.

And I started to try to write a note to try to twist some reason into why my character is okay to go out and do X, while facing certain death. To say the least I cam short. As per help suicide:

"But the human organism didn't evolve to act this way. While the conscious mind might regard fatal self-harm as

desirable, the unconscious human brain still rules. The self preservation instinct is extremely strong and the IC

motivation to suicide MUST be justified.

To quote from elsewhere - the situation of "players deciding that their characters would suicide, for some benefit to

their next clone" is METAGAMING.

That's right. Metagaming. So, your character's motivations to kill theirself or to allow theirself to be killed by

someone else had better rise to the level of motivation which would be required if permadeath was anticipated. The

convenience of clones is an intellectual point, not something which admins regard as having the power to overrule the

human preservation instinct.

If you go through with having your character attempt an IC suicide, be prepared for consequences be as bad as permadeath

or worse, and, make sure your justification for going through with it is explained to GMs via a @note."

If your character is not sick, not desperate for a fix, not dying and relatively safe, there is no way I can see how to justify what help suicide outlines as metagaming.

So, your character prepared ahead of time and has plenty of food and clean water in their cube/apartment? They have no reason to go out? If that is true, do you think that is the case for every other player in the game? Or even in 'Group 2' as you described it?

Is your character stuck in a deadzone with no phone, an unable to make contact with the outside world such that they are in what amounts to solitary confinement?

What about real life people that refuse to evacuate in the face of a hurricane? See: purl][/url] are you saying they are suicidal?

People make choices every day.

I've already stated that if this kind of RP isn't for you, you don't need to engage with it. However I think it's poor form to insinuate that because you don't like it, and have more free time this week than usual, that the event is not good. There are plenty of people in the game enjoying the RP and the change of pace.

Sometimes, restricting a persons decisions and options, leads to innovative and interesting RP. If you are going to approach this event as some kind of OOC punishment then I think that is unfair to yourself.

You've outlined why the current state of affairs in the city is tough on your character, and why OOCly that is tough on you. I feel ya, I've been there myself. I once had a character who was banished in the middle of summer when I was on break from school and he spent 3 months out in the badlands before they were as developed as they are now (even now that would suck) and they only had two other players to RP with and no way to get back inside. There were also only about 30 active players in the whole game at that time and routinely 8-12 people online at any one time.

I get what it's like to be put in a situation where you don't have any RP and I'm hyper sensitive to it because of my own experiences. That's why I'm having trouble with your argument-- I just don't think that your character is being restricted in any large way.

This is a game. A text based game. From an OOC perspective, if you choose to stay in your apartment and not leave while all this is going on, what is the difference between RPing with someone in person versus on the SIC or the phone because IC events have led to a situation where it is not safe to be on the street. It's all text in the end. Having to work around IC circumstances beyond your control can be looked at in a positive light, one that challenges you to find innovative solutions.

When my partner has to travel for work, I don't give her a hard time that we have to communicate only via text message and phone call while she is gone. In the same vein, you have plenty of opportunities to RP while still staying within what you believe is IC for your character--SIC, Progia, Grid/Gridmail, shouting from room to room.

These are not RP killers, they are challenges to overcome. And that's what Sindome is about. Overcoming challenges, both big and small. Some of my fondest memories are when I had to find interesting or innovative ways to communicate and interact with other players because of challenges and roadblocks the GMs put in my way--either directly, or in a world plot sense.

Embrace it and my bet is that you'll find yourself enjoying it.

First and foremost, I didn't mean to imply is bad, just that for me and my PC perspective is boring. If the majority loves it, great, I am very glad to be in minority in that case. Honestly, I do. We all just want to have fun here, and obviously not everything will work for everyone all the time. It is how it is, and the reason, why I have opened this topic, is because quite a few people expressed a similar sentiment on the newbie channel, thus I wanted to move it to the forums. Otherwise, I would just keep my ranting to just that, my ranting. But seemed like a lot of people shared similar views.

On the IC circumstances, he was reasonably well prepared. Phone, signal, water. No food but meh, he is not averse to starving out for a few days. Sure beats dying. Nothing he wasn't through his whole life. Of course, that just fallen apart as he just got infected despite all that. So guess I am now into group 1. That is until I get him a cure and then just hole him up again. It's just a balance thing, and no matter how much cash I think he could make in this chaos, it doesn't stack against the horror of death.

And yep, I had RP going through phones and SIC, but also as we know in real life those are not the same things. Hence the OOC annoyance. You also clearly have a lot more perseverance than I do, if I were locked out of Dome I would certainly just toss the character into a nearby dune dragon. Simple because I play games for the fun of it, work-life is where I grind against tough reality. Fun often comes from a challenge and risk, that's great, but certainly locking to the badlands would push it waaaay past that on my scale.

This is also slightly more severe than staying in the hurricane's path. Yes, they can kill, happens. But when you look at the statistics, it's relatively rare. And they are not bombarded left-right-and-center as we are in sindome with pictures of certain death if you as much as step outside. I get your point, but it's not a 1:1 parallel.

You say you didn't mean to imply this event is bad-- and I appreciate you saying that, and I recognize you opened your original post by saying this is just your personal opinion. However, saying something in a game people play for entertainment--entertainment being the value proposition here--is boring, does indeed imply it is bad, since it is not meeting the value prop of the game.

You mentioned help files on suicide and other things. Those exist to reinforce that your characters life is valuable, and that they value their life. That doesn't mean they won't take risks though. It means that you don't just have your best friend kill you because you've got a 20k bounty on your head that you want to split the money for. That doesn't create RP, ya know? It's not meant to restrict you from making character decisions that you think are going to be fun or create RP and entertainment. You can of course feel your character would not put themselves in unneeded danger and leave it at that-- or you can spend a few minutes thinking up reasons why they would. Just like any author in any novel, you have to give your character a reason to be involved. A reason that would drive them out into an infected city searching for... something. Or you don't, and you play it safe and see how things play out. That part is up to you.

I don't agree that it's very different from staying in the path of a hurricane. Without delving into IC details, it's not like you step out of your cube and the GMs are like 'ROFLCOPTOR TIME TO INFECT THEM'. I understand there is an IC panic about the situation, and that's good, but that doesn't mean that everyone is insta-infected if they leave their apartment. Consider things from the GM perspective, do you think the GMs are doing this to punish? To cause everyone to die? Would that be good for RP? I don't think it would be. I don't think the GMs think that. I would hope that OOCly, players don't think that.

Thus, moving forward from that point, we can all assume that having an event where a disease runs rampant through the city isn't about punishing players, and it's definitely not about killing them. It is a tool for creating RP, a catalyst for action and reaction. A themely event to happen in a corrupt city with millions upon millions of people crammed together inside a giant dome. Speaking plainly, this isn't the GMs strapping you into a car and making you watch as they drive it off a cliff.

Risks are fun. Dying is fun. Surviving is fun. Engage with the event, and you'll have fun. Don't engage, and yeah, it could be boring. But I don't think the GMs bear the responsibility for that-- because the choice remains with you.

It's bad for me, I don't enjoy it, I find it boring. But yes, again, this is just my opinion, nothing else, nothing more.

And I think it breaks down to implementation. Of course, I OOCly understand that GMs won't just auto-infect anyone who steps out, 100%, but ICly the entire narrative has been exactly that. You drive across the tube, you see infected NPCs walking up and down it. You walk across gold, you see bodies. You read sic, you hear how endlessly random people are getting infected through vomit/bleeding, etc. And then authoritative NPCs speaking against walking out, adding to the wildfire and easy-spread of it, while also making clear how deadly it is when not cured. When facing that, very little can match this level of fear and make you go out. Do you see my IC dilemma?

I never assumed that this is punishing players, but that creating this sort of narrative, where also cure is just that - one-off cure, for me, is detrimental, not additive to RP in the long run. Again, just my view, I can't state that often enough. And I mentioned in OP, maybe if this cure would also vaccinate you, that would be better. Then even if you are safe, well you can go, hustle, hopefully, score a cure and then continue hustling, without having to worry about catching the disease again. At least in the current iteration.

Or maybe the narrative could've been less intense and definitive. With some glimmer of hope, that if you walk the sectors carefully, not get vomited into your eyes, you likely won't catch it. Otherwise ICly how can I not look at stepping outside as suicide?

All I have to say is that people are really blowing the dangers of stepping outside out of proportion.

You don't have to lock yourself in your apartment and you can very well go outside and RP without getting infected. Or you could get infected and RP some more, that can happen too.

Like Slither said the admins won't auto infect anyone who steps out of their cube nor they're looking to punish players by forcing them to stay indoors.

I just wanna pop in and say this is awesome. Game-wide stuff like this can create some really unique opportunities and I echo the thought that if you feel like your character would stay inside, then... Stay inside. But the circumstances shouldn't change just so your specific character can get involved. That's not how it works. Sometimes the situation doesn't fit and that's fine. Find other reasons to leave, find ways to stay busy inside, or take a break.

I'm only annoyed I haven't had much time yet to really play during this!

IDK I have had a blast with this event and it's full of RP prompts. If you want to do nothing and sit in your cube that's your deal, I'ma go RP.
I think that this in general is really cool and that you're bitching about something that's super IC and is well known and feared, and ties into an incredible amount of plots and pre-made ideas.

Why this, again? Every thread I see you start there's something that I don't think absolutely anybody else agrees with.

"This is bad."

"I think it's cool."

"Well yes it's cool but also it's bad."


"well yes it IS GOOD. But MORE BAD."

"Yeah ok but here's what you can do."

"Yeah. Aight. Cool. But also...bad. But that's cool. Still bad though."

Seir if you can't use the forums like a big kid maybe dont please.
It might not be a daily plot point, but living in fear of plagues in a sector like red should be an everyday event. I personally like it when the powers that be shit on the poor, experiment a new strain, or it’s just the result of single mix moms against Ebola nox vaccinations. There are plenty things to do during an Ebola/plague/zombie outbreak as well as in the aftermath. If you are speaking for other new players, perhaps it would be better to subtly remind them of some of these things instead of making a forum post about it. No offense meant by that, it just sounds discouraging to people enjoying it and the people crafting it and they would probably enjoy it too if they understood it better. Just my opinion.
gm's dont infect everyone that steps outside just because NPC's say the disease is extremely contagious

that would be like them killing or attacking all PC's that step outside just because it's known that red sector is dangerous

you choosing to cube crawl and avoid action sounds like a problem on your end, not anyone else's

Events are fun, they shake things up. If you're bored, go out and RP. Maybe you'll realize the risk of infection was over-stated by SIC. Or maybe you'll get infected. The point is, no one's forcing you to stay inside. It's like a big disaster set piece. You can be part of the action movie or you can ride it out in a cube, but either way, it's still an exciting plot for lots of people. And it drives home how awful the Mix is.
Just want to chime in here and provide my perspective. I've been in the "maybe I shouldn't go outside" group before, and got was more involved this time.

OOCly from a risk-averse perspective I would have preferred not to be in the position I was in, but it was a really GREAT opportunity to RP the consequences of imminent death. It really forced me to consider what I would be doing in that circumstance, in a way which forced drastic decisions. It also made the negative realities of a particular area MUCH more real. Events like this have an awesome way of shoving the reality of the Mix, and the general class divide, right in your face.

I saw Corporates having to do things they never did, I saw Mixers doing things they would never do. There were player-driven riots. It was awesome.

For the "to be infected group", Slither had a great outline earlier. In my opinion, I tend to play SD like those Marines commercials: Towards the sounds of chaos. Since I've played that way, I've had a lot more fun, and have actually made more money. I'm not calling anyone risk averse, but am saying that I try to risk more when I can, and it can pay off. Players who aren't infected during these times can bank on their health, and put plots in motion while other enemies or friends are focused on their own health. You have more room to commit crimes, as the streets are more likely to be empty. So a random passer-by is less likely to catch you.

I really like these events because they slam the reality of the Dome in all our faces. Some players may sort of ignore the abject horror of the Mix, and events like this really force them to come to terms with it.

Coming back to this thread it makes me kinda sad. A couple of times a year there are big events like this where the status quo gets turned on its head and there's chaos in the streets, and half the characters just hide from it and their players resent that they are potentially going to be hit with an RP hook that they can't control.

I had a lot of fun playing during the event and it was really frustrating seeing better equipped and connected people saying they couldn't do any business because they were locked down in a cube. Y'all it's not like staff can't see when stuff happens to you and it's not like they aren't constantly making efforts to ensure everyone gets a story.

Mostly I'm sympathetic to the staff and players who make these events happen expecting a lot of fun chaos and then wind up with people grumping about it on the forums because today isn't exactly the same as every other day.

All I'm going to say here is that I loved the event. I was floored. I've mentioned before I've been roleplaying for a very long time, most of that being done on MUDs/MOOs/etc. I have never had an experience that affected the entire player population. Ever.

This event was amazing for my character's growth. Decisions they got to make, people that were suddenly a concern. They had to make decisions I would not have had the opportunity to make otherwise. It was a complicated situation that spurred complicated emotions and now my character has memories to reflect back on.

I say bravo to the staff for doing this. It was well done from my perspective, and while my character was in a certain camp, there was no lack of RP for me.

I can't say too much from an IC perspective, but I'll say this thread makes me incredibly sad.

If anything, this event has been one of the turning points for my character, something that marked them. Not something that would have happened without this whole shebang. Especially due to how -intense- it was.

I think people just need to learn how to appreciate it and take risks they wouldn't, even if they fear death.

I agree completely, floored, DoveCage.

Without saying specifics, that's exactly what my PC was doing during this plague. Some plans were side tracked because of others being or avoiding being infected, but meh. They could have been just been shot/stabbed or just plain busy. The plague was much more interesting than either of those possibilities.

+1 loved the event!
This event was really really frustrating. And made me realize how literally useless my character is. It made me want to push even hard.

God damnit.

Mix life.
I've had limited exposure to this event but big epidemics/outbreaks in the past have been amazing RP. There was one that happened a few weeks or maybe a month after I first started playing, I'm sure Vera remembers it because she was new too, and the infected were quarantined quickly but there was a lot of RP that then spiraled off of it.

Everyone who's saying they're sad at this thread, I hope you realize it's just the experience of one player who's frustrated rather than the overall opinion of the community. Huge events like this are always exciting. I've been infected in the past and had to get Nox for myself and my friends, I've had a 'safety' Nox on hand and sold it to the highest bidder when supplies ran out, as a new immy I went on a Nox quest on behalf of others. These are the times when the horror of poverty and widespread panic in the Mix are driven home.

I want to call out what @Ephemeralis said-- there are 65 million+ people in the city but the characters you interact with, the characters you play, they are the standouts, the special folks, the characters that get names in the books you read and the shows and movies you watch. They go against the grain, and do things that the pleebs wouldn't dream of. Not every single person intends to play a character like that, and unless you are very intentionally playing 'average joey the average person' you are one of those standouts.

Thanks for all the positive feedback folks!

Just wanted to chime in and say a big THANK YOU to the staff for running these events, and this one in particular. It takes a lot of work to put these on and keep them going, so just want to say I appreciate the time and effort and the fun I've had through this and the many others that have come along.