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TH SUMMER 2020 BREAK OFF: Skintone
Summer Town Hall 2020 Topic Suggestion Response

"Is it still on the to-do list to make high-quality disguise items need to match skintone? I feel this would help enable serious topside espionage. Even if it's just at a certain upper Disguise skill level that the items match skintone, I feel that would go a long way toward the mix infiltrating topside. Also, adding @titles to disguises. Reference:"

This is not currently a priority. I'm open to hearing feedback on why it is more important than other things.

This one's one I'd like to see definitely. Not like, grid 3.0 priority, but still something that would be cool.

The problem now is that people can't help but meta when they see someone with a namechange and contacts or a wig. It sets off their "I'm about to get conned" radar. Even if they don't act on it. To me wigs and contacts are boutique disguise items because they're disposable, and expensive for a disposable item. Additionally you have to put a lot of thought into how you look otherwise (clothing, etc.) for them to even be helpful. Given the cost and disposability, it would be great if they blended in with your skin better to buff them a bit.

I think it could help mixers pass more topside to sneak into locations or con corporates. I see this as being a cool medium priority because it can drive plots. As it stands, a player just flat out knows OOCly that the person talking to them isn't who they say they are with a name change.

We can talk about how they shouldn't be doing that, but it's just hard to ignore as a player. @titles for players with disguises are also something that I think would take disguise meta closer to zero. People meta more than they can help sometimes. Having a title and no discernible "giveaways" as a disguised player could open up a lot of cool plots of people hooking unsuspecting victims into stuff.

Subterfuge is a really cool CP theme. If players can't codedly tell who you are (like appear and hoods, etc.) more cool stuff is going to happen. It also sets up the reveal scene, which is awesome.

There are actually even more immediate tells than just @naked messaging which will give disguised characters away immediately, in terms of OOC feedback given to the player.

Although passing as someone completely different under scrutiny is a fun idea, in the past two years I've only known it to be attempted twice and both times required staff oversight to prevent metagaming. In one case to the point of staff going to every player involved and instructing them specifically on what they were allowed to know IC.

With the new paradigm where player suspicions amount to IC suspicions, I don't see advanced disguises really working when subjected to direct player scrutiny. They have other uses though!

I'm curious to know what you mean by that xmm, but of course I don't want to dig into them here.

I will say that I know someone that can do this without wigs or contacts, and that the items that should HELP disguising actually hurt it because they're so blatantly obvious from an OOC perspective (your hair is mustard!). At a minimum it would be cool if you could custom order these things to your skintone at least. I've tried that IC and haven't had a ton of luck. That wouldn't require a ton of code change and would be a nice buff.

It's just a bummer that this boutique item that has massive applications for topside subterfuge works against the person trying to use them from an OOC standpoint. A lot of people can't help themselves, and the worst of us use that information to meta super hard. I hope that doesn't happen a lot but removing it codedly would be super dope.

The feature's simply broken. Whatever priority was given to implementing it in the first place is, in my opinion, the priority that should be given to fixing it so that it's useful and not a screaming giveaway like everyone else has described.
I'm bewildered in regard to what gives away a disguise using lenses/wigs.

One time I literally set everything and covered up the wig with clothing, rewrote all nakeds, changed voice, modified @socials, had a different name and @describe, different shortdesc, got all skintone to match, altered my common word choices and syntax, arrived from a location where I'm sure I couldn't be tracked by the people I was RPing with, and still I was asked, "Who are you, really?" after like less than 5 minutes of RP. After responding casually with a fake name that matched my disguise name, I was met with enough suspicion that I had to give up and end the scene.


I have to agree with beandip in so far as we should finish the work to make the disguises properly disguising this.
Glad you're on board with this Johnny.

Jumping back into this, since disguises like wigs and contacts are supposed to be "unseen" by other players, I think they shouldn't be counted in the player's aggregate "fashion score". Its kind if silly to spend fifteen kay on a conman outfit or topside as a mixer and look like shit because your wig (which shouldnt be perceptable) makes you look "cheap".

Oh my gosh yes please. Disguise items that match skintone, and removing the fashion score for them would both be super helpful for espionage RP.
The fashion score omfg. 😮

That is the most infuriating giveaway ever. 😠