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Withmore Savings Bank

Withmore Savings Bank (WSB) has main location is on the west side of Soma Street, Gold Sector, just south of the intersection with New Light Avenue. The first floor houses the personal accounts terminal, where registered users can access their checking account balances, make deposits, and withdrawals. The second floor houses the city Stock Floor, and business account terminal. The advertised interest rate is set at 6.9% for business accounts.

Other WSB automated terminals are located in Cordoba Mallplex.

Citizens are advised that this bank location has experienced malicious software penetration in the past. Monetary losses due to hack attacks will not be reimbursed by WSB.

Bank Hacks

Unknown Date: Withmore Saving's terminals dumped 500,000 Chyen into the lobby of the branch on Gold Sector. All the money was recovered and accounted for. The would-be attacker was brought to justice without the aid of the WJF, using the Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics which react to offensive attacks against the Grid.

October 5th, 2087: Withmore Savings Bank reported that an estimated 4 million Chyen was stolen from numerous accounts.

January 6th 2089: Three hundred seventy-one billion chyen are the amount of losses were sustained and reimbursed by TekSoft, the WSB security firm. A huge hole was discovered in the interface between WSB systems and the supposedly secure Grid systems

Global Map, 2102

map designed by Wild Giller
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