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Songshan Incident

On December 27, 2094, an alleged Seraph Project remnant briefly discharged an energy weapon of mass destruction onto the Shaolin Temple at Songshan near Zhengzhou City Henan province China. This was the second such attack, taking place roughly a month after the November 11th Lusaka Incident. Like it's predecessor, this attack lasted for exactly 7 seconds.

Destruction and Notable Deaths

The Songshan Incident has reportedly resulted in the destruction of many priceless Chinese historical monuments such as world-famous Pagoda Forest, as well as the deaths of most of today's foremost teachers of Shaolin Kung Fu, including martial abbot Shi Hsu Yun John.

Also presumed dead is the world-renowned philanthropist, missionary, and ex-engineer, Shan Qiu. She was visiting the temple on business from the Buddhist Mahabodhi Temple of Bhutan, Bihar, and was amongst the first to die as the temple burned. Qiu had experience with both space platforms and energy weapons, as her family was involved with the ION Project during the Mars rush of 2045, and she renounced her position in the incorporated Chinese Triads after her patented technology resulted in the use of energy weapons during the Syndicate War of 2052.

United Nations Involvement

The United Nations became involved after this second orbital incident and began an official investigation into the recent activation of the orbital weapon platform. NeoTrans, Inc., which was previously blamed by the [ollective African Nations (CNA) for the incident at Lusaka, was cleared of any wrongdoing. The U.N. has determined these acts to be deliberate terrorist attacks from an unknown source. There is now doubt regarding whether or not the orbital weapon is of Seraph Project origin, as originally believed.

Global Map, 2102

map designed by Wild Giller
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