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Seraph Project

The International Seraph Project was a United Nations joint-venture (though primarily funded by the United States) established in September of 2000, named such after the first Seraph I, the International Space Station, was declared a success. This second venture, however, was not as successful as the first and was eventually dissolved and all assets sold to the highest bidder. Currently, NeoTrans owns and operates the entirety of Seraph Project remnants.

2017: Funding Problems

Due to massive debt load and unemployment, the United States were forced to back out of the Seraph Project in March of 2017. Corporations from around the world began to purchase small portions of the Seraph project in order to keep it running. The Collective African Nations stepped in to assist the Seraph project, building a state of the art launching center in central Africa near Kabwe, New Zambia.

2023: Rescue Operation

The Seraph project ran out of funding on April 3 2023, stranding 15 astronauts in high-earth orbit. The various governments involved with the project, unable to gather funds to rescue the astronauts, were forced to turn to the various corporations for help. Two small fledgling corporations, Skywatch and NeoTrans volunteered to bring the astronauts home. The joint mission was successful and all 15 men and women were returned home safely.

2027: Birth of the ION Project

NeoTrans purchased the entire Seraph space station from governments and corporations in November of 2027 and converted it into the first commercial orbital space platform. At the same time, the joint project between the Collective African Nations, China and Japan finished the first phase of its long term project: a large orbital station at Lagrange Point 4 between the Earth and the Moon. Plans were explored to set up a colony and larger launch site on the Moon along the lunar terminator and the entire project was re-named the 'International Orbiting Network' Project or ION for short.

2094: Orbital Strike Incidents

On November 11 2094, an alleged Seraph Project remnant briefly discharged an Energy Weapon of Mass Destruction onto the western outskirts of Lusaka, New Zambia. This was known as the Lusaka Incident. Later, on December 27 2094, another orbital strike decimated the Shaolin Monastery at Songshan near Zhengzou City Henan province in Dengfeng, China. This was known as the Songshan Incident

Global Map, 2102

map designed by Wild Giller
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