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Lusaka Incident

On November 11, 2094, an alleged Seraph Project remnant briefly discharged an Energy Weapon of Mass Destruction onto the western outskirts of Lusaka, New Zambia. This was the first of several attacks including the Songshan Incident roughly a month later. Reports from New Light Media state that the fires were so hot that vitrification took place in buildings, vehicles, animals, and people. An estimated death toll of approximately 35,000 and property damage resulting in over 750,000,000 kwacha, the incident is one of the most devastating to New Zambia in recent years. Among the missing is the current lead engineer and administrator for the ION Project, Doctor Samuel Eko. The incident lasted a total of exactly 7 seconds according to eyewitness reports and electromagnetic data recorded during the event.

Statement from NLM News

According to officials within the Collective African Nations (CNA), the incident was caused by an "Accidental Discharge" of an abandoned Seraph Project weapons platform thought to have been decommissioned back in 2027 upon the Project's purchase by NeoTrans However, the question of why such a powerful weapon was even implemented on what was supposed to be an international space station has not been addressed. NeoTrans, the current owners of any Seraph Project relics, has issued no comment on the incident so far.

Global Map, 2102

map designed by Wild Giller
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