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Text Files -> Cyber Rule
Old School Definitions of Cyberpunk

Check it out:
So, just elaborating on some of these. because this got my mind churning...

Communication being the foundation of Empire... That ones really obvious, if you control the flow of information, you can build a vast empire.

Don't just sit there, Do it! Is an extremely good piece of advice that I'd really really like to emphasize... In so many characters cases, I see them sit in a bar doing next to nothing, no SIC, nothing... Just sitting there, not even making connections really. That's idiocy in a game like Sindome, where connection and communication is everything...

Keep it simple, or if you can't keep it elegant. Obvious... Some of the problems a lot of players have.... Are a result of players being silly, myself included, and making everything so massively complex that they grind themselves to a halt. "It's not possible, because of this this this and this." Only it is possible, but they are just building a device to entrap themselves in with their assumptions... keep it simple, act only with the knowledge at hand, and as Shia would say, Just do it.

Experiment, This is important, in a game like Sindome, you learn more by experimenting and testing hypothesis than by doing all this in your head. If you can't figure out how to do something, at least try to do it, before asking for help. So long as staff is fine with it, you're golden.

The next one is about fielding connections, you never want to be too centralized, as that makes you a target, you want to have a massive network of connections and inter-relations. Centralization is only worth it if you can enforce and project force with that centralization. Otherwise a decentralized network is better for avoiding all of these connections from dying up.

The next one is obvious, but I need to emphasize something, unless your character is in dire straits, do not do anything without there being SOME form of profit for it... Whether that profit is sex, drugs, or reputation, or just cold hard flash, make sure you get something out of any action you do. People shouldn't be charity cases, they should be investments.

Example, I seen people put people up in pads for free or very cheap, because they had collected(Read stole, cajoled, acquired) guest codes and master codes from some inactive characters and their roomies. They viewed this as a net profit at the time, because even if they didn't get anything out of it. it was something that was free and easy, and gave them an easy in to either Rob them if they went inactive, or to get favors from them later. I didn't earn money off of this usually, but it was a way to get very cheap connections. This is the kind of other forms of profit people talk about... Social credit. And the like.

Long elaboration over.

Listen and satisfy is another really good bit of advice... Elaborating on it... Listen to what people need, and satisfy their needs. And remember all the prior rules as well. Make a profit, don't get too centralized in who you rely on, experiment with other methods of satisfying them that may lead to more profits... And so on... Say you've got a joy who works nearby you... That joy wants you to buy them for joy... You could hire them as a consistent source of cheap labor instead, -as well as- get them addicted to the candy you're slinging... meaning you get all your profit back out of it. Listen, and satisfy, but never ever give into their immediate needs... Consider what's the best way to satisfy both you and them.

Crossbreeding, what they are talking about here... Is that when you take two concepts and blend them, it mutates into a new concept... This was really important in early punk genre stuff because you'd have things like Millitary Cyborg be mixed with Street Punk, to produce Solo... And things like that. Nowadays these crossbred mutations are all pretty standard, but you should still consider them when you get into designing your character...

Holy fuck this is a novel I'm sorry, breaking here before I go any longer.