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Our Picks for Good CP Movies.

In no particular order:

Fifth Element
Minority Report
Bladerunner, Widescreen Directors cut. (must be DC!!)
Tank Girl
Logan's Run
Mad Max.
The Hand Maidens Tale
Lawnmower Man

What about Robocop? Escape from New York? Strange Days?

What about *eyes the Emilio Mullet*

list away, they were just some fast titles we tossed out for someone looking for some CP movies to rent.
Total Recall!

"Howdy stranger, this is Howzaaaaah."

escape from new york was on last night.... made me think of this list, but someone beat me to it.... can't forget johnny mnemonic(sp?)   strange days, good one, haven't seen that for a minute... oh, judge dredd too?  kinda cp I guess...  5th element too...

Strange Days was on the list. Iga forgot it when posting.

Johnny Mnemonic wasn't a GOOD CP movie.... it was just a CP movie. A W.G. short adaption at that, like New Rose Hotel. Except NRH sucked for the last 45 minutes of the movie.

Judge Dredd is very CP. It also has a healthy dose of comic book stirred into it, but don't doubt it's CPness. As CP as any Transmet.

5th Element was first on the list.


Quote: from Kevlar on 3:08 am on Jan. 9, 2004[br] Except NRH sucked for the last 45 minutes of the movie.

As opposed to Johnny Mnemonic which not only sucked for the entire length and didn't have Christopher Walken?

You can't find anything buy the directors cut for Bladerunner on DVD around here.  I haven't even seen the regular version.  Existenz was an awesome movie though.  
What about Tetsuo: The Ironman and Tetsuo 2: The Bodyhammer? Those are classic in and of themselves.
NRH sucked for most of the movie. The last ~30 minutes of the movie were just clips from the rest of the damn movie. I thought it was a mild porno with Willem Dafoe in it, with a lot of bad photography and awful sound. :mad:

Johnny Mnemonic was a good comedy though, never thought about it's CP aspects. ;)

Didn't know until now that either were actually supposed to have anything to do with their Gibson story counterparts. Learn something new everyday.

The only problem with NRH is that it was shown backwards from how it was written.
The one thing that I never got from the NRH movie was why the hell did Fox -jump- over the railing instead of get thrown off?
ok so I saw it on someone's WOW, but what about clockwork orange, haven't seen the movie, but the book would definately qualify...
Heh..thats mine. Havent had the pleasure of reading the book(what different name did that have? cant remember), but the movie is fucking cool as hell.

As far as it being a cyberpunk flick, im back and forth and couldnt really tell you.  regardless of its given genre,  this is a must see for anyone playing SD just for the sole fact that its such a different movie. Maybe teach ya to use your imagination a bit .....or something.

naw, the book was called clockwork orange too.   (the one I read anyway)

1984, one of my favorite books, though not cyber, would be a themely read (damn I love that book)

maybe 'ferinheit 451' also

I dunno man... A Clockwork Orange and 1984 both definately have some very CP elements.

In both of them a 'orginization' higher than the common man forced the common man into doing something against their will. In CO, it was brainwashing a murderer. In 1984, everyone had to speak NewSpeak, which was also a form of thought control.

In both of them, the theme of 'overwhelming government control' and 'big brother' came through pretty clear, which is a major aspect of CP.

Just because people didn't have cyberware and a matrix dosn't make it not CP...


Quote: from Kevlar on 2:28 pm on Feb. 4, 2004[br]

Just because people didn't have cyberware and a matrix dosn't make it not CP...

Lies, all lies.   Heratic!

As far as 1984, besides Newspeak there's Big Brother, memory holes, the thought police, the junior anti-sex league, telescreens, etc. All of which are thought/behavior control and monitoring mechanisms.

(P.S. I haven't read it lately so I might've used the wrong name for something in the list)

Okay, how about these:

Nemesis (with Olivier Gruner)
Not the best film but some nice CP elements.

La Femme Nikita
Slick corporate style CP for me with a dash of government agency, perhaps not traditional CP...

Killing Zoe (with Jean-Hughes Anglade)
Not strictly CP, but hell, if that film doesn't scoop up some attitude for low life criminals, I don't know what does.

Soldier (with Kurt Russell)
Officially the sequel to Bladerunner because it is in the same world.

Maybe I'll think of some more later....

As if we didn't allready know... There is now scientific proof: according to 60 of the most influential scientists in the world, including British biologist Richard Dawkins and Canadian psychologist Steven Pinker, Ridley Scott's Blade Runner (1982) is the best science fiction film.

Full story here, as if you needed any more proof.

And if you still doubt reality is stranger than fiction, you havn't been paying attention



Is Solgier really the sequal to Blade Runner?  And.. Nemesis sounds like an interesting movie.  I've seen it at the movie store, but I've always been reluctant to get it.

Super Mario Brothers had a very CP feel too it at points.

(Edited by Nemisis at 8:58 pm on Aug. 26, 2004)

Soldier has nothing to do with Bladerunner.
The day fiction gets stranger than my reality, I'm going on drugs.

Now for the life of me I can't remember what CP movie I was thinking about...I think it is called Def Con 4. It's about a post nuclear strike America. It is pretty decent, bit slow.

Death Race 3000 with David Caradine.

Sorry, I've been looking about the old movies section at the local video store. OH, and for some upcoming Cyberpunk, Tim Burton is redoing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


The Runnins man?
I thought that movie was ok.

OH, and some hardcore CP movies...


Some movies I watched today, though probably not very CP...

Requiem for a dream
Basketball Diaries
Terminator 3
and Clockwork orange.

Fuckin' right he's re-doing it.  Johnny Depp as Wonka!  You can't get better then that!
I think clockwork orange could be considered CP.

and requiem rocks... I need to watch that again.(right after I watch the avi of airplane I downloaded last month and still haven't watched)  

The new exorcist if pretty nifty too.  little scarry, little gross, good plot if your into the exorcist.

Sorry, Johnny, you're wrong. Soldier is set in the world of Bladerunner. Obvious in-movie hint are the conflicts Todd fought in. David Webb Peoples was one of the two writers for Bladerunner (under the name David Peoples) and he wrote Soldier specifically in the same universe.

(Edited by Nocturnal at 3:35 am on Aug. 27, 2004)

Though most of the things that make Johnny wrong are pretty trivial, Nocturnal is right...


IMDB, it's like Google for movie stuff.

*runs off to register*

Awww...ya had to suck to J to admit I'm right Lotus *lol*. Trivial? You wouldn't make a lawyer, son....

...sounds to me like Lotus layed a backhanded insult towards Johnny thinnly clothed in 'pseudo-suck-up' guise.


I wasn't trying to insult anyone...


Quote: from Iga on 9:12 pm on Aug. 26, 2004[br]OH, and for some upcoming Cyberpunk, Tim Burton is redoing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Oompa loompa doopity doo
I've got a perfect puzzle for you
Oompa loompa doopity dee
If you are wise you will listen to me

What do you get when you guzzle down sweets?
Eating as much as an elephant eats?
What are you at getting terribly fat?
What do you think will come of that?

I don't like the look of this.

Oompa loompa doopity da
If you're not greedy you will go far
And you'll live in happiness too
Like the Oompa Loompa doopity doo.

Creepiest fucking movie ever.

My favourite line is a double entendre, as Willy Wonka says, "Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker."

I'll let you all figure out what he means by that, it's quite obscene :P

Wonka is great. Love it. That scene with the boat? My god, and this was a childrens movie?!


Oh, and back to the subject...

CP Movies:

Pump Up The Volume. It's not really 'CP' but it does have some neat stuff to say aoubt stickin it to the man. And it has some lovely 'near gallows' humour in it.

I don't know if it is, but Sky Captain and the days of tommorow or whatever looks like it might have some CP aspects to it. I might be wrong though.
I saw the first fifteen minuets of Blade Runner about a year or so ago. I dropped by Wal Mart on my home today, took off early cuase I got some rageing sinus headaches, and bought it for ten bucks. Got to watch it all. Love it.
Director's cut, right?  ;P

Such a great movie.

Quote: from Starthereactor on 3:43 am on Sep. 17, 2004[br]I don't know if it is, but Sky Captain and the days of tommorow or whatever looks like it might have some CP aspects to it. I might be wrong though.

Ya! Film Noir inspirations (plus a ton of other stuff from the 30's/40's/50's, silent movies, Metropolis visuals, art deco, machine/human duality ect ect.  Not pure CP but neither are westerns/cowboy movies and we've already talked about those on this board. :P

Looks like a fun movie.

How about CP video games?  

Deus Ex is pretty CP in my opinion.


There's the Activision EGA version of Neuromancer. Ever played/beaten that? It was... ok.  For it's time.

There's the Westwood Studio's Blade Runner. That was really lovingly done.

Uplink's kinda CP. So is the orinigal Hackers (That wasn't what it was called, was it? What am I thinking of, Murphy?).

Shadowrun for the Sega Master System is CP (with magic).

Then there's the post-apocyliptic game: Wastelands, It Came From The Desert, If It Moves Shoot It, Autoduel, Marathon, System Shock, Mad Max... and all the sequels.

Did they ever make a game out of Panaoia? That would be cool.

I know I'm missing a ton. Help me fill in the blanks.


The whole Fallout series is CP at it's best.

Oh and there is this text game called Sindome too, ever tried that? ;)

Even though it sucked monkey balls, Enter the Matrix?
Quote: from Xeethot on 2:59 pm on Sep. 20, 2004[br]The whole Fallout series is CP at it's best.

Fallout is so fucking cool.  Its -still- fun.

So it's not a favorite since I've yet to see it. And it's not CP, per se. And it's not even playing on this continent. And plus it's based on a comic.

But, Oldboy, the concept intrigues me and plus, it just looks cool. Anyone seen this or read the comic for that matter?

*wishes she knew korean*

I haven't.. And this isn't a movie, but a TV show..

Dark Angel - Rocks!

Quote: from Kevlar on 2:40 pm on Sep. 20, 2004[br]
Did they ever make a game out of Panaoia? That would be cool.

OMG. Paranoia. Ultimate party game. I heart the Computer. The Computer hearts me. :P

The game you're thinking of is "Hacker" (without the S). There was a sequel, too. I didn't much like either.

The Neuromancer game was hawt hawt because it had a 10 second PC speaker 'music' clip by Devo. And that is just rad.

As for other CP games, BASS comes to mind... Dreamweb also. Bloodnet. Also, Hell is pretty shibby. And the Resident Evil series has always had a great horror/cp feel to it (multinational conglomerate creates bioweapons, uncovered by a handful of people who no one believes, corp nukes an entire city to cover it up...I mean, c'mon).

Tenka was also a pretty kickass CP game, as was G-Police.

And also, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (MSX) through Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty (PS2) had that whole "Patriots" story arc going, which was cyberpunk as fuck.

Uplink was the shit..only, too short and too easy.

Oh, and Shadowrun was for the Genesis, not the Master System... and I preferred the SNES Shadowrun, if only because it had more storyline (although it was more linear). The Genesis one was nice, but there just wasn't much drama to it. It was all kill kill kill, with an extraction mission thrown in for good measure every so often.

*looks at Murphy's signature*

You know, you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover...

Tank Girl...

Its damn good and its on like the first post.


(Edited by ReeferMadness at 3:40 pm on Nov. 1, 2004)

As for movies: I'm watching the SIXTH DAY right now.
Arnie flick. Has AV-like things, and it deals with cloneing and shit.
I thought that was a pretty decent movie.  But it would have been better with Stalone.
Ye Gods!  Someone actually remembers Paranoia?  

Favorite in-game quotes:

"Whatever you do, DO NOT PUSH THE RED BUTTON!"

"Ultraviolet my a--"

"Your rocket pack ignites, hurling you into the roof of the Dome at Mach 3.  Your comrades below feel a light jelly-like drizzling from above."

"Your clone is decanted from its pod, and a sound very much like the opening of a year-old Shasta can preceeds your retching rebirth."

Man... those were the days.  Who's up for some tabletop?

Thomas in love.

Terminally Agoraphobic guy seeks love. Priceless. Oh yeah, there's like stimsims, video fones, and umm...that matrix thing. Cybersex. Cybersex. CYBERSEX!

Oh yeah, Its Francais.

(Edited by ReeferMadness at 11:52 am on June 18, 2005)

Heat - DeNiro, Pachino, Kilmer

For all you Judges, Terra, and CorpSec players, Pachino is someone you should model yourself after. He's got solid connections in the underworld he keeps in line through a complex series of threats and quid-pro-quo relations. The sort of 'okay, you get me this, and I'll have a swat team raid your competition, if not, they'll raid you.' relationship.

He's a lunatic with the underworld, and an utter hard ass. Totally consumed by his work. Bottles up all the horrors in his life and uses that angst to keep him on edge, keep him sharp. Even when his womans daughter is found in his bathtub bleeding to death after slashing her wrists, nothing. No emotion. All bottled  up and saved for the badguys.

Good movie to watch as well for the criminals.

I agree. That was the first time Deniro and Pacino were in the same film too, wasn't it?

Deniro and Pacino movies are usually decent criminal/action models to go after. Scar face, Ronin,Heat, Carlito's way, and Meet the parents...err...

Isn't Scar face older? Heat is from like... 1995/96 isn't it?

Scarface is what, late 1980's?

Oh, and Serenity is a good one. Not really 'CP' but has the man fucking over the little guy, and then the little guy fucking over the man. And it's Joss Whedon, so it's a good ride.

Some very nice cinematic scenes too, though my girl said some of the action-flying sequences made her seasick.

Scar face is old, but still cool, apparently.

Some other good shows that you should watch for good criminal/dirty copness:
The Shield. They are playing it from the beginning...season one, up to the like the recent season finale, and then they will unviel the new season. The show is fucking brilliant, and will have you glued to the seat. It comes on like sat/sun at 10-11 EST.
The Boondock Saints: Just becuase...
A Man apart: Vin deisel...I know, but it has a brilliant twist...
Gang related: Tupac movie, about dirty cops. Decent.

Scarface is a really good one.. I think it's on some kinda mandatory watch for the local gangers.. err gang memebers... They all have seen it like a million times and love it to death...
This post is 'Security clearance Blue'.

Any citizen reading this post without 'Security clearance Blue', please report for termination.

Failure to report for termanition is an act of treason and is punishable by termination.

Post begins:

Someone actually remembers Paranoia?

Remember Paranoia?

*sets down his Best Good Happy Sector Hour Logo Mug (treasonous) and checks his Bootlicking action skill, scowling at the result*

Nope, sure don't, but I heard that people who do are commie spies, and therefore a deadly enemy who I would immideately report for termination, because I'm a happy citizen. Now if you'll excuse me I have some troubleshooting to do for the computer.

Post ends.

The computer is your friend! Happiness is mandatory!

Are you happy citizen?

'Immortal' - It's.. weird.  A cross between 2095 eugenics type stuff.. egyptian lore.. cyrogenicly frozen people.. and.. jesus, i don't know what else.. It's definitly a good flick, but watch it when you have two hours, not when your on SD.  It takes your full attention.
Wow, I'm surprised this hasn't come up (I searched the bitchboards in fact):

Aeon Flux.  Not the upcoming movie, but the (ancient) Liquid Television spinoff from MTV.

Another two cents.


I don't care what folks say, but Predator 2 (and possibly even Predator) was CP.  The Rasta gangers would have fit in on Red.
Appleseed -- Mecha, cyborgs, a post-Apocalyptic utopia, a shadow government, terrorists, big guns, doomsday devices, and the ubiquitous Japanese 'bioroids.'  Very CP and a well done CG animation.

2046 -- A tale of love, lost memories, and time travel.  The film is retro-noir with interesting CP influences.  Reminds me of Bladerunner.  Chinese.

Code 46 -- Interesting movie.  Set in the near future, where the wealthy live in glass cities while the outcasts live in the wasted, sun-bleached remains of post-industrial Earth.  Another romance cum CP thriller.

THX-1138 -- Seminal Lucas, a totalitarian state, suicide booths, no sex, and drugs--lots of drugs.

(Edited by Grim at 10:44 am on Oct. 8, 2005)

Snatch/Sin City
City of God

Its in with it, hombre.

Think Trashtown.

City of God (Ciudad de Deus) was a well directed movie with excellent casting--that much I'll have to agree on.  The roving bands of homicidal slum children, ruthless gun-toting drug lords, and urban decrepitude that is Rio de Janeiro, bring the world of the sprawl to the big screen.
I wanted to make this post a bit more than "Eeeeee! Preddy!" from the girl with the Predator 2 figurines (a mini-bust and Wounded Predator chimisuta (little statue) - neither more than 4 inches tall), so I re-read back over earlier posts.

I can't remember where I saw it originally (thought it was in this thread) but there was a post somewhere that argued The Good, The Bad and The Ugly as having CP elements. Having seen that recently, I have to say I agree. Of course it's set in the Wild West and it has Clint Eastwood in it, but the concepts and the theories... Plus the poncho's gotta be a bit of style over substance, yeah?

In a similar vein of not-immediately-obviously-CP films (I've been looking for a way to weave this one in), is a fairly dated 80s flick, The Falcon and The Snowman. Has Timothy Hutton and Sean Penn in the title roles (the latter sporting a very handsome moustache and using a lot of cocaine and heroin), and is baaasically simple espionage, the Falcon works for the CIA and sells classified information about spy satellites to the KGB (in Mexico, of course).

Based on a true story, the tale caused a major upset when it happened, when the book and movie were released, and then Boyce found himself in the limelight again a bit later when he escaped from jail.

I'll tell you now, it doesn't necessarily show up well on first glance, especially compared to some of the slick productions listed here. It's slow. It's set very much in the mid-70s (Australia's Whitlam government features heavily in the early parts), and the most technology shown onscreen is a document shredder the CIA staff use to make daiquiris.
But... I really like it. It's... the little guy becoming amazingly disillusioned with his country and doing his bit to take it down from the inside, while making scads of cash in the meantime (which is then spent on drugs, yay!).

The book goes a lot more into Boyce's mindset and explains his dilemmas in more detail, but, y'know, for a movie adaptation - not bad.

Let me just point out that while City of God was a very well made and absorbing film if you have or have rented the DVD there's a documentary about gun violence in Brazil included in it and it's disgusting. Kids, like 8-10 years old, running around with assault rifles selling drugs. And the guns are often sold to them by crooked cops. The non-crooked cops are basically urban commandos waging a war against poor people.

The police chief of Rio points out that while yes, he is effectively waging a war against poor people, the rich people wouldn't have it any other way. If they weren't kept in the slums killing each other and imprisoned by drugs then they might actually organise and try for revolution, which apparently several drug gangs had attempted in the past (all resulting in failure basically due to in-fighting and greed within the gangs).

The cop boss then points out further that the friggin' guns are all being manufactured in countries like the USA (Colt) and the makers of Glock and H&K and the rest of it (i.e. Europe, America, and to some extent the far east + Russia).

While America is pretending to wage a 'war on drugs', somehow, maybe ironicallly maybe intentionally, it's arms industry is benifiting immensely from that very commodity - cocaine. See the viscious circle? Drug money from America + Europe fuels the drug industry in south america -> the drug industry in south america fuels large purchases of arms throughout the world and the money keeps circulating.. growing larger, and larger, and larger...

(Edited by BuddhaBrand at 9:34 am on Oct. 9, 2005)

That's the way the world works. Allways has been, allways will be. Sickening or not.
Yeah, youre right, I guess that's the way things work. But things work a different way too.. from what I understand drugs like cocaine weren't a big problem in Brazil until like the 1970s. Then after the sudden surge in coke, gun violence and gang culture became the norm. Previously, people were poor, but they weren't knocking each other off like mad for the next fix or to keep control of the traffickin routes. Get rid of the guns, the drugs, and try and make life better for all.
That's much easier said then done, not to mention the money and profit involved in the drug and gun business.
The world is a sick, sad place, and money drives people to do sick , sad things.

But before this turns into a morals debate.

What are some good modern CP VIDEO games?


It's a brazilian movie, hence in portuguese...

Jeez... Learn your languages...

I was talking to this portugese guy and he was saying how brazilians speak funny... heheheh
Quote: from Grim on 5:06 am on Oct. 9, 2005[br]Rio de Janeiro

*Grim points out the obvious.*

(Edited by Grim at 3:15 pm on Oct. 15, 2005)

Quote: from Chienne on 5:49 am on Oct. 9, 2005[br]I wanted to make this post a bit more than "Eeeeee! Preddy!" from the girl with the Predator 2 figurines (a mini-bust and Wounded Predator chimisuta (little statue) - neither more than 4 inches tall), so I re-read back over earlier posts.

Not to be off topic, but I have a 6 inch cold cast ceramic statue of Spider Jerusalem smoking on his toilet with his cat while he gets yelled at by his boss over his computer.


Back to movies.

Quote: from Chienne on 7:49 am on Oct. 9, 2005[br]I wanted to make this post a bit more than "Eeeeee! Preddy!" from the girl with the Predator 2 figurines (a mini-bust and Wounded Predator chimisuta (little statue) - neither more than 4 inches tall), so I re-read back over earlier posts.

Eeeeeee!  Preddy!  

I have those two statues as well.  

*Grim is a humongous fan of Aliens, Predators, and the entire AVP Universe.*

My gf went so far as to purchase the life-sized plushy facehugger for me, I'm that huge a fan.  What got me started were the movies, but what caught my attention thereafter was one particular trade paperback--Aliens: Hive.  It has that android xenomorph holding a ball out to a golden retriever.

Parting thoughts:  Alien Reserrection sucked, as did AVP.  Look for SevenStripe if you play AVP2 Gold.

And, uh, long live H. R. Gieger.

Two chyen,

(Edited by Grim at 12:50 am on Oct. 16, 2005)

I just saw the new Appleseed and I have to say it exceeded my expectations. The original animation had an overly complicated plot that I found irritating but this new one is really well done. They also have used CG and cell animation that makes from some really sick effects, especially the mechs and backgrounds. I'm usually sceptical when it comes to all CG films but this one was captivating. There are alot of ideas that could be employed in the game too.. like mechs!  
Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' On Heaven's Door

It isn't CP in the sense that the future is a dark place full of megacorps and hustlers, but a big place, spanning the Solar System, full of megacorps and hustlers.  I like the gritty, retro/modern feel of everything.  The world of Cowboy Bebop is a mixmash of old and new, with the old placing emphasis on day-to-day things, such as cars, buildings, and clothing styles, while the new emphasizes the vastness of space, and man's capacity to explore it, inhabit it, and make it more like the home humanity nearly lost.


Steel Frontier.

It's from like 1994, basicly its a post-apocolyptic badlands/western thang.  It's pretty cool.  It's on Comcast on Demand right now, if you have..  Encore I think it is.

You mean the pre- 'Dirty Dancing' Swayze-starring post-apocalyptic sword-fighting western called Steel Dawn, right?
Nope, something diffrent!
Steel Dawn... wasn't that the one with the town being taken over? ...and the brothers? and the... hm. Been a while.

(some of that was deliberately vague because part of the film's appeal was not knowing, and some of it was accidental, because I'm not feeling very articulate right now)

Chienne, ma dear, that was Red Dawn, and it had something to do with, you guessed it a bunch of friends/relatives fighting it out in the wilderness after the Russian invasion of the good old US.

Steel Dawn is a very cheesy post-apocalyptic movie with Patrick Swayze as the star.  He's pretty young in it, too. it bad that I'm surprised I was that close? ;)

Red Dawn was a good flick though. Not exactly CP, but good.

Meanwhile, they are playing Predator2 on one of the pay tv networks here (can't remember which one), and I am often torn between re-watching that or re-watching The Omen.

Oh ye have little faith, for I have brought forth Predator chimisuta to sway your opinion.

**wiggles Predator and Alien resin-cast miniatures at Chienne**

Go for Pred 2!  Go for Pred 2!

I'll give you my plasmacaster when you pry it from my cold, dead shoulder,

Grim  aka Seven-Stripe on AVP:Gold and AVP2:Gold


I need to wield superglue and fix my poor baby, the pipe he is hanging onto is broken at the top after he jumped off my television one too many times.

Meanwhile, I now also have a 19" Jason Voorhees. He goes lovely with my teeny tiny Predators and my Gollum.

Haha!  I have that Pred chimisuta.  My cats keep knocking it off my monitor.  I also have a bunch of Akira mystery-box miniatures that my wife gave me.  (She's the bigger chimisuta fan, but she knows I love Aliens/Predator memorabilia.)  Speaking of which, go to either or  The site is, by far, one of the best movie memorabilia sites I've found to date with resin and metal-cast replicas.  I'm cringing over whether or not I should buy either a prop replica of Deckard's gun from Bladerunner, or the 1:24 scale diecast dropship and APC replicas from the Alien movie.  (The APC actually fits into the Dropship.)  Fun stuff.
There's an anime series I came across called Ergo Proxy that's pretty good. The site is in Japanese but you can find trailers there.

It's set in a Domed utopian city, where people are sort of controled/counseled by these things called 'Entourages'.. they are pseudo-mechanical/biological android helper type things. Their relationship with humans is ambiguous though and they also act as 'guardians' that know what's 'best' for the humans.

It's definitely cyberpunk influenced, but it has this dark gothic vibe to it that I'm not too sure about. The general plot line is some sort of science project gone wrong, that results in these super-creature type things running around the Dome murdering people.

The city council naturally tries to cover it up.. and the main character is this bad ass chick with a handheld shotgun who gets caught up in trying to uncover the conspiracy.

I have 8 of the episodes, I think it just started running in Japan 2006. I'd be happy to upload them somewhere if someone has an FTP server or something.

Well, BuddhaBrand, I've the site for the most popular fansub group for Ergo Proxy right here. Shinsen Subs rate higher at the moment than the other groups that are subbing Ergo Proxy, according to Anime Database polls.  Look around the SS site, and you shall find the links for Ergo Proxy torrents, I suppose.  They are currently up to episode 7, by the way.

Just two more pints in the blood bank,


I think it's pretty good. I just saw #9.

I don't know who is responsible for the translation, but I speak Japanese so I don't really care.

Well damn.  And I thought I was being helpful.


Another two chy,


That didn't come across quite the way I intended. Must have been in a bad mood. I don't care about the quality of the translation, I'm just happy I can get them on the net without having to resort to getting a confusing Japanese P2P client like Winny.

As for the quality of the translation of the other guys, they call themselves "Anime Jiyuu" (anime anime), there's not much of a difference.

Anyway, the series just went from distopian utopia to crazed genetically altered mutant humans ripping each other to pieces in a total wasteland.

He flies around trying to go to the "Moscow" dome.. or what's left of it.. with a little biomechanical "pet" girl. On some kind of wind powered hovering 'sailboat' with a jet engine. It's cool.

Here's an interesting graphic for your enjoyment.

Futuristic Movie Timeline

Nice, that's actually pretty damn cool.
 How about Mirror's Edge for a new CP video game?? anyone played it yet? I haven't, but it looks hella CP to me from the ads. I can't wait.
New? It's been out nearly a year now hasn't it?
yeah well, I've only been out for a month or so. It's definitely new for me. Plus it merited mention in my book, and I didn't see it on here yet, I thought maybe it had somehow not been seen. I dunno...

   Have you played it yet? If so, how is it?

I played the demo on Live before it came out and it was pretty decent, but was nothing compared to SD.  ;)
I've played it a bit, and watched Chaos (roommate) play through it.  It's a very fun game to play, and has a good story, though I think his major complaint was that it was kinda short.

Though, since it's been out for a bit it does have some downloadable content that you can get that expands the game a bit.

If you like free running (which you seem to from your other posts) you will love this game.

Other CP games..

Borderlands is pretty cool, more sci-fi but a definite CP feel.

Fallout 3 is epic.  

Rage, which isn't out yet, looks awesome.


Fallout 3 is above and beyond epic, definately worth whatever you have to pay to get it.
  Yeah, I definitely think I'm gonna like Mirror's Edge, just haven't gotten around to picking it up. It should be pretty fairly priced if I get it used too.

  As for Fallout, it's gotta be my favorite series of all time. The boys over at Bethesda definitely outdid themselves with the third installation. When I first picked it up I'm telling you, I must have been locked in my room for three days with no sleep. I don't even recall using the bathroom. That's the sign of a good game for me.

 Also, to get back on topic a little more, I haven't seen the movie Babylon AD pop up on anyone's posts. Is it that it sucked that bad, or what?  I thought it was more than a little cliche, but it at least deserves mention. I dunno maybe I'm completely off on that one.  There's another, more b or even c-rated movie I'm trying to remember the name of. I think it was like Section 13, or Zone 13, or someting like that. I'll have to look into it though. Anyways, it was a decent flick, kinda cyberpunkish, if anyone knows what I'm talking about, please help with the name. I know it starred some pretty well known parkour guys from France, maybe thats why I liked it so much. hrmm. I'll have to watch it again just to be sure.

Quote: from Vermilion on 9:40 pm on Oct. 27, 2009[br]There's another, more b or even c-rated movie I'm trying to remember the name of. I think it was like Section 13, or Zone 13, or someting like that. I'll have to look into it though.

District 13 maybe? I've never seen it but rather bizarrely a friend of mine just posted on FB that he just watched the recent sequel District 13 Ultimatum. Read a few blurbs about it, spotted the reference to freerunning in it, then came here and saw your post. Might not be the film you were talking about, but hella coincidence if it is. :)

EDIT: Just spotted the last bit of your post saying it starred some well known parkour guys from France. So yea, almost definitely the film you're on about I guess.

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   Yeah that's definitely the one, it's been awhile since I saw it last, I just couldn't remember if I had the name right. You should check it out if you get a chance, it's pretty low budget, but there are some nice action and chase sequences. Plus it has the whole cp feel, with the kinda sorta caste system and whatnot, if I recall correctly.

 Thanks for the confirmation bout the name too.

That was a pretty awesome movie, I didn't even realize there was a sequel!
How about The Surrogates with Bruce Willis? I remember seeing the trailers and all and it looked interesting, but I never got around to seeing it. I just saw an ad for the DVD though, supposed to be out tomorrow or something. Anybody seen it, is it worth the watch?  

Also, I've been watching some older anime lately. Came across Armitage in my collection. Completely forgot about that one. It's pretty good, maybe a bit more generic sci-fi then cyber, but still good. Especially with Juliette Lewis doin the voice. Hah. She would make a good robot. I'll probably watch the other one tonight...  Armitage 3 with her and Keifer Sutherland doin voices. Anybody know if there was a second one, maybe didn't get released state-side or something? Cause I got a collection thingie and it's only the two discs, Armitage and Armitage 3 ...  wouldn't surprise me if that's the case, I just don't remember if it is or not.

Okay well I figured out the Armitage deal. It's not that it skips to the third movie, it's actually a prequel and the title is Armitage the Third, Third being the model of robot that she is. Also, it's not Juliette Lewis doin her voice in the prequel either, it's Elizabeth Berkley, better known as Jessie from Saved By The Bell. A little more cyber than I thought too. Limb replacement and matrix type shit and all.

 On another note though, I just finished watching Twelve Monkeys. Dug up an old VHS out of my closet. Hah, forgot I even had any of those left. Anyways, in my opinion, it's got a nice cp feel to it in certain parts too. The whole big brother thing is kinda evident with the scientists from the future monitoring his moves in the past and all. Not very much cyber going on, but the technology is there. I mean, they do time travel, that's pretty high tech if ya ask me. Just figured I'd share my thoughts on that one though.

Okay, so I just caught this movie the other night on TV, can't remember which channel though. It was pretty cyberpunk in my opinion. It was called A Scanner Darkly. The story was written by Philip K. Dick, def one of my fav authors  and one who's had a lot of his writings turned into classic cp works: Minority Report, Totall Recall, and I believe Blade Runner as well were all based on stories he'd written. This one is animated, and pretty oddly I might add, but it's pretty cool too. It's got Keanu, Downey Jr., Woody Harrelson, and Wynona Rider doing voices too.