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Movies about Withmore?
What are they about, what do they look like?

In the world of Withmore, what do movies look like when they're about withmore? What's the best one, and what's the worst one? I'll start:

The best movie that takes place in Withmore is a action romance with an enby lead where they take down a group of shrimp-people living in the sewers. They made Red look too much like Queens NY, but it was a lot of fun. It did however get passed over by the academy because it was animated and they didn't consider "Adult animation" worth rewarding.

The worst movie is the long-awaited 4th Austin Powers Movie. They picked a bad replacement actor for Meyers, they tried to make it too serious, and they spent too much time talking about the horrors of human trafficking and they did it far too poorly for it to be redeemable.

BONUS: The most popular TV show that is in Withmore is a IASIP reboot.

From my lore for my second book. Feel free to use this.

Kimowagi, Jason

Famous NLM Film Maker

Well known for his movies

All based in Withmore City

All have abrubt endings.

Most have music or dance themed names

Movies focus on how one sector of the city (usually Red) effects another

Born June 2056

First Movie: Fuller Street Symphony (2076)

Second Movie: Red Distric Blues (2079)

DOCUMENTARY: From the Earth to the Moon (2081) (referenced in Recombination Chapter 9)

Third Movie: Red Rain on Gold Streets (2082)

Fourth Movie: Pinnacles of Gold (2085)

Fifth Movie: Mixer Merengue (August 2088)

Excerpt from an interview:

Interviewer: Your movies all take place in Withmore City with a focus on Red Sector and it’s inhabitants.

Jason: I’m sensing a question coming at some point…

Interview: *laughs* We’ll get there eventually.

Jason: Are you sure? *grin*

Interviewer: *grins back* Why such a focus on the Red Sector?

Jason: Well, it’s a fascinating place. I mean, 50 milion people packed into a space meant for half that. Most of them are underfed, undereducated, looked at by the other sectors as criminals, degenerates, or just burdens on society. And many of them do end up in a life of crime, petty or otherwise. Not by their choice, but rather a lack of one.

Interviewer: A lack of choice has led Red Sector Citizens to a life of crime?

Jason: Precisely that. A perfect example: when I was researching my first movie Fuller Street Symphony, I spent six weeks living in The Rose, a cube hotel on Fuller Street. My cube was routinely broken into when I was out. I learned quickly not to keep anything of value in it, and after a while the break-ins became less frequent. I mentioned this to the proprietor over drinks at the bar nextdoor after explaining who I was and what I was doing in his hotel.

Interviewer: *leans in* What did he tell you?

Jason: He told me, with the same amount of annoyance you might refer to a fruit fly problem, that newcomers were often targeted and as soon as they smartened up and stopped keeping valuables in their cubes, the break-ins stopped.

Interviewer: So he was in on it, the proprietor?

Jason: *shaking his head* I don’t think he was in on it. Not directly. I think he knew it was going on and could have frustrated the efforts of the thieves if he had wanted to, but on the flip side, he made a nice profit renting out lockers for people to store their valuables in.

Interviewer: He was making more of a profit due to the break-ins.

Jason: Yes. That’s not my point though. I spent a week peeking out the peep hole of my cube’s door, watching the comings and goings of my neighbors, waiting for a chance to catch one of the thieves in the act.

Interviewer: You wanted your stuff back.

Jason: Fuck the stuff, you can replace stuff. I wanted something of value. I wanted to know the story.

Interviewer: Ah. The story.

Jason: So finally, after a week, I catch sight of a girl, maybe ten, using an electronic lock pick on the cube across the hall from me. The renter had just moved in the day before. I knew the thieves must be organized. They’ve got eyes on the hotel, they know who’s checking in, who’s staying and who looks like they have money.

Interviewer: They sound pretty organized.

Jason: *nods* So this ten year old girl gets into the room and she shuts the door behind her. I wait until she is slipping back out, and I slip a hundred chyen note under my door and then bang against it, knowing it’ll draw her attention. Then I slip another. And another. And then I ask her, ‘You want to make five hundred more? I just want to talk. We can do it through the door if you like.’

Interviewer: Did she take you up on your offer?

Jason: She did. She just shrugged and told me to come out. I introduced myself and after a bit of us eyeballing each other, she took me up to the roof. She wasn’t scared. I realized later that she must have had people watching us the whole time, ready to make a move if I so much as looked at her wrong.

Interviewer: So, what happened?

Jason: She told me her story.

Interviewer: *rapt* What was it?

Jason: What, you’ve never seen the movie? *laughs*.

Interviewer: *laughs*

Jason: She told me…