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InventorPaige's Profile

InventorPaige is from Orlando, FL, United States.
Playing Since:
Student / TTRPG Designer

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Twenty Answers

Which would be harder for you to give up: coffee or alcohol?
Coffee. I don't drink!
What is something you are currently obsessed with?
Friends at the Table! Especially Bluff City!
What scene from a non-horror movie scared you as a child?
We had a Thomas the Tank Engine VHS that I fell asleep during, and when Tommy T. Tank reached the top of the mountain, he was attacked by, essentially, the thundercats. Never was able to watch it again.
Have you ever been scared enough to wet your pants?
Would you rather be a hobbit or an elf for 24 hours?
Elf! Androgenous AND sexy??? Sign me up!
If you could go on a cross country road trip with famous person, dead or alive, who would it be?
This is tough, because I would need someone who is good under pressure, and someone who can drive. Instead though, I'll pick Artemisia Gentileschi.
Describe your perfect sandwich.
I think it's just a monte christo.
What country would you never want to visit?
If you had to eat one thing from McDonalds, every meal for a week straight, what would you chose?
The breakfast sandwich with the pancakes for bread, with sausage and cheese.
What are two things you would do if you woke up to find yourself completely invisible?
Probably the same things as I do every other day, except I'd probably be marked absent in class. Unless I spoke up and wore my clothes?
Have you ever saved someones life?
If you could go back in time and change history, what would you change?
I'd kill Christopher Columbus
Whats the worst job you've ever had?
I worked at a movie theater and that sucked.
Who was your first celebrity crush?
Emma Watson.
If you could rid the world of one disease what would it be?
If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
Whats something you always wanted to do as a child but never got to do it?
Own a pokemon game.
What insect do you wish would completely go extinct?
I feel like it would be fun if Botflies stopped existing.
If you could start a collection of one kind of item, what would it be?
Girl clothes!
What would you do if you were the lone survivor of a plane crash?
Do my best to survive hatchet-style, but promptly parish as I accidently poison myself, or get dysentery.

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