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Cyberpunk Podcast #2
Snow Crash, Psycho Pass, The Matrix and mroe

Check out the second episode of the Cyberpunk Podcast where I touch on various Cyberpunk books, movies, and TV shows as well as some real world examples of how AI may come to be (with some some what terrifying examples of how easy it is for your credit card information to be stolen).

Feedback is welcome!

It's a little too quiet for me.
Thanks for the feedback. I've re-rendered the MP3 with a higher master volume. Check it out now and let me know if it's better for you.

Keep the feedback coming people. I appreciate it, and it's helping me to refine both the presentation and the content!

I need to make a 3-5 minute podcast for my business class. Got any content I can help record?
This has been resurrected and now lives here: Check out the page here: