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Sindome Merch Competition

The Sindome Staff have made the decision that it is high time we open a new Merch store. In line with that we've decided that we're going to do a design competition.

So, onto the details.

Firstly, any entries should be sent to [email protected] with the subject "MERCH COMPETITION". With a body message which includes: 'I am the author of this image, it contains no copyrighted material, and I grant unrestricted use of this image for any purpose that the Sindome staff deems.'

The entries should be in as high a resolution as possible, to be used in a large array of items ranging from mugs all the way up to things like t-shirts and hoodies.

Now, onto the goodies:

For the top 3 options as decided by staff, we will send you a copy of your design on a t-shirt (or roughly cost equivalent item) if it's used and in the top 3 options for designs.

Not being in the top 3 doesn't mean we won't use your design.

Legal stuff: Please be aware that any submission of your design is granting us unrestricted use to the design without any compensation. Meaning we will be selling the merch which may have your design on it and you will not be getting paid anything. It will all go to supporting Sindome, as well as other accessible text based games. If you are not comfortable with that, please don't submit anything. Please do not use any copyrighted materials in your designs. This contest is not valid for those residing in Quebec.

Submission Deadline: November 30th, 2020

Winners Notified By: Winter Town Hall 2021 (or earlier)

Keep submitting. Unless you want me to design the merch gear.

It will probably have typos...

Here's some inspiration for you, feel free to take these ideas and improve :)

Thank you for the inspo! Planning on doing this, just gotta get another project done first since theirs a closer deadling!

I want Mench's tee in black with a white logo.
Reminder that this is happening, folks. :)