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Share your battle stations!
Got a slick set up? Let us see!

Got a slick set up that you love to show off or maybe you've got a desk that's tidy enough to be shown to the world.

Upload your image to imgur, Copy the img URL (The one that ends in .png or .jpg) and then wrap it in and hit post!

I'll start I suppose... P.s, This is my tidy desk.



Personal computer on the left, work computer on the right

Completely unrelated but it's good to see you're still with us, Hek.
New rule, every picture uploaded has to contain the previous persons post.

I can see mine in Hek's monitor. Hek's must be in the next persons monitor.

Bitch please


What are your pc specs? I imagine they are as epic as your setup here.

Thanks Smexy. I can tell that this place is special and worth being a part of.
Ohhh, archlinux.


my dual monitor mount finally came in.


also got my tablet hiding under the mousepad. it covers it perfectly

also i didnt mean for the screen to be bright white its just the angle was eh

....No body is perfect...

pretty plants!
Solidarity w/PurpleParade on laptop! My setup is comfy AF.

I admit, SD Swag Shirt was staged.

Finally stained the desk and got a real PC to play on.

Standard setup, but nothing crazy. I find it cozy. However, it hides a hidden feature for playing Sindome...!

I change the light cube color based on which sector I'm in! Gotta play Sindome in near pitch dark conditions. Loud *wave music. Crystalfiz soda. Themed backlighting. Yass.

it's dark sorry

@Razmo: That's super rad actually!

Behold the modern Sindome gaming 5 year-old phone:

Capable of holding a charge for about 90 minutes.


Do you have a Bluetooth keyboard? I tried play with on my phone and the keyboard took up all of the screen space.

That's a good idea if I'm sitting still, but usually I'm out taking a walk.

I do have a laptop for intense typing, but it's a piece of junk that I try not to use otherwise.

Also speech-to-text is my best friend. 😁
Speech-to-text brought you my previous reply. As you can see, my speech-to-text fu is not up to par.
With my mind on my lasers and my lasers on my mind.

Was gonna say it's not weeb enough to be HC's real battlestation until I saw the waifu pillow.

The paper stacks are her TO-KILL lists.

It even looks cyberpunk!
I fear your liquid cooling Armorer

Intel or AMD?

Intel of course! i9 9940x
i cant see arm0r3r's pics ;-;
My LiteTerm browsing the globe

Yesssssss I'm not alone as a mobile vagrant.