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Senior Staff Podcast
...reach out and ask someone

Slither, Johnny and I have decided we would be doing a Podcast as a once off but instead of us speaking generally (which we'll still do, obviously), we wanted to give the community an opportunity to ask us questions outside of a Townhall format.

If you'd like us to answer a question about the game this is your opportunity, so just enter it on the form below:

There are questions we may not be able to answer, or not answer in the exact format you ask but we will do our best within the limitations. You can feel free to mention it in here as well, just make sure to put it on the form.

The date this will be recorded is yet to be determined. It won't be live.
Do the questions have to be about SD specifically?
Consider doing it on Twitch live so we could chat along with you guys? Would be fun.
I don't see any reason they have to be.
We may do a twitch stream at another time but this would be something we could easily link to and post on the website and will live on. It's a bit harder to do that with Twitch I think.
This is really cool and I look forwards to hearing it when it is ready. I've dropped 3 questions in; one about a specific feature that interests me, one about general development processes and one semi-personal one just for funsies. Hope they prove as interesting to answer as the podcast will be to listen to.
Did my part and asked 3 questions!
I'm going to be finalising our question list soon for this podcast so if you haven't asked your questions as of yet - now's your chance.
Is the MOO running on the "best" AWS VM available?

By best I mean the one with the fastest CPU and solid state disks?

We will be conducting another one of these soon-ish

If you'd like to ask us a question (Directed at either myself, Slither or Johnny, or all of us) please add them here:

It can be about topics that came up in the Town Hall that you'd like us to answer more on, or something totally separate and entirely off-MOO (Like what skincare products Slither uses).


Well now I want to know what skincare products Slither uses!