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In the Sindome movie
Who would play your character?

Let’s say SD we’re made into a series, who would play your character?

Don’t post your IC identity.

For mine: Tom Cruise from this movie

now is one of those times that i wished i remembered the names of actors
Absolutely Carly Chaikin.
She doesn't look exactly like my char, but Shay Mitchell could pull off my person brilliantly. The way she played Peach Salinger in You was inspiring.

Runner up is Eiza Gonzalez with a tan.

Becky Lynch. Not just for looks but because only WWE kayfabe could encompass her dumb fucking attitude.

Supermarket and holychromes descriptions match perfectly!
Sorry Griz, Tom Cruise is already playing Ari Motherfuckin' Franks



Ok. We'll have a couple of action scenes with Tom Cruise vs. Old Tom Cruise.
"My name's Paul, and that's between y'all."

I've changed my opinions on this over the years. It started with Antonio Banderas and then the hispanic dude in Planet Terror (or whatever that grindhouse movie is called), but after watching Mr. Robot season 1.... Elliot Villar.

Michael peeeennaaaaaa.
I go back and forth between Bob Hoskins (RIP) and Billy Connolly.
Brendan Gleeson.
johnny depp because my character is cool just like him

with the domestic abuse charges included -- perfect for my character!

Christop Waltz from Django Unchained.

a midget roger garth

they'd have to use camera tricks to make him appear short enough ;)

1980's era Uma Thurman.

Idris Elba with some serious accent and body training to make him huge.
Rami Malek in five years
Jonah Hill back when he had a beard.
Ruby Rose from XXX:Return of Xander Cage or Benjamin Wadsworth from Deadly Class
A younger Joel Kinnaman.