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Guided: Get to Know Staff
March 4th, 2023 @ 3pm DST

Guided Discussion: Get to Know Staff

March 4th, 2023 from 3PM-4:30PM DST

Hey everyone,

Our next Guided Discussion is going to be a little different that the past several. This time around it's going to be more like a social hour. I think a lot of players only interaction with the admin is over xhelp, often times when they are stuck, experiencing a bug, or an admin is telling them to course correct a behavior or review the rules.

Often times these xhelp conversations are happening at the same time the admin is doing a bunch of other things, and we also don't really do 'small talk' on xhelp. Some admin are active on OOC-Chat, but not all.

We wanted to give the players a chance to get to know some of the staff members in a casual environment. I've invited everyone on the staff to join us for this Guided Discussion, though I don't know if they will all be able to make it. We've got a hard stop after 1.5 hours as the weekly Staff Meeting starts. We'll still keep it focused on the game to some degree, but I'd like the staff to engage with questions like:

- What appeals to you about Sindome?

- Why did you want to join the staff?

- What's your favorite/least favorite part of being staff?

- How has it impacted your roleplay on your alt (without IC info shared)?

- What was the most surprising thing about joining staff?

Things of that nature that'll give players some insight into the folx that are staffing the game. And whatever else players come up with that it makes sense to ask. Those questions are just examples. So, if you're interested in chatting with the admin in a more casual fashion, feel free to join!

-- S

A lot of staff have conflicts today for various reasons so I'm going to postpone this.