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GM expectations
GM & note interactions without being an ass


I'm new to the game and I've found myself wondering about Gms and what is reasonable or polite to expect in regards to notes, puppets, and plotting.

How often should I be writing notes, and what should they contain? Should I reference RP with other players? I've seen things regarding writing notes about RP with NPCs, do I fabricate IC roleplay with un-responsive NPCS? What if I don't know their personality etc.

What level of involvement is reasonable for NPCS, puppeted or otherwise, to have in one of your plots? What is a reasonable amount of time for a GM to hang around and RP with you?

I'd imagine any answer to any of these questions would depend heavily on the specifics of the plot, character, and GM in question, but hearing what you all have to say about the matter would go a long way in helping me navigate things without being an ass, which is of great importance to me.

I'm super stoked to be a part of this community, and my goal is to just be as good a part of it as I can be.


Do not fabricate RP with unresponsive NPCs. If they're not able to get to you, they're busy or whatever.

A good rule of thumb is to leave a note when you've done something that NPCs or ambient backgeound population might notice and/or react to. Staff probably doesn't need a note if you go to the bar and make a new friend. They definitely need a note if you go topside and spraypaint FUCK THE LAW on a street corner where thousands of people would have seen you.

I am pretty active and I try to leave one note a week, usually related to my character's job.