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[Rules Update] Sex Rules Updates
Check out @rules

[Rules Update] Clarifying rules regarding Sex

Hey Everyone -

One of the most difficult things to write rules around is sex. We continue to iterate on the rules around this because we want to eliminate any confusion any player might have about what these rules mean, what isn't allowed, and what to do if someone violates the rules.

With this in mind, we've updated the language in our rules about this. We've also moved these rules to their own section. Please review @rules and make sure you understand our current rules. Not knowing our rules is NOT an excuse. You will be held accountable if you break the rules.

We have also added a new help file: 'help forbidden' which goes into more depth about these rules, and provides more in-depth information than we include in the help file. It is a good place to point anyone who has questions about what RP is prohibited on Sindome, and why.

-- S

removed, off topic

(Edited by Slither at 8:07 am on 11/26/2021)

This is a serious subject that we've spent a lot of time discussing and clarifying. Your response is extremely frustrating. If you do not have something to contribute to the conversation, please do not post.
Sorry! Just reminded me of that scene from Big Lebowski, didn't mean to offend and was only attempting to make a silly joke. Happy holidays y'all.
Hi Slither,

First I want to say you and the admin team have done a great job expanding these rules. In my opinion I think 6.B may require a little bit of extra clarification however, as a xhelp conversation I had with Cerberus a week ago suggested that calling someone known for flirty behavior a "pervert" (not a rapist) IC would be acceptable based on the context, but the way the rule is written right now suggests it is not.

Unless that is changed since then, in which case please disregard. Once again, great work. :)

I wanted to get some clarification.

Is emotional manipulation considered to be okay or are we specifically talking about physical stuff? One might think that emotional manipulation (guilt tripping) is the same as rape. Another person might think they are different so there is going to be this divide between the two. This might cause a conflict between the two.

Just really confused here.

Calling someone a pervert In Character is not a violation of the rules unless you are calling them a pervert because they did something In Character that is in violation of the rules on rape, molestation, sexual assault, or other things covered in the new @rules section.
I thought the rules specifically stated 'physical' for a reason.
So basically you can call them a slut and it's still okay? I mean it's a dick move, but is slut-shaming still okay IC'ly?

This question seems silly but I'm asking for parameter reasons.

I fully agree, but someone might argue that they're going to have to do said physical contact from the mental manipulation.

Thanks for taking the time to clarify for me. :)

@pfh I'd think 'perversion' is an okay IC subject considering some people have really kinky preferations. It doesn't have to mean they did something illegal or disallowed, if I understood it right. There's some IC term of some specific sexual act, I don't remember the name for it, but whenever it is explained over SIC, at least a few people are disgusted.

So, um, pretty sure calling someone a 'perv' is okay as long as it's not related to non-consentual matters.

Molestation: "This is the act of intentionally sexually touching another person without that persons consent. This is against the rules. Do not do it. If you want to engage in sexual roleplay with someone, ask them in character before making any emotes or poses of a sexual nature."

This means the cult of lesbian catgirls constantly licking, kissing, groping each other at KMB are no longer allowed to? What about characters who do something like... a "romantic" hug, or a kiss on the cheek, showing your junk, or something that would trigger more than one individual in 2018+1? Are we supposed to XHELP about it instead of dealing with it ICly like before? (cm Help WJF, I am being harassed by a guy with a huge strap on dildo).

I think like this rule has a lot of context around it, and it's very situational.

Folks, sex is a part of the game. These rules are not removing sex from the game, or removing specific words or insults.

It's about two situations and two situations only:

Situation 1:

Character A initiates some kind of physical sexual RP with Character B, and Character B's player is NOT COOL WITH IT. Character B tells Character A, via 'ooc i am not OK with this, please stop'. Character A then stops. If Character A does not stop, Character B xhelps and lets the admin know and we deal with it. Character B can go @ooc until such time as it's been dealt with if they continue to feel uncomfortable.

Situation 2:

Character A spreads a rumor that Character B molests/rapes/sexually assaults people.

That is NOT allowed. Do not do it.

'help forbidden' specifically details what is and is not acceptable with regards to slanderous rumors: "Do not spread slanderous rumors about someone raping, sexually assaulting, or molesting someone. These acts are prohibited in character because they are so upsetting to many people out of character, and a rumor can be just as upsetting. "
That's an oddly specific scenario about people randomly licking, touching, etc others. It's a game wide thing from all sides and not limited to any set of characters.

I don't think this rule is too hard to understand. Here's what the rule says. "If you want to engage in sexual roleplay with someone, ask them in character before making any emotes or poses of a sexual nature." That's all you have to do. Have your character ask. If a player changes their mind OOCly after a character says yes and says something, listen to and respect them.

Showing someone your junk without sexual context isn't sexual. Showing someone your junk with sexual context and asking them if they, say, wanted a taste, that's sexual, and probably don't do that based on the rules unless it was discussed in-character beforehand per the rules.

I think it's pretty clear.

Worst case, if someone kisses your cheek and you say in OOC you're not okay with it and they move on from that subject and do not breach it again, I think it won't need further intervention.

I do like Slither's clarification on it. c:

Hey Folx,

Just bringing this topic back up as there have been a few questions / misconceptions about this lately.

Everyone should read 'help forbidden' to understand what is/is not acceptable, and what to do if you OOCly feel uncomfortable by someones direct sexual advances towards your character and want it to stop. TLDR: ask for it to stop on local OOC, if it doesn't save a log, and xhelp the admin and let them know and we will take it from there.

To be clear though, this is not carte blanche to call out any sexual content in the game. First and foremost, Sindome is an adult game, with adult situations. That includes sex, and violence, and other stuff like that. That includes in person or on the SIC. This is allowed within the rules. Just like violence is allowed within the rules. By participating in the game and agreeing to the rules, you consent to being exposed to sexual / violent messages on in person or on SIC as third party. Our rules specifically clarify that you do not have to partake in erotic roleplay, and even more specifically, if people were directly (not to a group) but to you saying or harassing you explicitly, that's when you'd want to use the local OOC.

Hope this clarification clears things up for folx!