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Rule Change: single action hotkeys

Effective immediately, single action hotkeys that let you press a letter on your keyboard and a whole 'east' or 'west' or 'north' or 'south' is input and sent for you are banned. This includes the mushclient feature where the number pad lets you navigate around.

Rule 4.C. has been amended.

I made this change after seeing just how fast this could be spammed by someone. This kind of power isn't available to everyone else, so it should be some peoples hands. While I respect your love of your favorite client, continuing to use those features despite your awareness to this change will be seen as unsportsmanlike conduct.

Sorry single action hotkey fans.

Someone who uses input keys to navigate does not move any faster than someone who uses the server-side "go" command which lets you execute and queue multiple movements with a single command. (In fact, the "go" command usually gets you there faster.)

What, precisely, is unsportsmanlike about input keys when compared to the "go" command?

Presumably it's not 'unsportsmanlike' so much as 'oh sweet RNJesus stop spamming us with seventeen commands instead of using just one'. But it does let you do something that a browser client user can't do (as fast)!
Man. I'm gonna miss the number pad navigation. I don't do east and west so well, but I'm reasonably good at visualizing a map and tapping the button in the direction I want to go. :(
A few hours of building muscle memory by typing








And I was on my way. :)

shinichizio: Presumably it's not 'unsportsmanlike' so much as 'oh sweet RNJesus stop spamming us with seventeen commands instead of using just one'. But it does let you do something that a browser client user can't do (as fast)!

That sounds less like an issue having to do with single use hotkeys and more like the server apparently lacks basic flood protection.

Besides all that, clients -- MUSHclient in particular -- have existed since before the MOO was even started. Why did directional navigation with single use hotkeys suddenly become a problem? Sorry, I'm just not buying the argument that single use hotkeys are to blame, especially considering that the server experienced severe lag and was rolled back a second time on Monday after this rule was put in place.

It became a problem because I became aware of its existence and active use under the former single action hotkey permission. I am human and might not be aware of all things.

I was not aware of this sort of feature (though I've been told it was in the old zmud and cmud client too) as it related to the rule change when 'single action hotkey' was clarified as OK prior to this. I believe we changed it around 2009-2012 time frame to permit it.

Wait so does this mean that we are not allowed to type...

N (enter)

N (enter)

E (enter)

And must type...

Go N N E (enter)


"n" is a completely legitimate single-key MOO command, Diani, it's not a "hotkey" you set up in your special client with the special keymapping capability.

What J was saying is to use n instead of the numberpad to move, if you have a client which supports using the numberpad for directional movement.

A single action hotkey does not require you to press enter. :)
I am a big proponent of the 'go' command for when you know the following:

1. Where you are going

2. How to get there.

For those of you that do not know this-- go can be used AFTER you have started moving. For instance:

*a sonic grenade comes flying into the room*


Command: n

Command: e

*you start moving, barely avoiding the sonic grenade, but you know that your attacker is keen on vengeance and it's best to get the flying fuck out of here, however you are already moving. You could continue to type commands one at a time, or even though you are already moving, switch to go*

Command: go n n n n n w n e sleep

This would take you from your starting point, way far away, even though you were already moving when you started typing go!

I was under the impression that all client based commands have always been illegal. Basically if you aren't manually typing then you are breaking the rules.