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NPCs will (possibly) request aide
Be aware, be very aware :)

Hi! I've spent the last several days developing a system that will allow NPCs that belong to factions to request aide from their allies if they are attacked. A bunch of things come into play when the system decides if it should dispatch a response. I've taken care to make this system as IC as possible. That means that NPCs will actually request aide on the SIC (if they have signal) and shout as well.

The pool of available responders is built from those that hear the SIC or shout, just like it would be if a PC was requesting aide. This IC response mechanism allows PCs to respond as well.

NPCs will -react- upon arrival. They won't just show up and do nothing. They will (possibly) engage in combat if certain circumstances are met.

Currently this system is beta. I've tested it, but I'm sure there are going to be issues that crop up. So please keep me apprised of any issues via @bug, and anything major via xhelp (if it's over the next few weeks).

I'm really excited about this and the possibilities it opens up for strategy, fighting, and being smart about the way you go about attacking NPCs that might have backup right around the corner. The system is modular so that we can expand the responses as time goes on.

Imagine if the NPC that was dispatched started aiding their allies upon arrival by healing them or stabilizing their wounds or grappling them and dragging them to the doctor if they were dead.

Lots and lots of possibilities.


-- S

Also, this is only enabled on specific factions right now. I won't say which ones, but it's not all factions.
Nice work Slither!
This continues to be tweaked and updated as time goes on. If you have (constructive) feedback on this topic, please post it here!

The update I made recently makes it so dispatched NPCs will attempt to return to where they were before being dispatched, after a bit of time. They won't move if they are engaged in something (combat, puppeting, etc).

I'm looking for suggestions for ways to expand this to include more actions upon arrival, or upon leaving, that won't seem super repetitive and clunky after you've seen them 25 times.


-- S

Feedback on this feature. You may have seen one or two additional actions aside from the basic responding to combat, by now.
Nothing makes everyone jumpy like hearing screams of reinforcements right out of the bar you're drinking in ;)
I have a hard time exploring the feature extensively due to the nature of it. Knowing I'll get a decent response from factions even if I catch GM's off guard is nice though. To clarify, this feature works with faction-based PC's in the area...right?
It works to mimic the IC responses one might make if they were puppeted. They will request aide via shouting and anyone in earshot could potentially respond. It will also request aide via the SIC, if the NPC has SIC.

This makes planning, waiting, or using in game items to block the SIC more important. Strategy comes into play!

If you're still looking for more responses other than attacking, maybe responding NPCs could guard all the exits to the room, search for hidden people, grapple hostile combatants and drag them back to their turf/cells... uh...
These are all things that I am interested in implementing. They might show up and try to render aide to their allies by stopping their bleeding or healing them with medpaks already :)
Drag hostiles up to tall buildings and shove them off / down to the sewers if possible, render aid like you said, drag them to clinics/hospitals, loiter for a while repping their faction, piss/spit/yell on or at people, spraypaint tags, emote setting up a crime scene...