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Gun Modifications
You know you want 'em

If you have a normal gun, you'll be wanting to get it modified to support your Trusight Goggles or Implant.

Other gun modifications are in the works and we will keep you posted.

Modification kits can be found In Game, and require a ballistics toolbelt, similar to how electronics installation requires an electronics toolbelt.

Of course, to install them you'll need the proper skill to modify anything...

I love it when useless skills get new stuff. Ideas for gun mods?

(Edited by ReeferMadness at 4:53 pm on Feb. 21, 2008)

Firearm Detectors now work on more than just people.
The tool needed to shorten your gun barrel is out there. Just need a ballistics toolbelt too. A shorter barrel makes it more difficult to hit, but when you do, it'll be for more damage.

The kit needed to extend your gun barrel is now available. It'll make it easier to hit.

It's easier to shorten a barrel than it is to extend it.

Two different kits for modding your guns to have a silencer are now available. The compound silencer yields a quieter report than the basic silencer.
A note on multiple mods:

You can't extend a barrel once is been sawed off, or if its got a silencer on it. You can't saw off an extended barrel or one with a silencer on it. And you can't put a silencer on a sawed off barrel. You can, however,  put a silencer on an extended barrel.

Now you dont need anything to add your silencer right its just like it is now screw on and screw off? I dont know thats just what i see in movies...
Nope, you need the right tools, as documented here. And you need to know what you're doing.

This is done for game reasons above and beyond realism.

Quote: from Ihasamoney on 12:04 am on Feb. 26, 2008[br]Now you dont need anything to add your silencer right its just like it is now screw on and screw off? I dont know thats just what i see in movies...

That's a modified barrel that holds ridges for a screw-in/out silencer.

(Edited by Xeethot at 9:37 am on Feb. 27, 2008)

Guns are now revealing their dirty dirty nature when you inspect them.

If they're very filthy, you can clean them a little without a gun cleaning toolbelt. If they're not very filthy, you'll probably need the toolbelt in order to clean them right.

A gun cleaning toolbelt can only be used so many times before it runs out of supplies (gun oil, rags, rods, wadding, etc) and you need to get a new one.

The dirtier your gun, the more likely it will be to JAM ... once jamming is turned on. We're close. :)

Ok, jamming and freeing a jam (unjam <weapon>) are now fully coded. As was pointed out, if we were to turn it on, there would be a number of jammed weapons (12 to be percise) that would already be jammed. Several others are so dirty, they could jam the next time they're fired. Because of this, jamming is NOT affecting anything right now.

You can 'unjam' a firearm while in combat. If its a simple jam, you might free it up. If its not a simple jam (or you're just unlucky), you'll need to take it apart.

To free up a jam you can't handle in the heat of combat, you'll need some time, a ballistics toolbelt and the knowledge and skill in caring for firearms. The idea here is that those of you with this knowledge can charge to unjam peoples guns (and modify them).

Ok, the sewers will now gunk up your guns, though a holster will keep them from getting as filthy as they will from just running through them with your firearm on ya ... or even worse, in your hands.

Additionally, not all firearms are as reliable as others now. The cheaper guns are generally less reliable. There are a few exceptions. No IC way to determine this yet though. Suppose we need NRA Consumer Reports now.

Hey J-man, I don't suppose you took RL considerations into this, like how the weapons in the game perform IRL?
So that IRL knowledge could be used? Of course not. Besides, its 2093, I don't see how the same knowledge could apply.
Eh makes sense, had to ask though, us military folk might end up with an edge :P
Two new BFGs are now in game. They finally make the heavy weapon skill useful. Have fun and enjoy your chinese takeout.


Note that heavy weapons will behave as a heavy weapon should. They're cumbersome bulky things. Hard to handle, hard to aim and they slow you down.
Firearms will now, and forever more ... JAM. It is enabled, on, active, powered up, ready to go. If you have not by now checked, cleaned and unjammed your firearm, you should do so before your next uncomfortable situation leaves you holey on the floor.

Game on.

So now that we have the basic modifications, such as silencers, barrel extenders, etc, etc, is there any chance we might be seeing a device to make a sawed(sp?) off shotgun?
There's a sawed off shotgun Its rules though...unpractically awesome.
Yeah, but I imagine I'm not the only one who sees a ZMI 830 Concilliator and wonders if it'd  look totally bad ass if it were sawed off.