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Bug: Multiple Attacks in a Row
Need more info on this bug.

I've seen a few bugs like this:

"In combat, NPCs will often go through wild sprees of hitting an absurd amount of times in a row. For example an instance with an NPC making hit attempts at another NPC three times successively, while the second NPC makes three hit attempts at a PC successively, while the PC is attacking at a conventional rate. I am not sure of the exact problem but it is exclusive to NPCs as far as I have seen, making fighting NPCs a dice roll on if a low-level memento will hit you three times in the course of a second, when the same is untrue of PCs."

I need more information.

- How many of you have seen this happen?

- Is it happening often?

- Can you (without revealing IC info) elaborate on the circumstances it occurs under?

- Do you have a reliable way to recreate this?

Please respond with info if you have any.

It happens regularly for me. Off the top of my head, I think I've only seen it happening when there's more than one NPC attacking. Couldn't say if it's every time, but if you walk up to a pair of ganger NPCs and attack one, there's a strong chance there's going to be some unusual combat turns.
It happens a lot in Riotgear. Sometimes you'll attack so many times you'll kill the person before they even get an attack in.
To the best of my knowledge, I've only ever seen it in group combat situations of say 3-4+ players/NPCs/etc. It used to happen somewhat infrequently in gang combat, especially when there was callouts and subsequent bumrushes.
I believe this bug is only reproduceable in combats with more than one combatant. The formula I've noticed when the bug occurs is (number of combatants - 1) which leads me to believe it's some kind of initiative tracking bug.

For example, in a fight with 3 combatants, the bug, if it occurs, will cause all combatants to attack twice at once.

RiotGear makes this bug more easily visible because it encourages more multi-combatant fights.

I have seen PCs attack at this rate just as much as NPCs, causing some fights to feel slanted due to rapid hits from PCs who can usually be outpaced.

I can offer logs accurate down to the second and some logs with timestamps accurate down to miliseconds, if you are interested in reading them.

I didn't realise this was a bug and assumed it was down to a significant stat difference. I've seen players land multiple hits per hit from their also PC enemy in the past even one on one. Is this something seperate and different or an extension of the bug?
Saw it happen in fights, a lot. Usually when there are more than two NPCs/PCs fighting each others.

Once watched a gang fight snowball into a huge fight and multiple NPCs wound up rolling six attacks in two or three seconds, it wound up lagging the game severely.

There are situations where you might land TWO attacks during a single combat round if you rolled really good initiative. That's not a bug, but that is SUPER RARE. Like you need to crit succeed.

If you have logs, please email to [email protected] so I can take a look.

This happened to me as well.

Someone got 2 hits in a single round, in THREE rounds in a row.

If it happens once? I get it, crit success.

Three crit successes in a row? What are the odds.