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[Sept '22] Improvements Feedback
Rolling thread for feedback

Provide your feedback here.
Feedback is.

THANK YOOOOOU for fixing e-notes!

Really liking the new changes to SIC to make it seem more alive and varied regards NPCS :D Thank you, and amazed to see the change come so quickly after the town hall.
Loving the new SIC lines and saw some PC I know in tags! Thank you!
Regarding the new immy-style SIC aliases, is there a way to ensure that they aren't generated with a c-tag from the library? Real immies usually have blank tags.
Regarding the new admin communication policy, does this only apply to admins on their official admin accounts, or does it also apply to admins posting on non-admin alt accounts?
Per the rule text: This applies everywhere.

Can you provide more detail about this?


Elevators and lobbies without coordinates were bugged due to the way elevators change their exits as they move between floors. I've fixed this.

I submitted a @bug fairly recently that I think is related to this. The behavior I reported is not fixed though.

Chances are the bug you submitted is not related to this, hence it not being fixed.
With the WHODATA data refresh haviing a 'last updated time' and Sic info is considered IC can it be used as a rudimentary IC clock?
Solvent Contents / Amount Remaining

Apologies for the late feedback. Solvent and spray paint were updated a while ago but I am just getting around to using them again in game.

Prior to the update, 'inspect' on the can revealed approximately how much is left in the can.

That no longer works.

Just looking at iit hek gives you an idea of how much is in them.

Did you look at solvent specifically?

If so, maybe I have an 'old' can my inventory. Neither look or inspect seem to provide any detail about how much is left.

Strange, a solvent can that I know is full doesn't say anything about how much it has left in it, while another can says 'The BubbleFloat(tm) indicator shows it's almost half full.'

That is probably exactly what is going on. As far as I remember, this is a brand new can that hasn't been used yet.

Thanks for the feedback.

You're welcome. Might be worth reporting as a bug, as I know for spraypaint cans it says that it's 'completely full'.
Just want to say that since implimenting the whodata delay, more NPCs and more believable NPCs on SIC. I have personally found myself using Whodata considerably less IN A GOOD WAY! I found myself hitting 'who' way to often for a multitude of reasons which I will not go into and now I do it the odd time to time stamp.

I cannot stress how much better I feel Whodata and sic in general has felt since these changes and just wanted to say thank you :)

Only feedback would be that the fresh immy aliases never have Ctags, if those can be filted as I think someone mentioned before, that would be awesome.

I used to who all the time, but in the last several months have cut back a huge amount in favor of specific searches with targeted searches. Who S or whatever. I was doing that probably way too often though, so this has helped manage it and reduce that frequency.

In hindsight, I didn't realize how much this change would improve my gameplay quality of life. Not constantly searching for chums with who makes me realize how obsessive I was before.

@ratchet SAME! Sometimes you do not realise you are doing something till you notice how much you are. Genuinely made my experience of the game overall better and I honestly had zero idea it would till I look back and notice some of my previous behavour and being driven by 'who'.

I hope others have found it as game changing as I have :)