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[Oct '21] Improvements Feedback
Post all feedback on things happening in October

Got feedback? This is the place for it. Headpats and cat tax are accepted currencies.
The recent changes to focus switching in combat have turned combat into less of a mental ordeal and instead into a more intuitive "it just happens" system. I love it. And having seen what I think was the "walk away" bug occur on at least one occasion, it never clicked with me until now that it was a bug, or what the bug actually was. It's great to know that these things are noticed on the backend and addressed accordingly.

Like others have already said in the last thread, the SD of this year is a totally different animal from the SD of the years I've played prior. I can't overstate how much I'm looking forward to what else is coming. So yeah: headpats and cat tax-

Programmers feeding off of each others' energy and a playerbase that spends more time appreciating the contributions, small or large is definitely nice to see.

Kudos to Slither, Mirage, and Johnny, as well as all the other hidden hands behind the scenes I'm sure are building out a number of other things that can't be explicitly announced.

Just spitballing since I haven't seen where the vehicle rental thing is, but if it's not already, NeoTrans seems like the obvious place for it?

Maybe one on Green too, for AVs, appropriately expensive, on a certain recently reopened business... I see this leading to theft and more big legal bounties, which will be fun.

OMG, time to grab the fam and head on up to KMB to let out our inner white girl. Very nice Quality of Life addition.
Just wanna say that since the most recent change to SIC ads RE: how ascii works and writing a text based ad, there are NO ads that look truly brutal for screen readers. Thanks all for putting this extra effort in to make the game more accessible.
With the new update, I really would wanna see some vampirey fake-blood cocktail, lol.
Oh my god YES! Time to get my UGGs and puffy vest on and head over to KMB for that PSL. ( Forgive me: )

Sincerely though, in the year I've been playing so much love has been put into an already great game and it's amazing. Big big thanks to everyone on staff for their hard work!


I guess I don't understand how screen readers work, because I look at the following ads (all seen just this morning, Oct 9th), and I don't understand how it wouldn't be just awful to listen to and try to parse all of the excessive punctuation marks.

EDITED FOR IC CONTENT. Please don't include IC things like SIC ads on here.assume I'm just missing something about screen readers; is there some sort of filter that parses these out or interprets them as something besides a meaningless stream of punctuation?

(Edited by Slither at 2:43 pm on 10/9/2021)

When you make a SICAD, you make two versions. One is ASCII free and the other is not. I'm assuming that those are the ASCII version, not the screen reader friendly versions.
@Blackbird When you submit an ad, it first requires you to write out a screen reader friendly one that's just a description of the ad's contents. I assume for visually impaired players using screen readers there's an option somewhere to switch off ASCII ads and use the ones mentioned instead.
Ah, that would make a lot more sense.
I've edited out the SIC ads, as those are considered IC. Please don't post IC content on the forums :)

But yes, what others said is true. We have special accessibility commands that strip ASCII and / or replace it with text content in various situations. More info can be found in 'help @access'

Sorry, figured those ads were generic and ubiquitous enough as to not be giving anything away.
Just an idea for it: As it currently states the vehicle you are in, perhaps it should also state the vehicles licence plate? Just something that I thought would be a nice addition.
Please account for specialized cases with the contraband checks. I've gotten stopped at the gate before due to GM presence in vehicles carrying... uhh... some interesting stuff. These entities in direct audience or via proxy (puppet) probably shouldn't fire off the warning or alert authorities.
Consider widening the circumstances under which gate personnel look the other way. Getting things through the gate is a massive, expensive, puppet-requiring pain even for the people who are supposed to be doing it, to say nothing of players who don't have that access.
Sounds like a good reason to get friendly with your local cops.
Good callout about the admin-- I've fixed that.

Let's keep the discussions on this thread tuned to the features being released, and possible issues/edges-- if you've got an idea for how we might dramatically expand a feature (IE: making it possible to bribe gate guards) that would be better suited for a less ephemeral thread in the Ideas section.

Don't get me wrong, love that feedback on bribes and such and it was actually discussed last week by the admin, this was a step in that direction, bringing the system closer to a place where we could offer that-- but I just wanna make it clear that after October I will pretty much never read this thread again, so make sure Ideas for big changes, get properly logged in that forum section!

Good idea with plates too-- that's been done.
Biiiig fan of the expanded help system. The amount of times I've examined an object and still had no idea what command to use for something, this will help.
"Pump action shotguns are still pump action, but they're now semiautomatic and automatically chamber the next shot after firing."

Unsure if this is a one off bug or I have misunderstood something, but I am still having to manually enter the pump command after each firing of the weapon. Is this intended?

You misunderstood something. Pump it like 8 times before combat.