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[May '23] Improvements Feedback
Weigh in with your feedback here.

Feedback thread for May 2023.
Loving all the phone updates, excited to see how deckers can screw with them. I like the innovation around apps having functionalities such as lev schedules. My only concern is the steep prices for apps, since I've seen a lot of IC sentiment that people don't want to take their phones outside due to how expensive they end up being after apps.

Some of that makes sense, it is a luxury sort of deal. But, maybe a look at the prices for apps is in order. Most of them cost as much as the phone itself, and sometimes more. Maybe a poll to see how people feel about the pricing?

It is completely deliberate in this case. The idea is to be able to have phones that do cost a lot. Progia-11s used to cost around 20k+, and with apps you get the same functionality at roughly the same price. That is more or less the idea here!
It was discussed on xooc that Progia 11s used to have a silent/vibrate feature via their ringtones, and as far as I have seen, there is no silent/vibrate ringtone in the new ringtones app. Take all my money for this feature, solos and spies across the dome will thank you.
I'd love for radio implants to become the purview of solos/spies in lieu of silent/vibrate ringtones but those cybernetics also need to be updated accordingly.
I agree, Reefer, but it's also mostly because getting an inconvenient phone call during an operation has been one of the reasons those players would buy a Progia 11 despite being otherwise a mixer or high-risk profession, or just having enemies, not because they want to use said Progia 11 to coordinate in the field or anything (which admittedly is also goofy, radios are way cooler for that).

The solution to people phone-checking disguised players is either the vibrate feature of ye olde Progia 11 or simply not taking phones outside, which is also fair. Just a suggestion, not necessarily game-breaking or anything.