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[Mar 2020] Improvements Feedback

"running out of ticks during scheduled tasks [...] was causing things to fall off our scheduler."

Brilliant, that must have been hard to debug. Bravo.

Vehicle cleanups / auction

In the future would you consider leaving some percentage of vehicles that belong to dead PCs out on the streets? That way the vehicle thiefs and those who support that economy have a little bit more to do.

This isn't really an update, but I'm really enjoying the more public interaction by NPCs on SIC. :) It feels more frequent. Five stars!
We don't take all dead vehicles-- just a percentage of them, so consider the request fulfilled!
I was actually about to mention the lack of shrouded/hooded NPCs on the streets lately. Looks like you guys were already on top of it!

On the topic of street hoods/shrouds, a while ago I mentioned how I hadn't seen a lot of NPCs ordering drinks at bars. Does anyone know if this is still occurring? I think I saw it stop around the same time that the bar doors became "not see through able". They were really nice cover for murderers, dips, and ne'ertodowells. If it's happening regularly still please ignooooore meeeee.
One downside to making bar/club doors unlookable is not being able to see if there's RP in there before paying the cover. Not a big deal for me, but thinking of the immies.