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[Dec 2019] Feedback on Improvements
Ask your questions on this months improvements here

Please keep your questions / issue reports / etc in this thread, so that the main thread stays just updates-- that way it's easier for folks that just want to catch up to do so.


Is it intended that alias change is supposed to be blocked after sending a Game-Help message (which doesn't use your @xalias)?

By bean_dip at Dec 23, 2019 9:21 AM

No, it's not intended.
The recent roof change appears to have made all adjacent roofs invisible when you're looking across roof edges, even ones that are lit.

Note that I tried this at night, not sure if it does it during the day. But booth roofs and all the space in between were lit.

I will reach out via xhelp to get the locations.
A little late, but I'm really appreciating the skinwriter update. Thanks.
Editing Forum posts would be very very nice. Hopefully it doesn't break anything.
Forum improvements should be really nice! Thanks Slither.
The glyphs look really nice. Glad you're getting some additional forum functionality!
The glyphs are awesome, but the most recent post is displaying the topmost currently, that may be an easy and quick thing to fix.
'cause it's pinned.
Ah but it does look like pinned threads are always what shows as the last posted topic from the main forum menu. Not ideal as it'll look like no one's posting.
No. They're only showing now because they're the last posts edited since Slither edited them to post it. As you'll see with this post, it is now the most recent for this forum. So not always, only temporary as he goes through to pin.
I made a reply to 'character soundtracks' about ten minutes ago but 'How to BGBB' is still showing as the most recent.
One of the posts in that thread was deleted. It's possible that ANY edit, and the edit might've come after your post in soundtracks, makes the edited thread get bumped to the top. Which would be an issue.
Please post feedback about the new BGBB Tools on the separate thread I've created since there is so much feedback specifically about that.

Thanks everyone!