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[Dec '22] Improvements Feedback
Feebdack for changes made in December 2022

Feedback thread.

In general, I upped the line length on these too. It was pretty low at 50 characters. It's now 100 characters per line max.

This does not seem to be true for the order (requisitions) terminal that I checked in game.

The one that I see stops at 56 characters. (see image below)


With the update tweaks you've done to the snipe verb, would it also be possible to fix the functionality of zoom spy gear such that we can use it to spy though areas that have been deliberately been made to not be sniped into?

It's kind of crappy not being able to use said spy gear for some of the most popular parts of the city.

I appreciate the explosion defuse updates. I don't think they're perfect yet by any means but I think it's a good stop-gap while we rehash discussion around it.
I appreciate the new Vehicle Terminal updates but find it frustrating most if not all corporate buildings conceal their valuable assets behind doors which cannot be breached.

Until retinal scanners and hand print scanners can be bypassed by use of severed or gouged parts - the only viable way to commit espionage/subterfuge is to be a faction member. Due to the overwhelming meta of heavy handed consequences (Which may or may not be factual) - this continues to be fairly non-existent.

I think we should take a good look at what slows down conflict topside and try to rectify it. The overall feeling I get is not just a theme of desperation and untouchable ness of topside/mix dynamics but an actual reality - this makes for a pretty dull game dynamic.

100% agree on this.

There was a bug where we were spawning %color items. This was due to us overwriting an items name after it was set without taking color into account, which wasn't something we needed to do. I've removed that extra step and this should fix the issue.

This will fix anything in an order carton now that hasn't already been spawned. If you have a %color item that you want fixed, put in a service request.>>

Question. As a tailor, I've experimented with trying to make clothing that does dynamically change its name with whatever color its been dyed to, such as a red shirt, periwinkle gloves, midnight black socks, etc. It has ALWAYS come out as having %color in the title when finalized.

Is this currently only something that the system can do as it is creating standard clothing, is there a specific syntax you have to use to get that %color out of the name of the clothing item, or FOIG?

%color is for system created generic clothing, AFAIK. I don't think it is supported for custom tailored clothes. It's a cool idea though, so I suggest opening a thread in the Ideas forum for it!
Just a question about @bugs, would you prefer that most @bugs be submitted publicly or privately? When would it make the most sense for someone to submit a public @bug?

Also, would it be possible to be able to comment on public @bugs while keeping OOC names anonymous on the public-facing side? As of now I believe it's only 'public comment with your name attached' or 'private comment that no one but admin sees'. Maybe there could be a 'Original poster' label that shows up when the person who submitted the @bug comments on the @bug report.

I think best practice is to submit bugs publicly unless they have real and present potential to be abused or otherwise provide IC information which would be abused.

Sometimes their is a serious knowledge gap between what/why features/code exists and lack of IC/OOC documentation makes bug/feature unclear at times wherein a public bug can quickly allow someone with context to send an xgame or xhelp accordingly.

Agreed w/ Reefer. If the bug isn't something people are going to exploit, or if it's not going to give away info about your character your don't want players having, you can make it public.

If I put Original Poster as a tag then people will know who submitted the bug, which I was looking to avoid. Open to other ways of doing it, but trying to keep IC names out of it while also making it possible OOCly to know who the other people commenting are, so it doesn't get confusing when reading comments.

I've submitted a @bug report, but freight seems to be non-functional since the updates (at least for me) and is creating freight shipments that can't be delivered anywhere.

Hopefully there is some easy fix for this since the weekly rollover is tonight.

...annnd Mench fixed it, in record time.