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[Dec '21] Improvements Feedback
Please make your comments here about December improvements.

Let us know what you think about December 2021 Improvements.

(Edited by Johnny at 11:23 am on 12/5/2021)

Absolutely love all these new foods!

The downside is that if new foods are released, we'll have to buy -everything- again or go without. Because all the items you currently have will be deleted when you try to restock with the new grocery bag that contains the newly released food.

Just a question - if I buy bags from both stores, then stock them at my grocery kitchen, will the bags from one store override the bags from the other store? Or will they all be added?
Reuse your bag, stopping at both stores before you go home.
You can go shopping for teas at the new market again. Apologies to anyone who had teas already and lost them in their kitchenettes. Things were a little messy in there. :)
Will liquor be available again?
Thank you very much for the ignore TV option. I get that ambient TV and having content blasted into your brain, but this really gives us options other than log off. I really appreciate this and thank you! This seems like a really good compromise and I like the auto toggle back on feature too.
Just wanna be clear this ambient tv thing was indeed a compromise. We believe this is a game with adult content such as killing and other nefarious things, and people need to accept that when they play. We aren't going to nerf the things people can do in game. We came to this decision of letting people ignore tv because it was inescapable from an IC perspective, and we wanted to give people the out if they didn't wanna watch it, also it can interrupt scenes and people may wanna focus on their current RP and not what is on TV. We aren't going to slide any further down on the slippery slope of preventing specific content from making it into the game. I hope everyone can understand that this is 100% an adult game where really fucked up things happen and you don't always have control over it (like getting killed or robbed or beat up, or insulted, or fucked with, etc)

(Edited by Slither at 9:12 pm on 12/6/2021)

To be fair, I prefer showering multiple times, because it doesn't make sense for my character to just.. hop in, shower, hop out, hop back in to shower again. Realistically, you stay in your shower until you're completely clean instead of making six trips to the shower stall in two minutes.
I've never been legitimately upset by a bug fix until now.

Gags aside however, as Beepboop said, this is now gonna look absolutely ridiculous, which is why I think how showers work should be tweaked in general to a shower/stop showering command.

Worried about cubes? Have them expire after 90 seconds and need more money to run another cycle or something.

Lemme know if this needs moving to ideas thread

Just tested this out and it makes sense to me. Though I'm not sure it's working as intended as consecutive showers or drying still seem possible. For flavour text, it would be fun if the shower complained at you for wasting resources if you tried to shower multiple times.
To be clear as there's some confusion, you can shower one after another shower. You just can no longer shower five times all at the same time.
Ah, thank you Mirage. As for how showers work if you need to shower for more than what the actual script runs for, wouldn't updating your @tp or posing or emoting be more meaningful?
So basically you can't spam "shower" "shower" "shower" "shower" in a matter of seconds to trigger 4 showers to happen all at the same time. But once the shower script ends, then you can shower again. Is this correct?
Re. the automated shop/biz income adjustments:

Is there any feedback or way for you to know how well or how bad is your business doing? Could you talk to the clerk/bartender with a coded response?

No feedback at this point other than your ambient income going up or down. Not a bad idea though. Something to consider for the future.
"you now don't need to pay to add your work SIC key"

Millions of corporate citizens breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Just as a follow on RE: SIC credit for @review-cloth:

We had 260 items pending review prior to the SIC credit change (each item needs to be reviewed by several people to get a crowdsourced score) -- and now, a few days later, we have 24 items remaining.

Edit: wrong thread

(Edited by Slither at 8:26 am on 12/27/2021)

I would encourage staff to watch the impacts of the serial number thing carefully. I think it is a big nerf to security networks.
Just as a follow on RE: SIC credit for @review-cloth:

We had 260 items pending review prior to the SIC credit change (each item needs to be reviewed by several people to get a crowdsourced score) -- and now, a few days later, we have 24 items remaining.

Is there any concern that with this incentive, players are not actually "reviewing" the items, but simply clicking through as quickly as possible to get the SIC credit?

For the PEEK/PEEK at -

Does this only work for cubes or all doors? In a non-cube I can do the peek at syntax but it just returns a room description of what's outside the door, doesn't look at the items, etc.

@Blackbird, this was always a concern with this system, yeah. That's why it requires a group of players to have a consensus about an item before the automated system trusts the result. It's not one or two people, I think it's like 8-12 of them. Also, we have to trust folx aren't just blowing through it, or we can't have a system like this at all, regardless of incentive.
@Crashdown Peek is only for cube/apartment doors.

You can't hear it but I'm screaming right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I also can't get peek at to work from a pad door, likewise returns a standard peek.
A really big inside joke for me is that I only play games if they have a fishing mechanic, and well.. Guess Sindome does now. Definitely gonna' be checking it out when I can!
fishing from manholes puhleez
Edit: wrong thread again

(Edited by Slither at 11:25 am on 12/29/2021)